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Dream come true[Darius,open]

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Dream come true[Darius,open]
Post by octavius on Mar 1, 2009, 1:22pm

Octavius had been invited to make an appearance here in the Palace to see the Emperor, though security was tight and he may not get to. He knew this but was willing to take the chance to see how the emperor was doing. He knew the emperor and was concerned. He and Darius, who was leading him, had just gotten done with Octavius' rounds in the city and now where on their way to see if he could make an appearance before the emperor. "Beautiful gardens, it feels like I have not been here in ages nephew." He said as he gazed around the gardens admiring its beauty.

He noticed many slaves working the gardens and many servants running around to do their jobs. He could defiantly live in a place like this. Though it was just a thought right now to Octavius, if he helped secure the throne for Darius he would most likely be able to live here. Though if that ever happened it would be years from now. Re: Dream come true[Darius,open]
Post by darius on Mar 1, 2009, 3:35pm

"Because you haven't been here in ages." Darius noted, idly. "You've been off in Gaul earning a bloody reputation." For which the slightly older Darius was envious. He had to do his stint now, at this pivotal time. He wanted to go. He always had, but he was afraid to leave Rome just now. He wasn't sure what he'd return to when his tour was over.

"Now, what exactly did you hope to get done today? I know you wish to see my stepfather. But I must warn you, he's been in terrible condition. Sometimes he cannot speak. He's seemed better, since his... conversion. Physically, at least, but I don't know how he's doing today. I'm sure his little catamite Pavo will know, though." He said, leading Octavius through the gardens toward the palace proper.Re: Dream come true[Darius,open]
Post by flaviusalexander on Mar 1, 2009, 3:51pm

Flavius had been recovering from his party and such. He had made the decision to go see the Emperor. He had no problems getting in and he would certainly have no problems getting to see him. The praetorian gaurd owed him much from his funding of the guard. He decided to go visit the gardens before he met with the Emperor.

He smiled as he saw his second youngest son and his grandson. They had grown much since the last time he seen them. Octavius though was part of the Legions in Gaul and had served well there. Darius wanted to go to Gaul but Flavius might retire before he does. Flavius sighed wanting to see how the young one fought. He approached them from behind making sure he didn't make a noise. This was a test.Re: Dream come true[Darius,open]
Post by darius on Mar 1, 2009, 4:05pm

The only tell that gave Flavius Alexander away to Darius, was a wide-eyed look from a nearby slave. No slave would be surprised to see him in his own home, nor would they be likely to recognise Octavius or feel intimidated if they did. Not to mention the slave's line of sight was directed behind them. He turned his face slightly toward Octavius, just enough that he could subtly catch sight of whoever it was in his peripheral vision.

"Oh Octavius!" He said, raising his voice slightly, smirking as he spoke. "That's a terrible thing to say about your own father. I will not tolerate such slander about so fine a Roman!"

Re: Dream come true[Darius,open]
Post by flaviusalexander on Mar 1, 2009, 4:28pm

Flavius stopped and walked silently behind Octavius before he slapped him on the back of the head " What did you say about me boy?" he said with a chuckle before giving Octavius a hard slap on the back."Hello son." he said and then turned to his nephew which he was almost eye to eye with. He has saw him at the party and noticed that he had gotten Flavius's tallness. He smiled at the boy and noticed how fit and muscular he was and the way he resembled Flavius when he was younger.

"Darius Flaivus Honorius. You inherit a good strong name. Me and you have not been able to talk...I have heard many of things about you. They are all good which makes me proud. When I was your age though things were different. Rome was fighting for it borders now and we didn't live in this big city...We lived out there" he said pointing past the walls of Rome. He remembered his first fight. His first kill...It was something that you had to get past...Killing another man. It took Flavius a couple days to get the feeling of hurt out of his head after he saw what those barbarians did to a Roman village. He rose in ranks quickly and his name grew famous in Rome and in the barbarian kingdoms whenever Flavius and his legions were coming they usaully just surrendered. He wanted that for Darius. He would make sure he started out just were he did and he would make sure he was being highly trained before he sent him to Gaul. Re: Dream come true[Darius,open]
Post by octavius on Mar 1, 2009, 8:16pm

He looked at Darius puzzled and wondered what he was talking about. The he felt the hard hand of retribution befall the back of his skull. Then on his back and a familiar voice rang in his ear. It was His father Flavius. He was caught off guard completely by him. "Greeting father." He said immediately followed by a shallow bow of his head as a sign of respect for his father.
Re: Dream come true[Darius,open]
Post by darius on Mar 2, 2009, 12:49am

"I should like to spend time out there as well, Avus. In spite of my fervent efforts to make life uncomfortable," To improve himself as a man and as a warrior, "It is very difficult to do so when one lives within a palace. I believe Gaul will be just the thing." He said smiling. It was oddly comforting to speak to someone of a similar height to his own. And it was, most definitely, a rarity in Rome.

"I hope you will afford me the honour of allowing me to serve under your celebrated authority, Avus Alexander." Darius said, truthfully, bowing his head slightly in a display of the genuine respect he felt for the man he barely knew, but built his life after.Re: Dream come true[Darius,open]
Post by flaviusalexander on Mar 2, 2009, 4:12pm

Flavius smiled and patted the boy on the shoulder " Before you get out on the battlefield...I will train you personally like I trained my sons and daughter...Yes your mother got the same training and tutoring as my sons." he said with a grin. It was uncommon for a father in Rome to teach his daughter the same stuff like he trained his sons. He wanted all of his children safe and powerful. Flavius imaged in his mind of him leaving his military career and going to join the senate and become Emperor...He sighed and smiled at Darius...

He smiled at his son and nodded "How is the investigation going about with the Emperor. I really need to see how he is...That was were I was going now." he said looking up at the palace.Re: Dream come true[Darius,open]
Post by darius on Mar 2, 2009, 6:38pm

"I would like nothing better." Darius nodded, at the notion of being personally trained by the most celebrated military tactician in the known world. He smiled, glancing to Octavius.

"Well, as it happens, your son and I had a similar goal. Would you mind if we joined you in visiting my step father?" Darius, returned his gaze to the face of his grandfather, retaining his boyish grin. Re: Dream come true[Darius,open]
Post by octavius on Mar 3, 2009, 10:50pm

He smiled and listened to his father talk about how great Darius could do out there in Gaul and make a name for himself. Octavius agreed one hundred percent and hoped he could accompany Darius out to Gaul and fight along side him against the barbarians of the north. Octavius despised dirty Gauls, Britons, any of the barbarian tribes that tried roaming through their holy land. "Darius may you need someone to watch your back, you need only ask my nephew." He said with a sly smile at Darius.

He looked at his father and answered."Well father it seems we share a similar goal, may Darius and I accompany you into the palace?" He said bowing his head in admiration to his father. He truly was the son of a hero, his father was recognized all throughout the known world for his deeds. He prayed that his prowess may someday lead him to similar deeds of renown or maybe even further than his father.

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