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Whipping boy (Pavo)

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Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Mar 22, 2009, 2:15am

The Empress was irritated at the lack of progress either way on behalf of the Emperor. The man was a damned fool - locked up like a madman when he should have been put out of his misery. Despite what had happened she wished to speak to Pavo, her husband's manservant and lover. Despite all it seemed that he would be her only contact within Caesar's inner chambers; she saw the slave walk past and bid him halt with a simple "Pavo!". The sound cracked like a whip as she walked towards the slave.

"How does the Emperor fare today?" She asked coldly. Clearly seeking information about the man if you could call him such. The Empress was clearly not in the mood for being messed around today - particularly by a mere slave. She would readily beat the slave to a pulp if necessary. She wondered for a moment who Pavo would go to in the fool's will. He knew many of the secrets of the Domus. Re: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by sklave on Mar 22, 2009, 12:58pm

Pavo tensed, freezing where he stepped as he heard the Empress' inimitable voice saying the last thing he ever wanted to hear from her: His name. He turned slowly, and took cautious steps toward Caesar's wife, his eyes on the ground as he approached. He bowed.

"Domina." He said, in acknowledgment. "Caesar continues to get worse. He still speaks as Daniel, sometimes. But he has other... characters, as well, now. One is the Greek version of our god Bacchus, and another is a slave woman named Marcella." It would have been a very comical bit of theatre, if it weren't so creepy. "His mind only grows worse and worse with each passing day. Sometimes he laughs like mad, other times he cries and cries for reasons that only exist to him. His body seems hale enough, though."Re: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Mar 22, 2009, 5:25pm

By the Gods! She had absolutely no idea it would develop to this! She couldn't give a damn about whether or not his body was safe. It was satisfying that the old fool's time was finally closing in on him. A cold, satisfied smirk came across her lips. "How interesting" She murmured to herself. "What have you done in order to prevent him from his deranged babble? And at any point, does he show signs of sanity?" She demanded of the slave. Whilst this was important information for her to know; she always found it either pleasingly sadistic - or utterly boring to torment poor Pavo.

Lucilla looked over the slave's humble body language, her own was quietly dominating. A position of authority. As she thought about the matter at hand she lightly chewed the inside of her lip. The only one who was able to administer any kind of poison would be either Pavo or Tiberius as they were the only ones closest to him. She stepped towards him and whispered in his ear. "I know it was you. I know. Confess and I may show you mercy. Do not and I will break you until I find out the truth".Re: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by sklave on Mar 22, 2009, 9:11pm

"I do nothing, but attempt to soothe him. It works sometimes. The medic will give him things to help, sometimes, but he always gives those himself. I do not give Caesar any herbs or medicines. I only give him warmth and kindness." Pavo said, earnestly. He was playing at atonement, here. He'd wronged, and now he was doing what he could to make up for it with the gods.

And then Lucilla's tone shifted; Abruptly threatening, and Pavo reared back a little.

"I do not know what Domina is talking about..." Pavo lied, "What did I do?" Re: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Mar 26, 2009, 6:01am

"Come Pavo, do not play coy with me" She said dangerously, the woman was willing to risk death to attempt to kill her own husband and father. She was certainly willing to do away with a slave that was her husband's pleasure boy. "Soon my husband will be dead and then you will need another protector.... perhaps a protectress?" She offered him; his reactions would likely give some clue. But then again, slaves were taught to lie nearly as much as any courtier. Having been the wife of a man who was an idiot when he was sane and an even bigger idiot when he was sane, she could partially relate. In her own twisted way she was now offering Pavo an oppurtunity to come clean with his crimes. It would be up to him whether or not he decided to tell her. Many of her slaves were treated well - although there were also many that weren't.

Who had bought him? The slave wasn't in her pocket. Manius? Camillus? Both were likely. Camillus would have gladly seduced the handsome slave and promised him riches in order to do his bidding. Re: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by sklave on Mar 26, 2009, 10:03am

Pavo looked down and shut his eyes. He thought of all that had gone on these past few days. What he'd done, his first fearful chat with the Empress, Caesar's sudden physical improvement and mental decline, his comforting chat with Camillus... And Manius. Cruel Manius, who tried to force him to do his bidding. Wicked Manius who had done him physical harm because Gaia said something he didn't like. Pavo hadn't done anything! All Pavo did was follow orders. That was all Pavo ever did. Until now.

"Manius..." Pavo began, "Forced me." He suddenly realised that he looked too much at ease, and he quickly dropped to his knees and clutched her skirts. "Please forgive me, Domina!" His voice taking on its familiar, fearful tremor. "He promised me freedom. He said all I needed to do was put the contents of the vial into Caesar's food without anyone seeing. He didn't tell me what was in it. He just gave it to me." He willed himself to cry, but he knew better than to bawl in front of Lucilla. She did not suffer crying men. His tears were only to ratify his words, not to seek pity. He knew there would be none of that here.Re: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Mar 27, 2009, 12:13am

Her cold eyes watched the slave as he knelt to her, begging her forgiveness. Manius? So it seemed that the fool had decided to take matters into his own hands then? With a clearly irritated sigh, she gently scratched his hair as if she would to a dog that was seeking affection. "Oh you silly idiot, the moment he is done with you. You would be killed - not offered freedom" She said softly. More surprised it wasn't Camillus who had lured the loyalty of the slave with freedom and tender kisses. She used his hair to tilt his head up to look at her. "I am not a woman known for mercy, is there any more that I should know about?" She asked; wanting to know as much as she could in order to know those entirely responsible for the death of her husband. It was not the eventual outcome that angered her - but it being done without her consent. "Have you been continuing to give him this vial of yours?" She asked hoarsely, not allowing him to lower his gaze from her fierce eyes.

A death Claudius was greatly preferrable to an insane one sparking up all this Jewish nonsense. Perhaps this could be a method for her in order to gain something from the dying man. Re: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by sklave on Mar 27, 2009, 10:46am

"No. I only gave it to him the once. And now that Manius is under house arrest I do not see him." Thankfully. Lesser slaves tended to his needs, now.

"All I know of Manius, now, is that he is obsessed with a slave girl named Gaia. She is new. He treats her like a princess. It is a subject of much gossip in the slave quarters. He tends to her as if he were the slave, and she the Imperial." It was offensive to slaves, and it was doubtless equally insulting to Lucilla's ilk.

"There is not much more I know of Manius. He is cruel and curt with me. He only makes demands. What I know of him, is from observation not confession."Re: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Mar 29, 2009, 11:47am

Lucilla listened but still did not release the slave's hair from her grip. She had heard of this slave Gaia who had been distracting Manius of late. A look of amusement came across her face when he told her about the way he acted with the slave; perhaps there was really a mental illness within the Sabucius line. She nodded, showing she understood what he had meant and continued. "Is there anyone else I should be made aware of? And is the pretty little Greek involved in the plot as well?" She asked both questions; it was only fair that the slave should be punished for wrong doings. Whilst holding his hair; she gently rubbed her thumb through it in a somewhat tender motion.

"I am willing for the moment to be quite kind with you Pavo, it would be Caesar's wish" She responded, as for Caesar the absolute fool that he was. Good riddance he would meet his end soon enough. No doubt there would be no need to remind him of the cruelty she is capable of doing.

"Perhaps you would be willing to testify to that in court?" She murmured; of course any slave who's evidence is taken into court has to be tortured beforehand. He would be readily tortured - whilst Lucilla watched. Re: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by sklave on Mar 29, 2009, 11:57am

"He met the Greek after Caesar was already sick. Shortly before his arrest. I do not know what goes on between them now. I have not seen Manius since then." Thankfully.

This woman was so frightening. One minute she was claiming to be nice, the next she was threatening torture. He wasn't sure what to make of it. His only strategy: Obedience. Through torture, he would still give Manius' name. He would imprint it on his mind so it was all he remembered. Even his own name he would dismiss, if it punished Manius and saved beautiful Camillus. If his life was the sacrifice he had to make to the gods to see that his Camillus took the throne over Manius' corpse, then so be it.

"I will do whatever you command, Domina."Re: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Mar 30, 2009, 4:46am

She gave a chuckle at his ever-so obedient response and loosened her grip on his hair. The other hand came around and gently lifted his jaw, her thumb gently caressing his chin. "No, it would be a shame to destroy your beauty" She said as she looked at the youth who had clearly been more loved by Claudius; there was no jealousy but she could see why the man had found him so alluring. He was so sweet, so compliant. "But if I ever discover you have lied to me; I will strip your beauty and leave you nothing but a quivering, bloody wreck" She murmured; letting go of his hair and removing the hand that held his chin upright. "Now, stand" She commanded him to rise from where he knelt before her. Would this slave turn out to be a trust worthy one? Probably not, but she was interested to at least hear what information he could possibly tell her.

"Is there anything happening around the Palace that I should be informed about?" She asked him; in a much more civil tone than she usually used with him. Was Darius perhaps like Claudius? Willing to sneak slaves into his bedroom away from prying eyes? Her son's sexuality was certainly a puzzle she wished to find out about. Junus was more interested in scrolls and nonsense whilst Flavia was a child.

Lucilla wasn't completely a she-wolf; many of her slaves were treated well and allowed to come and go as they please. She looked him over; would he be one of these slaves who had gained such loyalty - or would she always distrust him? Re: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by sklave on Mar 30, 2009, 10:10am

Pavo thought on that for a moment.

"I... Well, yes, perhaps. Earlier today I was walking past the Atrium Convivium and I saw your son Darius speaking with Camillus of the Julii. Dominus Honorius had me send for food, for them. A slave named Siro brought them their meal. And when he came back to the kitchens, he told me that when he was bringing the hot food he had to stop in the doorway and back out because the two of them were kissing, and he did not want them to know he saw. But he did. He said they kissed like lovers do."Re: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Mar 30, 2009, 10:49am

Lucilla did not jump back, or cry or show any other signs of being hurt by her own son and childhood companion having a liasion of love between the two. Instead she greeted this news with interest as it was simply politics, at least that was what she was trying to convince herself it was. Why hadn't Darius mentioned this scheme to her? More importantly, why is it only now she was finding out about this? Maybe her guesses about her son's sexuality was true afterall and there was nothing else for it.

"How interesting, do you know any more of this Pavo?" She asked in a more kindly and interested tone. There was no sound of hurt or disapproval in her tone. Lucilla had no idea whether the rumours about Camillus and her own past relationship with him was known within the Palace. Re: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by sklave on Mar 30, 2009, 1:56pm

"No more than that." Pavo said, shaking his head. "I have never heard of them spending time together before. Usually such things would be gossip in the slave's quarters, so it is probably a new development. Certainly no one has seen them kissing before. Darius is... very popular with some of the slave girls." And boys. "If there was any sign of him being interested in someone it would be widely discussed." And Pavo would have been among the first to know, because it was well known that he fancied both Darius and Camillus.

"I can see about finding out more, if you like. But there are probably people in your service who are better suited to such tasks than I."Re: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Mar 30, 2009, 7:53pm

"No, I would have you do it" She answered, sometimes those without the skills in espionage would suceed whilst others would not. Besides it may even give her a chance to discover who it is that employs the beautiful man slave. There was just a nagging feeling that would would not budge. "You have been the first to bring me this information" She responded with a half-smile; of course, why had she not been informed about this before? Was there something going on that she should have picked up on? Either Camillus was manipulating the youth in order to gain control - or -or. A part of her didn't want to think about the alternative.

"I would like to know whether anyone approaches Darius; whether they are Camillus or not. It is vital to the youth's very security. And, should you serve me well. You will be kindly rewarded for doing so" She continued; many of her favourites were treated well and many continued to linger. Even if they were freed (which was rare for Lucilla).Re: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by sklave on Mar 30, 2009, 8:55pm

"I will do what I can, Domina, but you know I am assigned to Caesar right now. I don't have much time away from his chambers. I'm not sure I'll be very helpful, since I rarely see your children. They do not often visit Caesar." He wasn't sure whether or not he wanted to be given a new charge. Part of him was very comfortable with Claudius. Part of him felt that caring for him was atonement for causing his ailment. But part of him would relish the chance to get away from that vile room, where it was his job to watch a man die by degrees.

"Of course I will inform you of any gossip I pick up on, all the same."Re: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Mar 31, 2009, 5:04am

"You will not have to trouble yourself with Caesar for much longer" She responded tauntly. Either she or one of Caesar's many enemies would be only too happy to take her out of the picture, "You will monitor my children to see what happens to them; any whispers, is that understood Pavo?" She asked firmly, then added. "I know you are going to come into my possession in the event of Caesar's death" She began, unknowing she would be taking in one of Camillus' men into her home. "Therefore you will become my property, I promised that" She paused, trying to find a word that rightly suited her excuse of a man she called a husband. "fool, that I would care for you in the event of his death".Re: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by sklave on Mar 31, 2009, 9:03am

"Caesar does not care for me, now. The Jews are not as tolerant of paederasty." That was hard to watch, too. It just seemed so wrong. "And his other characters don't even know who I am. Would you like to reassign me to watch your children, or shall I wait until... Caesar no longer requires care." Pavo had picked up on her meaning clearly enough. Caesar would be dead soon. And if Pavo were reassigned, then it wouldn't be him administering the poison. That was a definite plus.

"Does Dominus Darius have a personal slave?" He was relatively sure he didn't. And if the prince had kissed Camillus, perhaps he would kiss Pavo one day. That would be much more pleasant than snogging old Claudius.Re: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Apr 1, 2009, 7:21am

She nodded understanding his predicament, without a Master to care for him and the limited power associated with it, he was vulnerable to the other slaves. Apparently the little trollop Gaia the new-found pleasure toy of Manius would have great enjoyment tormenting him. Darius, found himself with a man and perhaps having someone of her own would be beneficial. Lucilla shook her head; unsure whether or not the last one had either died or had been dismissed. Darius, like herself went through servants quickly if they did not serve her needs. "No, I don't believe he does. I am not sure what his views of having you as one of his personal slaves would be. But I will offer you to him" She paused trying to think about what her son would be like as a lover. Gods, Lucilla settle that lust and be done with it. "He is pure, but I don't believe he would be violent as Claudius sometimes could be with his lovers" She thought, both wife and male slave had bedded the aged fool. Lucilla wished she never had the experience of it.

"In return, you will be treated well. And once Darius rises to any position the Gods intend for him. Then you, will become his" She hinted; serve her well and her son. And he may earn his freedom and perhaps more if Darius rose to become Caesar and ultimate ruler of the Roman empire. "But, he will need to fufil his duties in order to continue his bloodline" She warned; he could never be the sole lover of Darius.

It was not often she even bothered to speak in such ways to a slave. Much less, one of her husband's and one she didn't particularly trust. Re: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by sklave on Apr 1, 2009, 9:55am

Pavo opened his mouth to reply that Claudius had never been violent with him, but looking at the Empress he thought better of it and closed his mouth, allowing her to speak on. That might have been taken as a mortal slight, if aired. Pavo just nodded.

"As you like, Domina. I will serve in whatever capacity you wish of me." The thought of serving Darius was rather exciting. Anything would be more exciting than Claudius, right now. He was immobile. Dying in a dark room. The monotony of it, and the agony were driving Pavo somewhat mad. He thought of things no slave; indeed no man should consider, these days. It was that dark room and its ailing inhabitants. Those conditions would make anyone sick, with enough time.

"Is there anything else, Domina?"Re: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Apr 1, 2009, 10:19am

She noticed he was going to speak before she had finished speaking. Normally she would have been content to leave it at that, he was a slave and knew his place. She narrowed her eyes slightly and asked. "Yes, what was it you were going to say before?". It was right around when she spoke of Claudius being abusive; was he gentle with his manservant whilst a brute to his wife? How she prayed to Mother Juno in thanks for not whelping on her a child that night. Such a bastardly creature could not be permitted to live.

"Come, speak" She encouraged as another couple of slaves passed them and began to whisper. No doubt Pavo would be treated at least a bit better than he was before. "You will attend to Darius, ensure that he doesn't risk himself needlessly and report to me about who he meets, conversations, who he takes into his bed. Anything" She confirmed for herself as well. Still not sure how she would eventually take the news Camillus flirted with her son. Re: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by sklave on Apr 1, 2009, 2:17pm

"I do not wish to speak inappropriately of Caesar. You are his wife. I, merely his slave." Pavo said, lowering his head.

"Yes, I will report all of these things to you." He didn't like that Darius was moving in on his Camillus. They were both very beautiful, but Pavo felt he had a real rapport with Camillus. They'd kissed before, as well. This new assignment would make it easier for him to keep tabs on the situation for himself, as well as for the Empress.Re: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Apr 1, 2009, 11:48pm

"Caesar will be dead soon enough, come, answer me" She pushed him to tell her what she needed to know. Perhaps he didn't feel it was right to suggest that Caesar and he had more than a bond of slave and master. But really were closer to husband and wife. She asked herself whether she genuinely wanted to know the answer. Lucilla didn't love or hold the Emperor in any form of compassion; what she brought to the union was a uterus and her family's loyalty. That was all.

"I would also like to know if Camillus comes here; who he meets with and what is discussed between them if you are able to hear" She continued, poor Pavo seemed to have a great deal of work ahead of him. "Are you friendly with any of the other slaves?" She asked; not particularly sure of the politics within the household slaves. It was a strange world to her.

OOC: Excuse my fail post. lolRe: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by sklave on Apr 1, 2009, 11:56pm

"You suggested that Caesar was violent with you. I only wished to voice my sympathy." But not empathy. He quickly moved on,

"I am friendly with some of the other slaves, but not all. Many slaves covet my position." He had his own room, after all. "And many, still, do not know me because my service to Caesar calls for so much of my time. I do not linger about in the Stabulum like most lazy foreign slaves." Pavo was a Roman, after all. Hence his mastery of the language, and the many pretty words he'd learned from his betters during his brief lifetime of service.

"You wish for me to follow Camillus?" That was a pleasant task, but he tended to doubt he'd be able to accomplish it with any subtlety. "I believe Camillus knows who I am, Domina." He certainly hoped so, at least. Re: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Apr 3, 2009, 8:55am

Lucilla caught the meaning behind his words when he mentioned sympathy. A part of her was irritated that a slave would have sympathy for her and the man had bruised her flesh. Whilst tenderly touched that of the slave. Of the matter she didn't continue it. It was likely Pavo becoming the manservant of one of the contenders for the throne would bring him further unpopularity amongst the slaves of the household. In a more human gesture she nodded in agreement when he mentioned the foreign and lazy slaves of the household.

"Yes, I am going to speak to the Master of the slaves. You will be reassigned tonight from your duties and given a room close to his quarters" She began, it seemed Darius was getting a slave whether he liked it or not. "I don't think you will need to do much in the way of travelling in order to watch Camillus and Darius together. Darius will be your main concern. At the end of each day you will report to me what you have seen, how he behaves, anything and everything"

As for Camillus knowing who he was, perhaps it would be beneficial for him to know. A slow smile came across her features. "And what will you do if he discovers you?"Re: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by sklave on Apr 3, 2009, 10:23am

"What is to discover?" Pavo asked, innocently. "I will merely be serving and observing, as a slave is trained to do. Then I will be reporting to Your Imperial Majesty." He kept his eyes down. "If my work for you is uncovered, I expect that would be through you, Domina. And if Your Majesty wished to reveal my work for her, I expect she would be done with me. And so I would suffer whatever fate was decided for me. As I always have." The life of a slave wasn't exactly a picnic. He'd been forced to do a great many things he'd have preferred not to do. Many times the possibility of death was on the table. Pavo was growing terribly well acquainted with death... And it was becoming ever less remote; ever less frightening.

Tonight? He'd be reassigned tonight? Pavo considered how much he had to get done before sundown. Re: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Apr 4, 2009, 7:33pm

She gave a quick dark chuckle at his innocent words and looked at the man with a slightly higher level of respect than what she had for him previously. He seemed to become so stoic about dying, but in his line of work it was probably for the best. The woman had an expression of thought but there was a tinge of worry there as well. And blast Hades! Her headaches were getting worse. "Yes, no doubt it will draw attention away from you" Lucilla murmured, it wouldn't be long before someone acted - boldly, if need be to destroy Caesar. "As for exact duties, serve him in anyway necessary" She dismissively told him, as she pondered what exactly that would end up being. Re: Whipping boy (Pavo)
Post by sklave on Apr 5, 2009, 11:06am

"Of course, Domina." It was the usual assignment. Only Darius wasn't the usual master. He was an odd one. He liked his solitude, and could be scary about getting what he wanted. There was a rumor that he'd killed some slaves, once, when he made them spar with him. And then there was his odd tendency to avoid pleasures. He was used to bringing great comfort. That was his training. But Darius liked to avoid too much luxury. Or, at least that was how he posed it. As far as Pavo could see, Darius certainly seemed to enjoy his wine. And he dined in the Atrium Convivium even when it was empty. That was pretty damned decadent. But Darius was an over privileged fifteen year old boy, Pavo figured, so it was to be expected that he'd have his share of contradictions. On second thought, this whole assignment might be gods awful.

"I will serve him in whatever capacity he asks of me." Just as he served all of them.

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