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An Empress and a Queen (Tanafriti)

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An Empress and a Queen {Tanafriti)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Apr 2, 2009, 12:01am

Lucilla had met the Egyptian Queen previously but she could not remember when. At that point, she was a member of the aristocracy but not within the ruling family. Lucilla was pleased the Queen was not foolish to tackle Rome like Egypts last ruler. The Empress was curious and interested to meet this woman. Egypt was a country of great fascination for the Romans, no doubt the situation with Caesar had been brought to her attention and it was time to reassure her safety and position. It was a dangerous game for the pair of them to play.

Lucilla was garbed in the Imperial purple as a sign of her status within the Empire; finely crafted jewellery around her neck, long earrings and rings of her family on one hand. Ever ambitious her eyes showed utmost pleasure at the thought of being more directly involved in the intrigue of the Roman Empire. Her green eyes had a small amount of black around them, certainly not enough to be classed as a whore but enough to highlight them. She reclined on one of the chairs as she rested her hand against her aching head. Lately she had been plagued by headaches that were not the result of listening to idiots.

"Ensure the food is ready for when our distinguished guest arrives. I want nothing to go wrong tonight" She ordered, lifting her head from her hand and looking around the room. There was no-one there other than the servants as they prepared the room. It would be a small function for the two women to have an intimate discussion; no doubt there would be a great deal of flattery and there would be a range of words spoken.

"I am greatly pleased" She complimented, as she gestured for the servants to remove themselves from her space and stand at the back of the room until they were instructed to do otherwise. A servant walked into the room, bowed politely and spoke. "Domina, The Queen of Aegyptus has arrived"

"I will meet her" She said as she rose from the reclining chair. A female servant checked her head as she walked towards the entrance to meet with Queen Tanafriti of Egypt. Her head carriage was proud but her smile was welcoming. Re: An Empress and a Queen {Tanafriti)
Post by tanafriti on Apr 2, 2009, 9:18pm

Scipio was right. It would have only been a matter of time before anyone else contacted her to meet with him. To her surprise, the Empress had requested her presence. She knew she couldn't see the Emperor, since Scipio said that no one, not even his own wife, was allowed to see him. Poison was a terrible thing. It created rifts within a family and had the possibility of tearing a empire apart. The question was, what would Egypt's position be? Her country supplied Rome with most of its grains to feed the empire's people and armies. In essence, Egypt was the life blood of Rome. Losing Egypt would be like losing a heart, you cannot live without it.

Tanafriti dressed herself in royal Egyptian clothing, her hair being put up in a decorative bun. A few pins were placed in her hair, to hold it together. She put on a beautiful necklace, as well as earrings and some rings on her fingers. So now, she began to make her way towards the palace. Her Egyptian guards, as well as some Roman ones, surrounded her. People still looked at her, distrust in their eyes. She was not surprised, since the last Queen of Egypt created quiet the ruckus. The memories of reading the stories about Cleopatra brought a smile on her face.

Tanafriti was loyal to Rome, yes, but that didn't mean she didn't harbor thoughts of what Egypt used to be. Powerful, wealthy, and free. Egypt was the envy of the ancient world, but now they were reduced to nothing but a pawn in the Roman Empire. She let out a soft sigh as she let her thoughts leave what Egypt was. It was better to not dwell in the past, but instead look forward to the future. Right now, the future of Egypt was clouded, as well as Rome's was. The two people were intertwined, what happens to one affects the other. Egypt's safety from the Parthians was ensure by the Roman forces in Egypt, and for Rome to have their armies, they needed Egypt's grain. It was a mutual exchange.

When they arrived at the palace, they walked up some stairs before arriving at the entrance. She looked around for a moment before she saw another woman who was garbed in Imperial purple. She could only assume that the woman was Empress Lucilla. The guards moved away from her as she approached the Empress, bowing her head slightly. "Greetings, Empress." She said softly before raising her head. "It has been awhile since we have last seen each other, but the last time I remember, you were not Empress at the time." She said, a small smile forming on her lips. "It would seem a lot has changed since I was last here."Re: An Empress and a Queen {Tanafriti)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Apr 3, 2009, 9:14am

Lucilla gave the woman a welcoming smile and answered her. "Greetings Majesty, I hope your trip was a pleasant one". The woman took the Queen's hands in her own and kissed both her cheeks, it was a friendly gesture that also showed she had no interest in harming the relations between Egypt and Rome. "Indeed, many things have changed within the Empire. But I believe that the change will be to the united benefit of Egypt and Rome" She charmingly explained; before gesturing to the quiet place that had been prepared for her visitor. "Come let us dine, this is not your grand banquet of course. Instead just a bit of quiet time between just the two of us"

If she could secure Egypt's grain to support Darius than there would be less work she needed to do in order to secure the Imperial throne. No doubt the Client Queen would feel comforted in knowing that she had an ally and friend on the throne. But how long would Darius be able to keep the throne? How long would it be before someone makes an attempt on his life for their own ends?

In a quiet gesture of good will; the Empress hooked her arm around the Client Queen's one and walked together to the area where she had been seated moments before. There were servants waiting if they required anything. Lucilla slowly sat on the recliner, as she did so she gestured with an open palm to a nearby roman recliner for her guest to be seated. "Please sit Majesty, it has been some time since the pair of us had spoken together quietly" She invited, as she lifted her legs to half lay down as was the Roman manner.

She flicked her fingers; as several fans fanned the pair of them. As three beautiful slave women entered the room holding elegant jugs of different kinds of wine. The early refreshments for the day had come out; fine fruit from the East all on golden platters to be served to the two guests. Re: An Empress and a Queen {Tanafriti)
Post by tanafriti on Apr 6, 2009, 7:44pm

Tanafriti smiled when Lucilla kissed her on both cheeks. "Yes, the waters were calm on my way here. It would seem that the priest's prayers had worked. Or it was sheer luck." Tanafriti said with a soft laugh. She nodded and walked with the Empress to where they would be sitting. When Lucilla sat down, she did as well. Her posture was a lot more different than that of the Empress. She sat up more straighter than lounging, since that was the way she was taught to sit. Some would say that she looked like a full fledged Egyptian, despite her Greek background. She was born in Egypt, and thus was an Egyptian.

Tanafriti took a glass of wine which had been made in Italy. She looked down at the red liquid before taking a small sip of it. She smiled slightly before she looked back at Lucilla. "Lucius has informed me about what had happened to the Emperor." Tanafriti said softly as she watched the other woman. "I am sorry for what happened. I know the feeling you must be going through right now. My own father was assassinated, as you know. I hope you at least catch the ones who poisoned Caesar and punish them like I did." Tanafriti said, referring to the Nubians she provided to be sport in the arena. Revenge was sweet.

Tanafriti continued to watch the Empress curiously as she ate a grape. She was not meaning to be rude, but she was still interested in what Lucilla's intentions to inviting her here would be. Of course, she was not too surprised that she was invited here, but still, it piqued her curiosity. "What would you like to speak about, Empress?" Tanafriti asked. She was willing to answer any questions or explain anything to the Empress, but only if she asked it. She had no reason to lie, since it was not in her nature to do so and because she had nothing to hide from her. She only hoped the Empress would be as honest with her as she was going to be. Rome seemed to be filled with rumors and lies at the present moment, but what great Empire does not have its dark side?Re: An Empress and a Queen {Tanafriti)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Apr 7, 2009, 9:26pm

Lucilla nodded sadly as was expected of her. Little did the Queen know she had been one of the conspirators who contributed to the poisoning of Caesar. Although her main concerns were now finding out how many others had been also plotting to poison Caesar and whether they were a threat to herself and her interests. She smiled sadly and nodded once more before she spoke. "Yes, it can be quite a stressful time" The Empress saddened face turned to one of determination as she replied. "Already an investigation is under way under the authority of the Senate, but, between us Majesty I am having some of my own people look into matters. Sadly within Rome, a Leader must always worry about whether the Republicans return to power"

When asked directly about why she had invited her here on a private meeting between the two women. She chuckled at the Queen's boldness although appreciated it at the same time. Too many people spoke with cloaked words. "Despite inviting you here as a friend, there was also the topic of succession being a problem" She began, unsure about how much information the woman already knew about the various factions within the Empire. "There are many who are after the Imperial throne. The factions will no doubt be making themselves known and many of these groups do not wish for Egypt to be ruled as a client kingdom. They merely wish to make it a province of Rome" She added, trying to make her aware about the fate Egypt and herself would have if Rome should end up in the wrong hands.

"I wish for my son Darius to be the one who suceeds Caesar. Have you heard of him?" She asked as she wondered how much she knew. Gracefully the Empress continued to eat, as a slave offered to her a plate to discard the seed and she flicked her hand to send the slave away once more.
Re: An Empress and a Queen {Tanafriti)
Post by tanafriti on Apr 8, 2009, 7:58pm

"It is a shame that things have reduced to this. Instead of solving differences, you might as well poison the opposition. A cowards game, if you ask me." Tanafriti said. She would rather have her enemies come up and try to fight her with a sword instead of trying to poison her. It was more comforting to have a chance to fight for her life, instead of slowly suffering and dying. Plus, it would show that the other person had the courage enough to confront her. "I hope you find out who is behind it... and punish them accordingly. When my father was murdered, I found it entertaining to have the murders be sent into the arena." Tanafriti suggested, a small smile forming on her lips.

Tanafriti watched the Empress as she spoke, slowly taking a drink from her wine. She processed the words carefully, trying to figure out how to word her next words carefully. "How unfortunate." She said softly before letting out a sigh, taking another drink from her wine. "I hope you do not take this the wrong way, but I am not going to give up my power as easily as some Romans may think. Even though the Emperor does have the power to remove me from my position, it won't change among my people. And if I am removed from power, my people will become very... angry." Tanafriti said as she watched the Empress, curious for her reaction. She was foreshadowing a event that would come, should anyone try to remove her from being Queen.

"No, I have not. I would like to meet him, tho. If he is to be Caesar, he will have to make sure that he has enough people to support him." Tanafriti said. That was the unfortunate thing in Roman society. The royal family could change as easy as the wind changing directions during a storm. In Egypt, if she was to not produce an heir, then her cousin's family would take power. That is just how things work. If anyone else tried to take power away from the royal family of Egypt, they would be punished severely (death was a almost guarantee).Re: An Empress and a Queen {Tanafriti)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Apr 9, 2009, 10:54pm

"Unfortunately such is the state of Rome" She said with a sad sigh and smiled when the Egyptian made her suggestion about what to do those who were guilty. Lucilla looked interested, gave a slow nod of approval and took a sip of the wine. "That would be a fitting why for the conspirators to die; in any rate they deserve to die a long and slow death. The investigation is already taking place as we speak. Soon, no doubt, they will be out of the shadows and punished for their treachery" She smirked; oh yes, none of them would get away from her clutches.

She smiled as she listened to the proud Egyptian Queen though keeping her own thoughts to herself. Of course the previous Ptolemy Queen to stand against the Roman Empire had been taken down and her supporters were called nothing but whores. It had been feeble and only fortune had allowed Egypt to be returned to her sovereign leaders. "Of course, I" She raised a hand to her chest. "know you are a loyal Queen to Rome; although there are others with greedy eyes I fear. In myself, you will always find a friend within Rome" She confirmed the point that she would protect Tanafriti's interests so long as she would be a friend to Lucilla and continue to help her. "I am sure they will not be, angry as you say they would be. But without Rome, Parthia shall surely look to Egypt as a prize to add to it's kingdom" She explained. Roman legions had long protected Egypt.

"I would be delighted for you to meet with him and will see to the matter personally Majesty" Lucilla continued; with a charming smile towards her guest. Having the Egyptian Queen on his side would greatly assist Darius with his succession. The grain supply being secure would no doubt be greatly beneficial to him. "How long will you be staying in Rome? I am enjoying your company considerably and would be delighted to so for longer" She said; with another sip of the wine. Re: An Empress and a Queen {Tanafriti)
Post by tanafriti on Apr 10, 2009, 9:49pm

Tanafriti nodded as she listed to Lucilla. Maybe the people who did poison him will come out of the shadows, but then again maybe they wont. It would not surprise her if they didn't, since any assassin would want to make sure that everyone has forgotten about what has happened before coming out of hiding. Unless that assassin had a lot of guts. "Feed their corpses to the crows. That is all the assassins are good for." Tanafriti said with a wave of her hand as she took another drink of her wine. She hated assassins with a passion.

"Thank you. It is nice to know that they are some people in this city that are sensible enough to understand my position." Tanafriti said with a smile. When she mentioned that Egypt would be pretty much defenseless without Rome, her eyes went to the other woman's. Maybe for now, they were weaker then they once were, but she had a feeling things were about to change in Rome... and maybe to her benefit. "Know something, Empress. Egypt's grain shipments will continue to come to Rome as long as Darius is in power. I have no wish to support anyone who is not the rightful ruler of Rome. I don't want to see Rome destroyed because of an idiot coming into power." Tanafriti said, her voice more serious and her eyes burning with truth and conviction. She would not support a tyrant, only a true leader.

"That sounds great." Tanafriti said as she ate another grape, washing it down with another sip of wine. Meeting Darius seemed like a beneficial thing to her in the end, as well as for him. He needs Egypt to be on his side. She was only just beginning to understand her place in Rome and how crucial her position is. "I plan on staying for the next few months. Once things seem to settle down here, I will be returning to Alexandria. I think you should come to Egypt when I leave. I'm sure you will like it there." Tanafriti suggested, her eyes going to the Empress's.Re: An Empress and a Queen {Tanafriti)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Apr 11, 2009, 11:52pm

"I am glad it is easy for us to remain dear friends; Darius will see to it that your lands are kept safe from your enemies. The peace between Rome and Egypt will endure. As an Empress I am delighted for the obvious benefits; but as a woman I am glad because I would loathe to loose our friendship" She said; it was true. The Egyptian Queen was certainly good company to have and an excellent ally to have in the East. Not simply for Rome but also for her own personal interests as well.

She listened to how long it would be for the Queen to remain here in Egypt and smiled at the results. There would be plenty of time for her to meet Darius; both in more personal meetings and in a more elaborate settings with the other power players of the Roman Empire. "Ah, I am greatly pleased to here this Majesty and I thank you for the invitation as well. I have always been fascinated by your country. Countries of the East have always been a bit of a mystery to me" She answered; with an apologetic wave of her hand continued. "Of course, given the present circumstances I am sure I will be needed within Rome for some time. But I would be fascinated to hear about the wondrous things about your country"

Lucilla lifted yet another grape to her lips as she waited to be enlightened about Egypt. The land that had seduced two great Romans and turned them against the slaves of the Egyptian Queen of the past. A woman Tanafritit herself was related to.Re: An Empress and a Queen {Tanafriti)
Post by tanafriti on Apr 14, 2009, 8:30pm

Tanafriti lifted her head ever so slightly as she watched the Empress across from her. The Egyptian was no fool when it came to telling whether or not a person was deceiving her, and she sensed that the other woman was not lying to her. Unknown to everyone in Rome, Tanafriti was actually very good at deception, but only to her enemies. The Romans were not her enemies, since she was having to rely on them for protection. "I wish for our friendship to last as well. I am sure there will continue to be peace between Egypt and Rome, unless something... happens. Who knows what Parthia's intentions are at this moment..." Tanafriti said softly, with a hint of annoyance in her voice. If Parthia was going to attack Egypt, she would rather they attempt to so she would not have to worry about them anymore.

Tanafriti watched the other woman, smiling when she mentioned that she had always been curious about her lands. When she asked for her to describe her lands, she remained silent for a few moments. She could give her a flamboyant, elaborate description of her lands and exclaim about how beautiful the lands are at twilight. Or, she could give the harsh description. Desert, besides the lands around the Nile, where every city was pretty much located. She decided that it would be best to describe the land the best she could, whether it was elaborate or harsh.

"Egypt is beautiful." Tanafriti began. "My lands have always been beautiful. There is the desert that most of Egypt consists of, but that is also our greatest protection. There are the Pyramids of Giza, which stand out from miles away. The way Alexandria looks in the sunset and twilight. The regular flooding of the Nile continues to supply us, as if a major vein that continues to pump blood to the heart. As long as we have the Nile, we are strong." Tanafriti said as she leaned back slightly on the seat. "But now, other countries in the East find us weak. They find us spineless, repulsing, pathetic. How very wrong they are. We were one of the most powerful nations in the world, and by the Gods, I will not be surprised if we attain our glory once more. My loyalty, my soldiers loyalty, my peoples loyalty is to Rome. As long as your family's bloodline is on the throne, you have Egypt's loyalty." Tanafriti said, knowing she was treading in dangerous territory. "I will not support a tyrant, my friend." Tanafriti said.

Tanafriti knew her words could be taken a multitude of ways. One could think she was actually threatening the Empress, but that was quiet the contrary. She was only telling the woman what could happen if someone else gets on the throne, not what will happen. "Egypt, in the end, is too beautiful to describe. It may be nothing in the eyes of Rome, but to me, it is everything." Tanafriti said. She was very patriotic and loyal to not only Rome, but to her people and Egypt itself. She would continue to do anything to preserve the peace Egypt is going through, but she could not help but think there may be tough times ahead. Times that would test her abilities as a leader and her loyalty to Rome. She could feel it in her very bones and blood...

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