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Exerceo. [Livia]

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Exerceo. [Livia]
Post by darius on Feb 12, 2009, 4:40pm

Just because he would soon be going to war, and just because he'd been a debutante to intrigue of late, didn't mean Darius Flavius Honorius could or would wish to neglect his exercise regimen. He did not wish to grow comfortable in his skin, so he challenged his muscles.

He went to his usual spot in the gardens, on the far side of the red rose bushes where there was rare foot traffic and plenty of space. He discarded his robe, as not to get his clothing caught on thorns or anything else. He'd rather it be skin, if he snagged himself on anything. A bit of crimson paint to adorn his pale skin would not be entirely unwelcome, nor would the sting.

Donning only a loin cloth, Darius began to go through the motions of a fight, though he had no opponent. He isolated his muscles, tensing and flexing them so every movement was a strain. It was painful work, but he welcomed the agony of self-improvement.

He fought his first faux-opponent with a Gladius, the second with a dagger and the third with his bare hands. It was two and a half hours after he'd begun, when he noticed someone approaching; Probably drawn over by the sounds of his occasional hisses and grunts. He paused, glancing down at his nearly nude, sweat-soaked form and bent down to get his robe. He rubbed his damp forehead with it, as though it were a rag, and quickly wrapped it about his tall, narrow form as Livia rounded the bushes.

"Salve, Livia..." He bowed his head, his breathing still a bit heavy. It was not immediately clear what he'd been doing, only that it had been strenuous and left him with wet hair, a sweat soaked robe and out of breath. Re: Exerceo. [Livia]
Post by araceli on Feb 21, 2009, 3:41am

Livia had been forced out of her uncle's room by guards, and by the fact that with his delirious state, it was becoming difficult for her to stay for long. He spoke nonsense, but, she was glad he was still with them and not with the Gods. He would probably drive the Gods mad with his words, anyways. Speaking in unfamiliar words, and wishing to be called Daniel, it was far too unlike her uncle and made her skin crawl to watch his failing state.

She was forced out into the gardens by servants of her mother, who had turned to threats to get her out of the palace. It bothered her terribly, but at the same time she knew her mother meant well and cared for her. Her eyes scanned the gardens quickly, noticing what looked like to be Darius Honorius on the far side. Smiling some, she supposed she was up for a conversation, it was better than to walk the gardens alone with her thoughts. Even though most times she welcomed a walk within the gardens, her mind was far too cluttered to take a chance on letting her thoughts run freely.

As she approached the young man slowly, she noticed his strange movements, and noises. Her right eyebrow arched slightly, but she continued forward, tentatively. Watching her feet as she walked, hearing him speak to her she stopped. "Hello, Darius," She smiled as she spoke, bowing slightly. "Are you fine?" She asked, noticing his heavy breathing and sweat covered body.

Re: Exerceo. [Livia]
Post by darius on Feb 22, 2009, 7:18pm

"I am quite well, yes." He smiled, a bit of a blush touching his fair cheeks. "I was only just exercising before I noticed you. Sorry if I look... disheveled." He scratched the back of his neck, and took a seat on a nearby bench.

"How fares your brother? Is he still a monotheist?" He wrinkled his nose at the thought of a god so selfish as to demand all the worship in the world.

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