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The Invitation (Lucilla)

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COLLIS PALATINUS » Domus Claudialis » The Invitation {Lucilla}
The Invitation {Lucilla}
Post by kallyse on Mar 21, 2009, 11:00am

Antonia had been near the baths with three other women when the messenger came, talking of the latest local gossip... though she did most the listening. News of the Emperor was flying around and had nearly everyone mad.
The ladies paused their tongues when the young man halted in front of them, Antonia straightening herself up a bit whenever his focus steadied on her, "Antonia Lavinia..--" He made it more of a question and she bowed her head to him.
"I am."
"The Empress has requested your company at the palace within the next hour."

It took her a moment to acknowledge what he had just said. It was, after all, the very first occasion that she had been requested by any of the family to be anywhere. However, she did not let the surprise or anxiety show on her face and acted as if it were a normal occurrence. Finally, she replied. "I trust nothings wrong?"
"No, my lady."
"Tell the Empress I'll be there as quickly as possible."
And with that, he left.

She turned to the women who's eyes were dieing for Antonia to tell them something. More than likely why the Empress Lucilla was inviting her to the palace. She herself had no idea, but the only answer she gave them wasn't an answer at all. "Well ladies, musn't keep her waiting."

A half hour had passed before she made it to the palace. She had changed into a white stolla and red palla, golden sandals on her feet that wrapped up to mid calf. It wasn't anything magnificent or "fit for a queen", but its simplicity was beautiful. One of the staff greeted her and she gave her name and told of the invitation from Lucilla. Either they trusted her to wait alone or had been expecting her because the woman nodded her head and trailed off down the grande hall.

Antonia waited on a pin and needle, so to speak, curious beyond her imagination on what the Empress could possibly want with her.

Time would tell.Re: The Invitation {Lucilla}
Post by Empress Lucilla on Mar 21, 2009, 6:55pm

Earlier in the day she had sent an invitation to the highly esteemed Courtesan known as Antonia. Around the Imperial Palace she had heard the woman was possibly one of the previous Consul's bastard daughter and was utterly skilled at her chosen profession. Such news was pleasant to the Empress' ears. The woman had seen the courtesan by far at the many functions previously held by Caesar; she was beautiful. But given her occupation she would have to be. Green eyes noticed her waiting and she approached the other woman.

"Antonia Curtia Lavinia I presume?" She asked politely. The somewhat cold expression on her face lessening as she smiled softly. It would be interesting to see if this woman met her expectations of what she wanted in a Courtesan for her son. She wished for his first experience to be a positive one.

There was no need to introduce herself to the woman before her. Lucilla was garbed in a deep military red; she had always adored the shade the soldier's wore on their cloaks. Her jewelry was tasteful, yet still functional and did not hinder her. How she loathed to be hindered by a piece of clothing or a jewel! With her hand she gestured the Courtesan come and walk with her. Lucilla walked with the woman in silence; not intending to make the woman fearful but because her own thoughts were cluttered. Finally they had arrived at a spot she was certain they would not be interrupted. With a smile she turned to the Courtesan, with a gesture towards the chair across from her she asked Antonia to do the same.

"I have a business proposition for you. Not for myself, but rather someone who is very dear to my heart. I wish to speak with you privately to see whether you would be suitable" She said and asked. "Do you have any experience in dealing with youth's who are still virgins?" Re: The Invitation {Lucilla}
Post by kallyse on Mar 21, 2009, 8:39pm

As the Empress greeted her Antonia bowed her head just before they made eye contact, "My Lady."

The brief silence did not seem to unease Antonia in any way. She was curious of course, very much so, but her face stayed pleasant and patient - the last being complete opposite of what she felt. It seemed as tho the Empress was studying her; sizing her up, so to speak.

She followed alongside of her, eyes lingering in various directions..casually of course, not eagerly. Her home was comfortable, charming even, but in comparison to a palace? It was about as lovely as a tent.
It was hard not to speak out first and ask her exactly why she requested that she come... and on a little short notice at that, but Antonia kept quiet.

When seated in the chair across from Lucilla she folded her hands in her lap and the puzzlement couldn't be kept from showing when asked how experienced she was with virgins. However, it cleared quickly and she straightened her spine, "I'm afraid that my experience is limited--" She told the Empress. Her cheeks did not blush, nor did she come off as trying to 'impress' anyone. A lot of women would put on a great show for the Empress because of her authority and title. Antonia wasn't disrespectful in the least. She just acted as if Lucilla was an everyday encounter of opportunity. "The majority of....needful men...well, most are wed, and those who are not rarely have the means to secure a lady such as myself. However don't let my inexperience discourage you."

She smiled with a touch of confidence behind it, tilting her head to the left side before speaking once again. "Who, may I ask, are you asking in reference to?"Re: The Invitation {Lucilla}
Post by Empress Lucilla on Mar 21, 2009, 10:05pm

The Courtesan did not behave in a flirty or haughty way that Lucilla had expected. It was a pleasant surprise. She listened as the woman spoke of her minimal dealings when it came to dealing with virgin clients. Despite sex being a somewhat intimate affair, this was the preparation of a business transaction. Doubtless the Courtesan would treat it as such - despite how well she would treat her son. After all, her life would end up depending on it.

"It is for my eldest son, Darius" She answered and continued. "My boy is young; yet has no desire to bed a slave as many would at his age. Nor does he wish for his first time to be with his wife. As he wishes to be guided" A bit more explanation was needed. "He has no desire to harm the woman that he would end up marrying. And I wish for him to have a pleasant experience"

Darius was the adopted son of the Emperor. It was likely the Courtesan would have at least heard of him if she had not met him in the passing circles of the Imperial court, or when his Mother was married to Marcus Rufus Honorius. Perhaps it was odd of her to even ask about such things on her son's behalf but for her this was an important step.

"Would you be interested in having him as a client?" She asked; as she thought whether or not Darius would continue to return to her. If he did, then he did. If he then wished to sample some of the other women within Rome then that was up to him. "Of course, I cannot vouch for whether or not he will become a reguiar of yours" She smiled.Re: The Invitation {Lucilla}
Post by kallyse on Mar 21, 2009, 11:33pm

Her son?! It should have been expected when she first mentioned a youthful virgin but this took Antonia by a bit of surprise, tho she kept her expression rather neutral. Indeed, she had heard of him and seen him quite a few times. He wasn't the type you would call handsome. His features were too soft, too innocent. But, all in all, his appearance was just fine. However, it was rare that she did anything based on physique alone. It was what they offered that mattered.

"I can understand that--" She said in regards of his future wife and her wish for him.

Antonia smiled softly, nodding her head down one time and then clearing her throat, "Yes, of course, for a price, and if I have both you and your sons approval than it would be an honor and I never have expectations of anyone becoming a frequent visitor so not to worry, I understand perfectly."

{OOC} Sorry it took forever for me to respond, I just now got settled and able to focus.Re: The Invitation {Lucilla}
Post by Empress Lucilla on Mar 22, 2009, 1:10am

"It is pleasant to deal with a professional in such matters" Lucilla responded; clearly she wasn't insulting the woman or calling her a whore. Moreso for retaining a professional demeanour when it was common for others to loose their heads. She smiled, as she thought to herself for a moment about her son and whether he would be pleased to have a woman brought here for him. It would also give him a nudge in the right direction that he needed to get the job done; at least he would be able to do it in the comfort fo his own home rather than some strange place. "As for the price" She shrugged, clearly she was a woman who had luxury and wealth easily available at her fingertips. "You pay good money for quality and I am happy to do so"

Lucilla had more tact than to directly ask about her other clients. A good Courtesan would never reveal them anyway. There would likely be whispers as to why she had asked for a Courtesan to arrive at the Domus but living here had gotten her used to people speaking about her.

A servant came and offered both of the women wine and fruit. Lucilla raised her hand a little; declining the food for the moment. She was interested to know more about this woman who was bedding her son. "I invite you to drink and dine" She told her; not wanting her to hesitate because the hostess refused food. Re: The Invitation {Lucilla}
Post by kallyse on Mar 22, 2009, 2:40pm

"It is pleasant to be treated proffessionally--" She replied, her lips seemingly to stay tugged to the side in an ongoing grin. It wasn't out of amusement, just the fact that this meeting was going well in her opinion. She would have never dreamed of the Empress being this kind to a Courtesan, let alone proposing he ideal of one bedding her son. Antonia would never object to such a rare ordeal. By rare meaning not many who use their bodies for financial stability and, other things, are so openly invited into Palace by its Empress.

The remark about the price made her shoulders shrug in a fashion that could have meant 'touche' and her grin widened, "Fair enough--" Antonia paused as the servant came in, her eyes shifting over to Lucilla, "I am greatful but have to decline, I'm quite comfortable right now."

When the servant left she settled into the chair, sighing softly under her breath before speaking again, "How soon are you hoping for this little engagement takes place?"

Re: The Invitation {Lucilla}
Post by Empress Lucilla on Mar 22, 2009, 8:46pm

"As soon as you are able to do so" She answered with a light chuckle when she realised how possibly desperate it sounded. But no doubt Darius would prefer to meet the Courtesan before the transaction had been completed and the agreement made. It was strange seeing your children grow up. There seemed to be little else to discuss with the woman before her, perhaps she may be able to have the woman as some kind of informant? Anything was possible, but for now she was here to meet with her son and find a date that would be suitable in order to bed her son.

"I am not sure exactly what he would want, this is obviously your area of expertise" She smiled, then continued. "But I would like for him to be able to book you as long as he would like for the session. Is that possible?" She asked, feeling quite foolish for not knowing much about how to organise a meeting with a Courtesan. Basically she imagined a moment where there would be some fine dining, some wine, flirtation and then she would take him. Cost, was no worry to her but she wanted to ensure she got the most for the amount she was willing to spend.

"Some light entertainment, a fine meal, flirtation perhaps?" She asked slightly awkwardly. She had heard around the court that Courtesans were educated and served as companions as well as prostitutes.

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