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Request a Domus/business


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Request a Domus/business.

This is where you can request a Domus or Business board for your character. 

Here are some rules and guidelines for it. 

  • It must be made for an active character or family. 
  • Remember the location of the home needs to reflect the family wealth and status. 
  • If a character gets deleted and has no family in play. The home board may be deleted. 


Please reply with your character's name and where you would like your character's home to be. 


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22 hours ago, Brian said:

Could I request a home for Titus and his family in the Domi Aventini please? 

I will have a think about where Gaius (when he is accepted) and Lucius have their homes. 

It has been added, and yep, let me know when you have worked it out for the others. 🙂 

18 hours ago, Sharpie said:

Could Aulus have a domus in the Piscina Publica region please? (Or the Calpurnii-Praetextatii anyway)

Yep, it is in the Domi Aventini Minoris. 🙂 

18 hours ago, Atrice said:

I'd like to request a domus for Tertius Quinctilius Varus and his household in the Domi Exquilinae, please 😄 

Yep, it has been added in. 🙂 

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Been trying to figure out where best to put the White faction's stables complex... and come to the conclusion that somewhere in Trans Tiberina would probably be best. So, uh, could we have the White faction stables in Trans Tiberina, please?

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