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Back to Black (Lucilla)

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Back to Black(Lucilla)
Post by augusta on Feb 4, 2009, 9:08pm

Despite the amount of time it took to go from Flavius’ station in the North to Rome Augusta found herself back in the city she had fallen in love with so long ago, this was her second trip in the last two years. Considering she’d only been ‘home’ a few times since Flavius’ last deployment it seemed strange ut she knew her daughter needed help. Months before she’d been divorced from her husband and married to the Emperor of Rome, the man needed to go. It wasn’t sentiment the man just needed to go. Sooner or later, it would happen.

It was no surprise Augusta’s first stop upon reaching the city was home, she badly needed a bath to get the grime from the trip off but as soon as she was changed it was to the Imperial Palace. For months now she’d been sending letters to her daughter some things couldn’t be said in letters however. Flavius thankfully wouldn’t care that she was here he’d thought it good she come back and see their children.

What Flavius didn’t know him wouldn’t hurt it now would it? In their thirty-something years of marriage she’d never hidden anything this important from him but she couldn’t tell him of any of this. The gods willing Claudius would be dead before Flavius suspected Lucilla or Augusta herself of anything.

“Kindly inform the Empress her mother has arrived.” Augusta absently looked out the window speaking to one of her daughter’s slaves. “And I would like to speak with her if she isn’t being detained by her husband.”
Re: Back to Black(Lucilla)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Feb 5, 2009, 7:32pm

The Empress was disturbed in her quarters by a servant whilst she was reading over some of the reports from the provinces. Already her mind was working on how to best make best of the present situation and how she loathed to have her thoughts disturbed by such an insect! It seemed that her Mother was here to see her. Mother and daughter had much to discuss about the assasination of the Emperor. She draped her shawl around her shoulders and bid one of her slaves.

"Allow my Mother into the gardens, preferably in a secluded area, put out refreshments and I will meet her there" She firmly dismissed the slave. Walking through the Palace in order to reach the extensive and beautiful gardens, she found her Mother seated with refreshments and in a spot where it would be extremely hard to hear them. Not to mention they would see anyone who decided to approach.

She smiled on seeing her Mother and gave her a friendly, yet formal embrace. "Welcome Mother, Artemis you are dismissed" She sat beside her Mother and began once the slave was out of earshot. "It appears someone else has the same ideal as we do" She clearly meant about poisoning her husband. Re: Back to Black(Lucilla)
Post by augusta on Feb 5, 2009, 8:59pm

“Your Father sends his apologizes he couldn’t come with me the barbarians are causing trouble again.” She hugged her daughter tightly. She’d been here months ago when Lucilla married Emperor Claudius but it had been too long since she had last seen her daughter. “He misses you as do your brothers, the both of them are in training or they would have come with me. Lalieus is furious with your father for not letting him come.”

“What did they give him? Or does no one know?” As much as she hated to admit the fact Augusta wouldn’t have put it past her eldest son to try and slip something to the Emperor. The Alexanders could have taken the throne, by force or not, years ago but Flavius had no desire to be Emperor, it was too much work he said.

They had to be careful, even more so than before, if they weren’t the only ones trying, to put it bluntly, off the Emperor they had to be careful. It was dangerous before but the guards would be on alert more than usual. “It must be someone close to him or one of the cooks. You made sure all his food was tasted as I told you in the letters?” The gods forbid someone hear the two of them speaking it they would think the two women were merely speaking of the Emperor’s health, praying he got better. This couldn’t go south very quickly.

She’d heard stories of the Emperor getting worse from the men arrived from Rome who had been sent to help Flavius but nothing of this.
Re: Back to Black(Lucilla)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Feb 8, 2009, 4:16pm

She nodded, knowing what it was like to grow up with a loving although absent father. She smiled at the mention of her brothers, she hadn't seen them for years now and their nephews were closer in age to both of the youngest brothers. "I understand Father cannot be with us" It was probably best that he was not here, he was loyal to the current Emperor and would likely be highly troubled by their actions.

"They aren't sure as of yet which poison was used. The physicians actually believe that whatever combination of poisons are being used are challenging each other out" She exclaimed, knowing full well what physicians themselves often used "poisons" to benefit people. it was when it was increased that it became deadly to the patient. The Alexander family could well have started their own bloodline of Caesar's on the throne. Her Father lacked that ambition, but her eldest brother certainly had that particular ambition.

Lucilla thought to herself remembering the conversations she had with Pavo. The boy certainly knew much more than he was letting on. She answered her Mother's questions.

"I have been having the food tasted by my own staff before it's being sent to the Emperor. He now struggles to keep any kind of food down at all. I am of the suspicion that it is someone close to him. Possibly one of his man-servants, then we have to discover who else desires to have the Emperor executed"

She thought to herself for a moment, tapping her fingertip to her lip as she did so. As the same hand reached for the goblet of wine and took a sip of the liquid.

"Camillus, my companion since boyhood has always been ambitious so it's possible that he may have something to do with it. But that singing fool, Manius I believe has a higher chance of wanting the Imperial throne. The scoundrel offered me a place by his side" She said, with a delightful smirk. And sarcastically seemed horrified at the idea. "And I would be a widow in mourning too!"Re: Back to Black(Lucilla)
Post by augusta on Feb 8, 2009, 8:42pm

"You and I both know in a way it's better he's not here." While she already missed her husband Augusta didn't even want to think what would happen if Flavius found out about their plot to get rid of Lucilla's husband. Flavius had power enough to get rid of the Emperor if he wished, he could have long ago usurped Claudius' position and taken the throne for himself but he hadn't any wish of that. He'd be a Senator after he retired.

"That sounds right what I gave you for him should have killed him ages ago the gods know I had to rid rid of enough of your father's enemies with that concoction." Now they just had to figure out what else the man was getting slipped into his food. "Don't let his physican give him any opium or anything."

Glancing over her daughter's shoulder before she returned her gaze back to her daughter's face Augusta said, "Either way he'll be dead within a few weeks unless he starts to be able to keep food down. If the poison doesn't kill him he'll die from not eating. One way or another Darius or that fool Manius will be on the throne soon."

"Have you spoken about one of the boys taking his place Lucilla?"

"That boy Manius is as much of a fool as his mother. Though you wouldn't be the first widow in mourning to remarry."

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