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Ruled by Secrecy

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COLLIS PALATINUS » Domus Claudialis » Ruled by Secrecy.
Ruled by Secrecy.
Post by sklave on Apr 11, 2009, 8:49am

It was only today. Today or never. And if it was never, then Pavo was worse than dead; He was a failure to the only master that mattered. And there were two things he needed to do, before he gave himself over to Dis Pater. Laundry, and this.

"Oh Flaccus!" Pavo had been looking everywhere for him. He'd foolishly expected the Praetorian to be guarding something. But no, the only thing he was looking out for was his loins; Scoping out the slave girls passing in and out of the Stabulum Famularis. "Flaccus, may I have a word with you?"

The tall Roman looked at Pavo with a sneer.

"Why in Tartarus would I want to talk with a sniveling, sissy boy like you, Pavo?"

"Um..." The slave thought on that for a moment. Then withdrew a pouch of silver and held it up, swinging it a bit.

"Fair enough. Step into my office." Flaccus glanced around to make sure they weren't being watched and slipped a nearby room. Pavo stepped in and looked around the small, dark space.

"Is this a closet?"

"Yes, it's a closet. Who cares? You wanted to discuss something?" Flaccus inquired, glancing down at the pouch of money.

"Yes." Pavo smiled to Flaccus. Among slaves and others, it was known that Flaccus was among the less savory Praetorians. He dealt in shady affairs to which his superiors were not party. Or perhaps they were, and that was why they kept him around. He was an unscrupulous man and Praetorian duties sometimes called for unscrupulous men. "When Manius was arrested, I assume he was disarmed... All of the weapons on his person and in his chambers were taken into custody, yes?"

"Of course." Flaccus replied, "Get to the point."

"I need a dagger." Pavo said quickly.

"You've got a lot of silver there, mate. Why don't you buy one?"

"I need one that belongs to Manius." The young slave answered.

"Why's that?" Flaccus narrowed his eyes.

"None of your concern." Pavo answered.

"You going to kill Caesar with it and try to pin it on Manius, you stupid slave? That won't work. That's pure idiocy."

"What I do with it is none of your concern." Pavo said with a grimace.

"I'm a Praetorian and you want a weapon which, in all probability, you're going to use to kill the man I am sworn to defend above all else. What's to stop me from arresting you and taking that bag of silver there for myself?"

"Well, firstly, the silver would be confiscated. You might be able to keep some, but you'd lose most. And secondly, this is only half of your pot. The rest will be yours when the dagger is delivered." Pavo said, placing the pouch into Flaccus' hands.

"Not as dumb as you look." Flaccus said with a smirk. "All right. I'll get you one of Manius' blades."

"Within the hour." Pavo commanded.

"Ha. Yes, Caesar, right away!" Flaccus chuckled.

"Will anyone notice it's missing?" Pavo inquired, second-guessing himself.

"No one really keeps track of that stuff. And things go missing all the time. That stuff's valuable." Flaccus shrugged. "Manius had quite a few weapons, as I recall. I don't think it will be missed."

"Good. That's all for now. You can bring the dagger to my quarters in the Stabulum Famularis, please."

"You got it, kid." Flaccus peaked out the door, to make sure no one was in the corridor, then he slipped out. Pavo followed him out, and went to fetch some linens. It was time for laundering. Re: Ruled by Secrecy.
Post by galienus on Apr 11, 2009, 9:48am

[[OOC: Sorry dude, but this is too delicious to pass on]]

But what Pavo did not know…

…was that like all mercenaries, Flaccus looked for the bigger score. He was one of those Praetorians that had some connection to Manius because of his wealth. So the mercenary walked toward Manius’ Thalamus and after telling the guards he needed to speak to the man, entered.

Manius looked up and saw Flaccus. The man was not of Manius liking, but he was useful. He had given some good information to the imperial for sometime now. “What is it, Flaccus?”

Flaccus: Dominus, I have some information you might find interesting and worthy of your time… and money.

The Praetorian relayed the conversation he had with Pavo. Manius, instead of been angry, was smiling at the turn of events. So, the fool think himself a tactician. He thought. This could be useful indeed. He looked at Flaccus. “Do as he said. I even know which one you should give him… the most expensive looking one, one that will be undeniable that is mine. You be on the lookout and when the moment comes for him to make his move, make sure to be there and stop him. Do not kill him… his death will benefit no one. Keep him alive and be a witness of the events. I will make sure to stay here. The mere fact that no one will believe I am so dumb as to send someone with my own dagger to kill Claudius will be his downfall. Whatever he offered you I will double it” He said, smiling.

Flaccus: I do not know Dominus, he offered quite a lot.

Manius looked at the man and nodded. “Very well, I will raise it five time over… is that enough for you?”

Flaccus: More than enough, dominus… it will be done by your command.

“Another thing… make sure you send someone to inform Consul Scipio as soon you grab the little bastard. And make sure that the information relayed to the Consul is the truth, that the slave was acting under someone orders, but those orders could not be from me. Understood?”

Flaccus: It will be done.

Manius dismissed the praetorian and smiled. He took a parchment and began writing a letter to Scipio. Finally an opportunity…
Re: Ruled by Secrecy.
Post by camillus on Apr 11, 2009, 4:49pm

Elsewhere in the Palace.....

It was dark, for it was very late. There was an eery calm over the palace, and indeed the whole city, but it was the quite unsettling type of calm. That type of calm before a major storm blew in from over the Mediterranean Sea to cause some damage, or before an earthquake struck to level buildings around the heart of the empire. It was true that the storm was coming, and would soon encompass all of Rome. The world would change by the time the sun came up.

Within a small chamber that acted as a shrine to the god Mars, a lone Praetorian Guard sat on a bench. His helmet was off to the side on the bench, fallen over and dejected. The face of this man, a face usually devoid of emotion, seemed hurt and distracted. His dark eyes--eyes that had seen countless people slaughtered in the name of Caesar--were red and watery, begging to cry but being denied such release. His expression, usually one of grim fortitude, revealed a man broken and confused. His world had been shattered, and now he turned to the only way to fix things.

"I never expected to receive a note from you, commander," came a voice from behind. The Praetorian did not move or turn, unsurprised by the sudden appearance of Camillus Dexsius Julius. No, the lone Praetorian merely continued to stare at the statue of Mars as Camillus came up beside him.

"The man who wears the purple toga is not the same Caesar I had sworn to protect," replied Tiberius Marcellus Romulus, Prefect of the Praetorian Guard. His voice was coarse and dry when he spoke, and the battle-hardened man struggled to say the words he spoke. He had absolutely loved Claudius. But, now, to him, Claudius was already dead, and there were greater concerns. "I can serve him, who masquerades as a Jew, no longer."

Camillus grinned darkly, reaching down and placing a soft, comforting hand on the shoulder of the cold-hearted commander. "Then you must allow me to do what must be done, Tiberius. It is time to do what is necessary to save the empire from doom," whispered Camillus. The Prefect remained unmoved, staring at the statue of Mars, but the expression on his face was one of understanding. He would not stand in the way of Camillus, and neither would the Praetorian Guard. As they spoke, Pavo was walking to the chambers of Caesar to deliver the final blow. "You are doing what is best for Rome."

The Praetorian Prefect neutralized, Camillus of the Julii turned to make his way to another part of the palace when another Praetorian ran urgently into the room where the magister militium and the prefect were meeting. "Sirs! Riots of broken out on the Aventine Hill, the Circus Maximus, and in the Forum. The treasury is under siege by the mob," said the guard.

Camillus glanced over his shoulder at Tiberius, who merely nodded his head. The Julian looked back at the Praetorian. "Let the Urban Cohort handle it for now. If it continues to get out of hand, fill the Forum with Praetorians and bring in some of the legionnaires from the Campus Martius to secure the city," ordered Camillus. The Praetorian bowed and scurried off.

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