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Watching the horses (Camillus)

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Watching the horses (Camillus)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Feb 9, 2009, 6:55pm

The Empress' admiration for the equine species remained ever since she was a child. Of course, now decorum meant that she was not permitted to ride and the "mourning" situation meant that she was not expected to show signs of joy. Still she had to ensure the slaves were doing their tasks, you could never completely trust anyone to fufil their duty and if you did you were a fool. Predatory eyes watched as the horses were exercised before her, she was ready not to pick at the horses. But at the handlers if they put a foot out of place.... All the horses were well cared for. Shiny coats, keen gaits and clear eyes to be seen. Since arriving at the Imperial Palace she had punished the previous stable master for his slackness.

Arms folded around her waist as she watched the horses. There were horses from all over the Empire here. The Iberians, the Arabians, the Turks/Orientals, the heavy horses of the North. It was pleasing to be outside during the day, the exercise yard was vast and open.

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Post by camillus on Feb 9, 2009, 7:14pm

[image] [image]
» C a m i l l u s

Yearning to come out from his self-imposed anti-social life had been building in Camillus since the very moment he had decided to keep his head low, after the emperor's poisoning. As it had failed, the senior and closest advisor to the emperor had decided to try distance himself from the situation so as to avoid blame. He had gone a step further and personally donated funding to the Praetorian Guard in order to help them with their 'investigation' of what had happened. Of course, his own men in the Guard were making it stem away from him, but publicly it looked like the loyal advisor was doing his best to right an injustice.

Though, a man of his personality could only play the 'keeping low' game for so long before venturing out from his chambers in the Imperial Palace and his villa in Rome. Thus, he was walking around the imperial grounds as he used to do, enjoying the pleasant weather and making it look like he had nothing to fear. In fact, he made himself look disturbed and concerned every time he passed a statue or bust of the emperor. He could play his part well.

As he walked, a sly smile pranced across his face as his eyes took in the sight of a woman who held a special place of favor in his icy heart. Camillus walked towards his old childhood friend until he was close to her, glancing for a moment at the horses before turning and bowing to her. "My lady. Even in mourning, your beauty rivals that of a goddess," said Camillus smoothly, charmingly.

Re: Watching the horses (Camillus)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Feb 9, 2009, 7:38pm

She heard the voice of a man she had known since childhood. It had been some time since the two of them were together, gods, she still retained a part of that crush she had on him as a child. She smiled softly in greeting to him, before turning back to watching the horses perform. "You ever were a flatterer Camillus, which noble patrician lady have you tried that particular charm on?" She asked, teasing as they had done when they were children. Things were much simpler then, now she was an Empress and mother of three children.

"How have you been of late? I haven't seen you around the Palace lately" She said, absent-mindedly as she watched the horses rather than look at him. She did not want to believe that Camillus was behind the plot against the Emperor, well the other plot. She knew that he was ambitious, cunning and relentless in his goals to the point of intoxicating obsession with whatever the target was at the time. She had no desire for her eyes to note the tell tale signs that he was lying or hiding something from her. In doing so, she was protecting the friendship between the two to continue.

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Post by camillus on Feb 10, 2009, 12:15am

[image] [image]
» C a m i l l u s

Camillus chuckled softly, standing tall again after the Empress addressed him. "I'm ever the charmer, and you're ever the tease. Some things never change, my lady," replied the normally cold-hearted murderer lightly-heartedly. As she asked her question, Camillus avoided an urge to huff, and stopped his lip from quivering. She looked as if she was not even really paying attention to him, and just staring at the horses and making absent-minded conversation. He shook remorseful thoughts from his mind. Perhaps she was just distracted by recent events, and not ignoring him. Yes, that had to be it.

"I have been worried, beautiful lady. I fear that whatever this conspiracy against your noble husband aimed at would include the destruction of all us loyal subjects. I decided to take to my villa for a short time to gather some funds to assist the Praetorians in hunting down whoever was responsible for this, and to not disturb the palace with my presence at such a time," said Camillus, his gaze staying fixated on Lucilla. He could hardly contain his infatuation with her. "And you? How are you holding up? No one has tried to harm you, have they?" If any of his people did, they would find themselves at the bottom of the Tiber River by the next morning. He gave explicit instructions to all that Lucilla was not to be harmed.

Re: Watching the horses (Camillus)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Feb 10, 2009, 4:30pm

She wondered what on earth his plans were. Having known him all these years she knew of his goals to have the Julii family restored as the leading family of Rome, She nodded, the praetorians were doing a mixed job in her eyes. Some were working well to try to find the source of the Emperor's mishap and others, truly didn't seem to be doing much at all. Of course it did benefit her but she thought it was likely that Camillus bribed them. Of course, she wouldn't speak of it to anyone, even Camillus of her suspicions.

Oh dear Camillus, ever the protective one. Lucilla smirked, now turning her head towards her childhood friend. "I am well, considering. I'm more concerned about the fate of my children at the moment than with my own safety" She answered, ensuring all the children had guards loyal to her stationed around them and sending Darius especially to Gaul seemed the most logical choice for her.

As for someone trying to harm her she was sure there were many who wished it. But none as of yet dared to make any moves against her. She let out a light chuckle. "None Camillus, but you do not think they would live if they tried anything now would you?" She teased lightly. Lucilla was a woman who would happily hold the weapon if she was willing to do away with a foe.Re: Watching the horses (Camillus)
Post by camillus on Feb 24, 2009, 2:16am

[image] [image]
» C a m i l l u s

Her children. Camillus controlled his body well enough to stop a twitch from appearing on his face at her mentioning of the children she had. Manius was a large threat to his plans for the Imperial Throne, but any of the offspring of Lucilla could be an equally dangerous threat, particularly with such a skilled and conniving matriarch guiding their way to supreme power. However, because he liked Lucilla, Camillus was ensuring that none of his men were going after her children. He would not eliminate them unless they were very openly a threat to his power.

"Yes, yes.... Innocent children must be protected in such dangerous times," said Camillus in agreement, nodding his head. At her further comment about any threats to her own well being, the scion of the Julian Clan chuckled lightly. He knew Lucilla to be as ruthless as any man--- far more ruthless than Claudius and even her father, Flavius. Only one more aspect he found so entirely attractive in the empress of all Rome. "Of course not. I was merely curious as to your well-being, my lady..."

His gaze shifted to look over at the horses once more, watching them gallop about. After a few moments of silence between the two, he spoke again. "I hear that Manius has been placed under house arrest by the Praetorians for some offense. Ironic that he would be placed in such a powerless position after your cousin and the Senate just named him in charge of the Senate's military forces," commented Camillus, fishing for her thoughts on some of these recent events. They more he knew of her opinions, the easier life he would have.

Re: Watching the horses (Camillus)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Feb 25, 2009, 7:28pm

She smiled, how cunning the man was. Perhaps when she was younger she would have given him more information about the incident. Ah Manius, a man who had many qualities; some were quite unexpected to see and others well she would have to keep her eye on. "Yes, that is true. Unfortunately for him" She said, keeping her thoughts on the matter vague. She paused remembering the man's sister. One of them appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

With a smile that easily would have fooled outsiders but those who knew her such as Camillus would have seen the slightly malicious twinkle in her eye. "Speaking of fortune! Camillus, you have been blessed with the return of your Dear sister! How sad it must have been to have her lost to you for all these years and now returned" She had long guessed the ambitious Camillus had something to do with his family's death, In his place; it would be likely she would have acted in a similar fashion. Although there would have been no mistakes. No witnesses. No survivors.

She turned her gaze back towards the horses as they were put through their paces. And muttered to her childhood companion. "You must have done a sloppy job on it". There was clear disapproval in her tone. Re: Watching the horses (Camillus)
Post by camillus on Feb 26, 2009, 8:52pm

A small bit of disappointment welled up in him when Lucilla carefully avoided giving him any clue as to her opinion of the arrest of the emperor's nephew. She was playing coy, and being very good at it. Never mind it, thought Camillus to himself. He would figure out her opinion of Manius eventually; things would not stay shrouded in darkness as they were now forever.

When Lucilla mentioned his sister, Camillus was unable to keep his face from twitching once. Alessia. The woman had proven to be much more adept than Camillus would have ever guessed. His mind quickly swirled back to that fateful night, the sound of his screaming parents filling his ears once more as they did when he engulfed them in fire. He had killed them, his brother, and a few other relatives off; but his three sisters he had taken mercy on. Not entirely out of compassion; they were all very beautiful, especially Alessia, and had been worth quite a bit of money. He would have never expected one of them to free themselves and make it from the far reaches of the empire all the way back to Rome. When Alessia arrived on his doorstep one morning, Camillus was, for once in his life, completely dumbfounded and taken off-guard.

Seeing through Lucilla's false exterior, Camillus decided not to hide his scowl of discontent at his sister's return. "Most blessed indeed," he said with venomous sarcasm. Plotting the take over of the most powerful entity on the earth was made so much more difficult with a prying sister to look after. He stared at Lucilla for a moment as she looked out over the horses, contemplating just speaking directly on the mysterious subject of his family's death, but decided against it. Not yet. He would continue to play coy for now. "Regardless, this is now my reality. I am making the best of it though. A woman of Alessia's skill and beauty has certain uses."

Re: Watching the horses (Camillus)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Feb 28, 2009, 3:23am

She nodded in agreement; sister of the Leader of the Julii was certainly a valuable commodity. "Certainly, there are many men within the city who would adore to be married into your family. Of course, unless you wish to use her for some other purpose?" She asked him not knowing what it was he had planned, but knowing Camillus and his personality she knew how his mind worked. It wouldn't be beyond him to try to place her in some other nobles bed without marriage for his own benefit. She wondered how the girl would now try to take her revenge on her brother but said nothing of it.

"Speaking of marriage. is there any woman who has taken your eye?" She asked; looking towards the eager and prancing horses. There was a time she would have been happy to sit beside Camillus as his wife; although he had rejected her all those long years ago. "Surely many families must be interested in connecting to your House" She went on; the Leader of the Julii was a man of little knowledge and she had known that since she was young. Green eyes glanced towards him and she chuckled. "Or have you merely been doing the usual routine of bedding them and leaving them as ever?" She teased again.Re: Watching the horses (Camillus)
Post by camillus on Mar 1, 2009, 7:39pm

Camillus nodded as Lucilla spoke. His strategically-gifted mind had already contemplated various matchings he could use his sister for. He could solidify alliances with any number of prominent politicians or military men by marrying Alessia to one, thereby furthering his goals. He was taking his time with such an endeavor, though; he needed to ensure that he found a potential ally that would serve his purposes well. In the meantime, she had other uses, and he cast a mischievous smile at Lucilla. "Oh, yes, marriage is definitely on the horizon. But for now, she has certain skills and fancies that could assist me in working better with the men of Rome," replied Camillus cooly. He already had plans to dispatch her towards men such as the Consul of Rome, and perhaps some other senators to rally his support among them. The Senate had always been rather hostile towards the Julii, the family backed by the plebs and responsible for the eclipse of senatorial power. Winning them over proved to be difficult at times.

When Lucilla mentioned marriage, his eyes shifted down towards the ground for a moment, sighing. He had thought of it before, finding some woman to take and secure an alliance or some wealth with. It would curb the appetite for flesh he had a small bit, as Lucilla alluded to, but there was something more. He always seemed to be holding out. His eyes shifted back up to Lucilla, a soft smile on his face. "As it stands, however much flesh I have, there is only one woman I can imagine myself wedding," he murmured, staring at her intently.

Re: Watching the horses (Camillus)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Mar 2, 2009, 10:31pm

She expected no less from Camillus; he intended to use his sister as much as possible and to his benefit. Lucilla watched as stallions pranced, tossing their heads as they competed for the attention of the fillies and mare who were in heat. She couldn't resist a chuckle at their antics as she heard the change in Camillus' voice. Lucilla looked at him curiously for a moment; unsure how she should answer him. Should the Emperor die; she would not only be free to marry as she chooses but would also have a claim to taking the Imperial throne himself. Her adolescent love still adored Camillus; but she knew that he was not a moral man.

"Which woman do you speak of?" She asked quietly; not wishing to speak too loudly in case she betrays herself during the conversation. Lucilla understand the desire for flesh; she was not without lust or desire. But Camillus' reputation was excessive at best! Slowly she turned her eyes to meet with his own. There was no-one around the pair of them. Anyone who was around the pair of them would not be able to hear their words, "Or would it be improper to speak of it?" She asked, as she returned his soft smile. Re: Watching the horses (Camillus)
Post by camillus on Mar 2, 2009, 11:46pm

When her next question came, the eyes of the Julian leader shot down towards the ground again, an epic internal struggle taking place in his mind. The man, so well known for being brash and arrogant, was worried of telling the truth and being rejected or somehow humiliated. He would not be able to withstand such a blow to his ego, his morale, and his deeper desires. It was almost laughable how easy he found it to order the death of the emperor--nay, his own family--and be so nervous of speaking his feelings to Lucilla.

As she turned to him, his eyes locked with her own, an almost childlike longing in them. Those eyes that had watched countless horrors almost seemed to contain an odd sort of innocence to them. "It would only be improper if my lady is offended to have the heart of someone who they say has none," said Camillus quietly, softly, taking a step closer towards her. "Lucilla... I... I made such a terrible, terrible mistake all those years ago... I..."

Re: Watching the horses (Camillus)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Mar 3, 2009, 8:25pm

She listened to him and as he began to speak, apologising for the time he refused her when the pair of them were younger. Instantly she stiffened visibly as he began on dangerous territory. Lucilla was still married to Caesar; brainless half-wit that he was. Were the Gods more merciful she may have acted on long lost feelings but for the moment she needed to reassure the Praetorian that she was the loving wife of Caesar. Perhaps not loving, but obedient. "Be quiet" She ordered; an old wound felt as if it had been opened up. "There is nothing to be done about that now. That happened in the past; remains in the past" She looked at him curiously. Surprised there was remorse in his tone; she squinted slightly trying to determine whether he was lying to her. For whatever reason that would be.

She didn't look away from him or step away as he came towards her. Adulthood certainly was not as kind of childhood was. Various thoughts of their time together came to the foreground in her mind. Even then; Camillus showed signs of the kind of person he was. He was lecherous; bedding anyone and everyone. He was violent, he would lie, he would manipulate and still Lucilla adored him. Her fierce eyes softened for a moment as she looked at him.

"It seems the Gods have desired different things for us" She murmured softly. Although Lucilla wasn't the kind of woman who mildly put her faith in the Gods for guidance or for her own future. Now she had to consider the fate of Darius, Junus and Flavia. Her children. Re: Watching the horses (Camillus)
Post by camillus on Mar 15, 2009, 11:11am

At her order to be quiet, Camillus paused for a moment, an almost hurt expression briefly flashing across his eyes as he looked at her. But, he understood her concern. If the nasty Praetorians saw her and him close enough together to breach proper etiquette between the empress and a man who was not her husband, they might draw some conclusions of conspiracy between the two. Yes, she was right... it was too dangerous to be so close around the watchful, spying eyes of the Praetorian Guardsmen. Still, though, he could not resist. "Yes, I know I can't change the past.... but I can change the future to make it different than the past," he murmured quietly to ensuring that prying ears could not hear him speak.

The cunning conspirator now stood dangerously close to her, gazing into her eyes as he did so, not moving any closer at the moment. He had such an urge to sweep her up and take here there on the field, but knew that such a desire would be impossible to achieve. The Praetorians would have his head and probably hers in a heartbeat if such a thing took place whilst that wretch Claudius still breathed. All the more reason to ensure that the guards were on his side at the end of the day.

"The gods have been known to change their minds," he whispered ominously. He fancied himself descended from divinity-- from Venus, Caesar, and Augustus. And, in that twisted mind of his, he certainly planned to become divine himself, and in his full dream he had Lucilla at his side. "All they take is a little convincing. You'll see.... I'll convince them to think differently..." he murmured, his eyes momentarily drifting to her lips, which he had such a desire to kiss, before returning steadily to her eyes.

Re: Watching the horses (Camillus)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Mar 16, 2009, 10:48pm

Lucilla kept her expressions neutral at the flirtation of the idea of being able to be with Camillus. Years ago. she would have utterly leapt at the chance to be with him. How she was infatuated and daresay in love with the lecherous youth when she was younger.

But now there was too much to risk. She certainly noticed the tell tale sign of Camillus wanting to kiss her. Her own lips tightened; it was a dangerous game he was playing. "Camillus; consider what is appropriate distance" She warned; her eyes giving him a cold glare. If he pushed she was more than willing to push back. She finally heard what he has said about changing the Gods minds. Lucilla gave her childhood companion a curious and - suspicious look. "Pray tell, how will you encourage the great immortals to think differently?" She asked. What game was he playing? What was he planning to use to his own advantage. In the distance she saw the Praetorian guards standing on duty; they watched the pair fo them. Although they watch everything and everyone.

"Be careful" She warned him as she glanced towards the Guards. They were too far away to be able to hear what they were saying. But they certainly were close enough for them to see the close proximity of the two. Re: Watching the horses (Camillus)
Post by camillus on Mar 18, 2009, 2:51pm

At her warning to keep an 'appropriate' distance, his eyes immediately shift to the Praetorians peering at them from the distance. Those particular ones were not his; not the men he had neutralized in his plot to eliminate Claudius. No, Tiberius Marcellus Romulus was too particular for that; the man probably hand-picked who would be following Lucilla and Camillus around, the wretch. Camillus gladly looked forward to a day when that particular obstacle lost his head.

The master of the Julii reluctantly took a small step back from Lucilla, still remaining very close to her as he did so. He had such a desire to be close with her, damned whatever the Praetorians thought. But, as she questioned what he planned to do, his ever-shifting mind again began to refocus itself elsewhere; his ambitions, his plots, his plans, his master strategy. Oh, Rome was in for some nice surprises. Nice, nice, nice indeed. Camillus Dexsius Julius had some tricks up his sleeve yet; tricks that would outmaneuver his treacherous allies, dumbfound mighty Scipio, counter the Alexanders, and ensure his position. How he wanted to speak of them to Lucilla, to brag to her of his brilliance... Alas, he knew he could not, for she was just as dangerous as he, and Camillus knew, deep down, that she probably had fewer reservations about killing him than he did of her.

He turned his gaze away from her, looking out over the horses once more. "I know things, your highness. Dangerous things about dangerous people. I also know people; the people. The ones who so love your mighty cousin Scipio and your glorious father Flavius, and the ones who look forward to hearing the next great military exploits of your brother Quintus. These men I also know; mighty men, they are. But every Achilles does have a heel that must need some protection," said Camillus, his voice seemingly distant and absent-minded. He turned his gaze back to Lucilla. "Come to the Forum Romanum in three days time, Lucilla. Outside of the Curia Julia, in the main forum. It will be a show not to be missed... But, it is a surprise, so I'm not going to spoil it."

Re: Watching the horses (Camillus)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Mar 19, 2009, 1:46am

She narrowed her eyes as she saw that vain look he tended to get when he had thought of something brilliant. Or he was about to do something - rather sneaky. Usually Lucilla would work it out what he was doing and prevent him from doing too much harm. What things did he know? More importantly what kind of things did he know about her? What would he do with that kind of information - it would definitely not be good. What information could he know about Scipio? What things did he know that could interfere with Scipio's plans - whatever they happened to be. Her Father? Gods! Did he know about her Father's recent scheme in order to take the throne for himself? And her Brother as well. Gods.. what on earth was he planning to do?

"Camillus... What on earth are you planning?" She hoarsely whispered. In three days time there would be another session of the Senate - likely to decide the fate of Caesar and the Empire. What terrible news did he want to bring to the Senate? A memory of Camillus trying to steal her wooden horse came into thought - how he enjoyed hinting and lying about where it could be. But this was no mere matter that could easily be passed aside.

Sure enough; Lucilla would be attending the session but not in the Senate house. Women were still forbidden to enter. What did he plan on doing? The thought of being outflanked by Camillus made her feel sick in the stomach. A mixture of stubborn pride and the thought of the unknown. For a moment a worried look came acros her features before fading to the imposing, neutral expression she usually wore.

"It sounds as if it would be an occasion to remember" She finally responded. If Camillus was trying to destroy her family - Gods hath no fury like a woman scorned. Re: Watching the horses (Camillus)
Post by camillus on Mar 19, 2009, 7:55pm

Planning. Planning. Planning. What ever could he be planning? Camillus had a vague idea, but he had not made a decision yet. The man did not like to appear like he ever had a plan; he always preferred to keep people guessing. They questioned his sanity and his motives, usually drawing poor conclusions along the way; all the better for him. It only helped him cause them more surprise when he outmaneuvered them. Oh, how he relished in proving that he ought not be underestimated.

"A surprise, my empress. A wonderful, wonderful surprise. You will like it, I'm sure," said Camillus, turning towards Lucilla, flashing that dangerously charming smile of his. "Trust me."

Words he did not usually use. But, for now, he would. Regardless of whether she would trust him or not, he decided it was time to go. The conversation was reaching into dangerous territory, and Camillus would not want to let anything telling slip before he was able to pull off his big show. Therefor, the military master bowed to the empress. "I will now take my leave, your majesty. I look forward to seeing you soon," he said, pausing for a moment and looking up at her; how he wanted to take and kiss her so. Resisting his urges--only under pain of death--he stood up from his bow and turned around, making his way back into the depths of the palace.

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