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Lacrimosa III: Kyrie Eleison [Tiberius, et al]

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Lacrimosa III: Kyrie Eleison [Tiberius, et al]
Post by sklave on Apr 13, 2009, 10:30pm

After the events of Lacrimosa Part II, Gaius Apollonius Pavo and the two shift guards (Titus and Tiro) who were present during Caesar's murder, were spirited away from the crime scene and held in the dungeon by Praetorians, until the people in charge are ready to question them. They are being held on orders that they are not to be seen by anyone without express permission from Prefect Romulus, Empress Lucilla or Camillus Dexius Julius. In darkness, they wait...

Kyrie Eleison
Lord Have Mercy

"Gods have mercy on us." Tiro said, covering his face in his hands as he sat on the floor in the corner of the cell he was currently sharing with his colleague Titus and the little slave Pavo. "How did we let this happen?"

"We always let the Medicus in. Why wouldn't we? He's sworn to heal people, not murder them." Titus said with an evenness of voice that did not match his frenzied, terrified mind. "We did what any other guard would have done... What any other guard does. We let the Medicus in. We just... had bad timing."

"Bad timing kills, Titus!" Tiro groaned, "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck we're dead men."

"We should be mourning Caesar, Tiro, not ourselves." Titus grimaced. "He's the one we are supposed to hold higher than all others, including ourselves. We failed him."

"Come on, Man, Caesar died weeks ago. You worked the same shifts I did, Titus, you saw him. Our job wasn't to keep assassins out, it was to keep Claudius and all his crazy characters in that room so nobody saw how fucking insane he was."

Pavo whimpered quietly in the corner where he was curled up in a ball on the ground.

"You all right, Pavo?" Titus called across the cell. No reply. "Poor kid. He was in the middle of a blood bath, out there."

"I don't envy him, either. At least we're likely to stand before a tribunal. They can kill him outright, if they want." Tiro said, glancing over to the teenage slave.

"Shut up, Tiro. He can hear you, you know." Titus sighed, and pushed himself to his feet, traversing the cell to kneel beside Pavo. "Listen, kid... I know you saw a lot in there. And I know you're scared now. We all are. All of Rome is going to be scared, pretty soon. But don't give up hope. You're still alive now. They're just going to want to know the truth. Just... tell them the truth when they question you, and then maybe we can find out who caused this so it's the real culprits who get punished, instead of our wrong place/wrong time lot." He smiled and placed a hand on Pavo's back. The slave jerked a little, but Titus didn't withdraw his hand. He felt the subtle quakes of the boy's weeping. Titus sighed.

"Don't give up on us yet." Titus said, withdrawing his hand and rising to return to his spot across the room. "Either of you." He shook his head. "I'm not counting myself dead until there's a coin on my tongue." He glanced through the bars.

"You hear that?" Tiro looked up. "Sounds like someone's coming..."

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