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Averting Disaster (Lucilla)

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Averting Disaster (Lucilla)
Post by lucius on Mar 4, 2009, 2:59pm

It was late at night, and the dark clouds settling over Rome were emitting booms of thunder now and then. Beneath the sky, the city itself was quiet; unsettling so, in fact. As tended to happen in times of emergency and peril, many Romans had adopted a voluntary curfew, closing up their doors and windows late at night. Any Roman with sense knew that dangerous winds were blowing into the eternal city, whispers of civil war and revolution flying through every gust of air. People did not know who would own the city in the near future, and were nervous to get caught up in any bickering that might arise over answering that question.

One man hoped to avert that question from becoming an argument. He hoped to avert disaster and civil war. With the recent revelation of Flavius Alexander's ambitions for the imperial throne becoming known to him, the man's options were suddenly very, very limited. Something drastic needed to be done soon, so the man was taking a gamble.

Through the dark night, three horses made their way across Rome's streets and up the Palatine Hill. The central horse, a magnificent Iberian, was ridden by a man in a fine riding cloak. Flanking this man were two bodyguards; remnants of the old lictors that used to protect senators. This particular man trusted their protection far more than the prying, spying eyes and ears of the Praetorian Guard.

The horses arrived at the Imperial Palace, home of Claudius, and the central man dismounted, lowering his head. With piercing blue eyes falling on the contingent of Praetorian soldiers that greeted him, he spoke urgently, authority in his voice. "I am Lucius Cornelius Scipio, and I am here to speak with the Empress," said Lucius, eyes narrowed some. No Praetorians made a move towards him; the office of the consul, nominated by the Emperor and elected by the Senate, was sacrosanct. They stepped aside and let the young man pass, a messenger running off to inform Lucilla of her guest.

Walking through the familiar halls of the seat of imperial power, Scipio made his way to a particular study in the massive structure that he knew was devoid of secret passages and peep holes. It was the one that Caesar would meet with him in when discussing matters of dangerous secrecy. He knew there he would be able to speak to Lucilla without fear of the Praetorians or any treacherous slaves overhearing their conversation. Lucius arrived and waited, pacing back and forth. Tonight would be one step closer towards deciding the fate of the empire.Re: Averting Disaster (Lucilla)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Mar 5, 2009, 5:53am

The Empress had been reading reports on the various matters of the Empire; whilst she couldn't directly order policy change she could offer her recommendations and did enjoy being kept aware of matters. Lifting the parchment with her fingertips as she prepared the calculations made and gave a snide chuckle. Someone along the line was definitely profiting from the experience and no doubt believed they would not be caught. She began writing her recommendations; clearly stating a review of everyone who was taking funds illegally when a servant entered her quarters. Pardoned herself and informed her the consul of Rome was waiting for her. Clearly given the hour of arrival she knew it was not merely a social visit from family.With a nod to the servant she bid her to assist her in dressing herself. A night-time sheer chiton was in no way to see her cousin. Irritably as the servant fumbled around she said. "Pass me my nightgown and be done with it!" Snatching the gown she draped it around herself. As she slipped her feet into light sandals; as she waited whilst the slave did them up for her.

She walked away and out of the room; the door was opened for her as she continued through the elegant corridors that adorned the Palace. Her thoughts began to wander as to why this visit came. Again he would not come if there was no need for it. Her face remained the cool, dauntless exterior it always wore but inside her mind was plotting all sorts of possibilities.

Finally she saw a pacing Lucius; clearly something was wrong. She had seen him before he had seen her and it gave her time to relax. Commanding the female slave that accompanied her. "Leave us" as she finally greeted her cousin. "Lucius, I take that this is not merely a social visit"Re: Averting Disaster (Lucilla)
Post by lucius on Mar 5, 2009, 5:07pm

Upon Lucilla revealing her arrival, Lucius stopped his contemplative pacing and turned around, bowing quickly to the empress of Rome. His blue eyes hovered over her for a moment, remembering a time when they were children, before becoming so entrenched in the political affairs of Rome, that the cousins could just meet to chat and visit. Then again, with the Alexanders, there was never any meeting as simplistic as a social call. They were always plotting, thinking ahead, trying to discover things. But, even then, any other conversation would be more pleasant than the one he was now forced to have with his cousin.

"I am beginning to wonder if a man in my position has the luxury of social visits any longer," said the young consul with a slight sigh, bowing his head for a moment as he thought about how to approach the subject. He had no flowery language or grand words to make things look pretty at the moment; things were nearly as ugly as they could get in Rome. So, he decided to just get straight to the point. "Your Highness, if I do not find a way to forge a compromise between the powers of Rome, then we will be embroiled in a civil war within a month, and the only other way to avert that other than compromise will be me taking drastic actions against certain influential individuals of our city."

Scipio turned and sat down, his hand landing on a table. He tapped his fingers lightly on the table for a few moments, obviously not comfortable with things. He was turning towards a last resort. "Your father is pursuing the throne, Lucilla. Unless I can figure out something else and offer him clemency, to sweep it under the rug, I will be forced to order his arrest for treason," began Lucius, staring off blankly at a wall. To hear himself utter such words caused his stomach to churn in turmoil. "I will be plain with you, cousin. I see in Darius the possibility of an enlightened ruler, and I recognize his legal claim to the throne when your husband dies. But he is young, still... too young. At least two years must pass before the Senate can ratify his rule, and even then there will be a maelstrom of opposition from the traditionalists and the other ambitious men of the Senate. Therefor, a regent will need to be appointed in his stead to wield imperium until he is of age."

Lucius paused here, his fingers stopping their tapping as he turned his gaze towards Lucilla to see her face and hear her thoughts until then. He had a man in mind for the job, as much as he hated to admit it, but he recognized it as the only way to ensure peace. Re: Averting Disaster (Lucilla)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Mar 6, 2009, 7:31pm

It was true the time of jokes and childhood was now long over. Such things were now memories of the past where she could no longer to back to a time of relative peace. She returned the sad smile in response to no longer having the luxury of simply making social calls to family and friends. Gods how she could relate, even amongst her own kindred she had to ensure there was little or nothing for them to use against her politically. Patiently she waited whilst she remained standing. Upright and imperious, as ever, whatever the news would be she would greet it with a regal nature and not like a woman. She nodded, the thoughts of civil war had troubled her. Who knows who would be killed in the struggle for power? She narrowed her eyes when he mentioned several influential members of the city would need to be addressed. She had her guess who some of these people were; some were definite but others were not. She continued to remain silent, waiting for him to continue.

Her Father pursuing the throne? What in the name of the Gods? He had plenty of chances to take the throne when he came home all these years in victory! Now here he goes against her plans and desires. Hands at her sides tightened around the fabric of the gown; her eyes were filled with fierce anger whilst the rest of her face remained serene and neutral. Inside a part of the respect and childish adoration for her Father had died. He had been so kind, so unambitious, so devoted to his task! He had already done the near impossible by raising himself to becoming a Patrician, with the option of becoming a Senator. And now he wanted to be Caesar?!

"I will speak with my Father; if I cannot reach a compromise with him. Then Rome's justice must be done" She responded coldly. There wasn't much els efor her to do. She also had to protect her Mother and rest of her family from the news. Once declared a traitor publicly all his assets would be seized, the men of the family killed and unless the females of the family were well connected they would be killed or sold into slavery. Such is the brutal political tide of Rome.

She nodded agreeing with what he said about Darius. A boy who would greatly become Caesar. But it would take time before that would happen. As her cousin was speaking plainly to her she responded in a likewise fashion. "Who would take on that position?"Re: Averting Disaster (Lucilla)
Post by lucius on Mar 7, 2009, 10:52pm

Scipio sighed softly, his fingers resuming their tapping on the table. Certain men were beginning to become incredibly dangerous in Rome, and the consul was starting to put things in motion already. Various men could not be left to their own devices; it was far too dangerous. "Well, you are not the only one I am here to speak to this night. I am already setting things in motion to assure that justice is done. Contingency plans, and nothing more, in case various ambitious men around Rome attempt anything before I can talk reason into them," said Lucius, rubbing the side of his head gently. He was not even in his gray hairs yet and longed so much to retire to one of his country villas by the sea and spend the rest of his days farming and studying philosophy, rather than engaging in the vexing and deadly politics of the city.

At her question, the tapping fingers halted again, pausing over the table, as if hesitant to go on. He hated the words that he would have to speak next, for they seemed opposed to everything he stood for. But, it was a last resort; a final chance to avert total disaster. Darius could not rule yet, and there were too many ambitions floating around to silence the leading ambitious men in Rome. He had no choice.

"A dictator appointed with the consent of the Senate will be needed to manage imperial affairs until Darius is of age. It will need to be someone of reputable skill and good political clout in order to get anywhere in the Senate. I am inclined to appoint your old friend, Camillus of the Julii, to the position of regent. His powers would be limited and easily checked by the Senate during this interim period. I will also see to it that a strong and suitable co-consul is created in the Senate; someone like your brother Quintus or even, gods help me, that wretch Manius," said Lucius, an almost dejected tone in his voice. He hated having to turn to Camillus, but the man needed to be thrown something to avert a civil war. "You know Camillus as well as anyone. He will spend his short term advancing military conquests for his own personal glory, and will most likely end up burning himself out and revealing himself for what he really is in this short about of time. By the time Darius is of age, Camillus will no longer be a threat."

And I have enough information to slander him into nothingness should he try to use any glory for his own ends, thought Lucius to himself. By helping deal with Manius and Quintus, too, and giving them some honorable positions, it would help neutralize their ambitions, for now at least. Others, though, were becoming a problem unable to be contained safely.Re: Averting Disaster (Lucilla)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Mar 8, 2009, 9:45pm

Lucilla listened to her cousin's words patiently as she wondered who else that he would be speaking to whilst he was here. There was no point in the political subtleties she had been raised within both her family's household and the Imperial Palace. "Which people do you need to speak to?" She asked; growing suspicious of yes, even her dear cousin. It seemed that the world she lived was steadily growing more dangerous the longer she was here in Rome. Ah but Gods, how she thrived on it!

Of all the people to be elected regent Lucilla couldn't have thought of a worse person to place in a position of power. In such a position it would be easy for Camillus to bump off her son. Her face visibly tensed at the mention of his name but she remained silent as she listened to what he had to say. The other two would only destroy Darius if he proved to be a threat; although would Camillus harm or threaten to harm Darius in an attempt to control her for his own agenda. Such things were possible with him.

"Yes, as I know Camillus he will eliminate any threat to the Imperial throne. Real or imagined" She said with knowing her childhood friend for many long years. "That would include Darius if need be" She said; as for Manius and Quintus. Manius of late had seemed distracted by his new Greek concubine so would likely be easily controlled. But Quintus was ever ambitious. "There is also Quintus, if Darius is ever harmed there would be reason for him to avenge his death and may bring out again a civil war" She mused to herself. She knew that Camillus had more up his sleeve than what many people gave him credit for.

"How will you keep control over the Senate when you are no longer Consul? I understand you have allies within the Senate, but I am sure the Republicans will not be pleased about Camillus having anymore power than he already has" She mentioned.

Re: Averting Disaster (Lucilla)
Post by lucius on Mar 10, 2009, 1:42pm

His blue eyes immediately noticed the suspicion in those of her cousin, but Scipio was not particularly offended by the arousal of suspicion in her. In this day and age, with so many betrayals and intrigues gripping the city, it was to be expected, he supposed. Though, he had nothing to hide; Lucius rarely did. "I must speak with Commander Tiberius to ensure that the proper protections are in place for whoever is successor if your husband dies," said Lucius rather unenthusiastically; the mutual hatred between Scipio and Tiberius was well known around the political circles of Rome. He just needed to talk to the man to see what the current state of the Praetorians was like; whoever they back was most likely to become Caesar, and Scipio needed to ensure that a suitable agreement between the Senate and Praetorians could be made.

The Consul sighed, nodding his head as she spoke. He had figured as much; he knew Camillus to be an exceptionally dangerous man, but he had no other way of dealing with him. Although, the ever-quick mind of the young politician kept on moving as ideas came to his head. "Well... Rather than have him take imperium, I can just have him made temporary commander-in-chief of the military affairs of the empire. The Senate will handle all other imperial affairs and governing. When Darius becomes Caesar, he will take control again. To balance Camillus, I will appoint Quintus in charge of the legions of Gaul-- the most dangerous of the legions, as you know. Close enough to ensure that Camillus does no wrong," said Lucius, thinking out loud and stroking his chin.

His eyes shifted to his cousin for a moment. "My influence over the Senate is not just within my position as Consul. I am not worried... but, to balance republican concerns, I will nominate one of their own to be my co-consul and wield governing with me," said Lucius, finishing his master plan. Hopefully it would work.Re: Averting Disaster (Lucilla)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Mar 10, 2009, 8:18pm

Lucilla wondered what the conversation would take place when the Commander of the Praetorian Guard and the Consul would meet. She had seen the way they responded to each other; she also doubted they liked each other very much. The Empress herself had not been in the Commander's company since the mad Emperor had dismissed her from his chambers. Since then things were quiet; there was little she had seen of the man. "Once you do speak with him; tell him that I wish to speak with him" She asked her cousin. Although left out the reason why she wished to speak with him, at the moment she had no idea herself exactly what she wished to say to the Praetorian Guard. At the moment he respected her place, addressed her by proper title and did not try to hinder her in any way. But once the Emperor lay dead the Gods only knew what would happen.

Her concerns was with Camillus infecting members of the Praetorian guard, She had no wish for a sudden surprise during the middle of the night or when she required them to be loyal. She listened as he spoke; slowly nodding her head. Not in agreement but letting him know that he was being understood. Everything depended on balancing things out; trying to please people but not grant them too much power. It was a dangerous game.

"Camillus in control of the army?" She asked; as much to herself as to her cousin. "Wouldn't he try to limit the power and influence my family has within the army?" She asked; the Alexander family certainly had a great deal of sway within the armies and controlled great deals of it as well. Having Quintus in command of the Gallic legions brought mixed thoughts. It was goodf; he was her brother, the Gallic legions were still loyal to her family and yet - would they follow him to Rome should he wished it? Quintus was intelligent enough to realise that he could not enter Rome without due reason to do so.

She nodded as she listened. "Which Senator?" she asked.Re: Averting Disaster (Lucilla)
Post by lucius on Mar 12, 2009, 2:24pm

Scipio began to pace, his hands folded calmly behind his back as he did so, in deep thought of what to do in order to have Rome escape the impending storm. He gave an absent-minded nod to his cousin when she requested that he tell the Prefect she wished to speak to him; he did not bother inquiring further what about. He knew that Lucilla was, at the present, very safe around the Praetorians; that could change in an instant. Either Manius or Camillus, leeches around the imperial palace that they were, could have neutralized any number of Praetorians and have them switched to their side. Those responsible for protecting the Imperial family could, in a moment, imprison or kill them all. It was another part of this dangerous game that Scipio had to take into consideration when trying to figure out what to do.

The consul nodded his head when Lucilla raised a flag of concern over the plan. "No doubt he would. Hence I will be having the Senate take a lot of power in all of this, such as having the sole power to appoint the supremos. I think it would be wise to distract Camillus.... That conniving friend of his, Stilicho, attempted to have me remove Brutus from command of Asia Minor so he could wage a war on Parthia. I think that I will move Brutus to Greece and give Camillus' friends these commands. Distract Camillus with a war for a few years and his resources and allies will all be focused on the other side of the Mediterranean. With your brothers in Gaul and Iberia, so close by, and a strong republican in Greece, and my legions in Dacia, it will be enough to counteract his influence here," said Lucius, hoping it would work. The legions would not enter Rome for no good reason; but if Camillus made a move against the heir apparent to the throne, it was treason and cause for war.

He thought for a moment, going through senators in his head. "Hmm... Imperios is an old lion, and would better serve his faction outside of an official capacity. Plus, he is the type to abuse power to his ends. I'd choose a prominent republican with a more keen and moderating political eye... Decimus Brutus, perhaps," said Scipio, pausing for a moment before chuckling. "I will appoint a Brutus to counter the power of a Julius.... and who says the gods have no sense of irony and humor?"Re: Averting Disaster (Lucilla)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Mar 14, 2009, 10:16pm

Whilst Lucilla didn't particularly like having Camillus in any degree of power; she also didn't enjoy the thought of the Republicans growing stronger and encouraged by greater power of the Senate. Camillus was intelligent; he was cunning such measures against him, he would surely have a counter plan. There was a possibility of Camillus being utterly crushed if he goes to Parthia; his resources and support disappearing into the sands of the East. But there was also a strong possibility of him returning to Rome. With more support, more power and more wealth than ever before. It would be extremely difficult to repel him then. He would realise his own power; driven by his own endless ambition and those wishing to gain power from it. She narrowed her eyes. "That is a very dangerous gamble. What happens if he returns twice as strong and influential?" She asked the pair of them. "There would be little that would get in his way".

For the moment Quintus had made no attempts at the throne. Doubtless, he was waiting for the perfect moment in which to strike at them. Whether it meant waiting until the family itself was insulted or he had gained enough influence. Sure enough he would strike if need be.

Her attention was brought back to the thought of the Senate having greater power within the Empire. She had met the old Imperios, a man who was a friend to her Father but when it came to politics and the advancement of certain families. Friendships would easily be past aside. She nodded, agreeing with his opinion of the ambitious old man. Decimus Brutus? He was one of the few patrician men that she did not know. Curiously she looked towards her cousin, "I have not met him, would he use the situation for Republican goals?" She asked him.

At the present time she could not find the humour in the situation. It could result in her family being utterly destroyed and Rome turning to chaos. Re: Averting Disaster (Lucilla)
Post by lucius on Mar 15, 2009, 10:42am

Scipio continued to pace back and forth, his head bowed down as his politically savvy mind continued to attempt to think things through. When Lucilla spoke, she made a very valid point. A campaign in Parthia, if it went well, could be huge political clout for Camillus. He could demand a triumph and further increase his standing among the plebs and the military, placing those against him like the Alexanders, Scipio, and Manius in an even more precarious position. However, on the other hand, the ambition of the conniving, troublesome former legate Stilicho might counteract it, it seemed; Scipio had heard the man was making all sorts of friends with people opposed to Camillus. Regardless, Lucius thought it the best idea. "Well, when dealing with our empire, all gambles are dangerous. However, I fear it is our only choice right now. At least it would delay war and give us enough time to strengthen our position and Darius enough time to grow older," said Lucius, stroking his chin. "Perhaps to counter any great military feats he might achieve, I can have the Senate authorize an invasion of Britannia so that your brother Quintus can steal some of the limelight as well. Split between the two, glory would not be as dangerous."

Lucius still maintained that the best way to neutralize these various threats to stability was to balance them out against each other so that none was in much of a better advantage than the other. If no one wielded enough power and influence to achieve all they wanted, they most likely would not even try. If they did try, that would be countered by the ambitions of other men. It was a system of checks and balances that he hoped would work.

At her next question, Lucius paused in his pacing, thinking. "Oh, he most probably would. Like the rest of his family, he yearns for a republic. However, he is a realist who would prefer to avoid civil war, thus his usefulness with the republicans," said Scipio. "And he wants to try balance out the power the the Supremos have with the power of the Senate, so he will act as a good counter to Camillus and your brother Quintus through the Senate, I would think."Re: Averting Disaster (Lucilla)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Mar 17, 2009, 12:07am

It was true; Rome truly was one of the most perilous Empires on Earth. She placed a fingertip on her lip in thought of what would be the best decision to make during this point in time. She quirked a brow at the mention of her brother being able to attack Britain and gain further glory for himself. The campaign in Greece had turned out to be a success. Then granting him control of the Gallic legions; the closest ones to Rome. Further chances for glory? No doubt Quintus would be pleased with that. But at the same time; how long would the ambition man be content to stay in the North whilst her son grew strong? There was also the chance of Darius serving under her brother rather than her utterly insane father. It was something for the moment she had no wish to speak of; but she knew for the sake of the family she would have to.

"Quintus would surely appreciate the opportunity to gain further glory. But then, Quintus would be as dangerous as Camillus if he returns in victory. I think you are underestimating the man" She mused; in his position at the moment she would lay quiet and that was exactly what he was doing. The dinner with her brother and his fiancée would definitely be a profitable one.

She paused in thought about the Senator. It was good to have a Republican idealist to counteract the pair of them. "I would like to meet the man who would be the balance between the two ambitious Generals" She chuckled; taking a brief moment of amusement before her mind would delve into the game of politics once more. Re: Averting Disaster (Lucilla)
Post by lucius on Mar 17, 2009, 6:10pm

"When in my position, you learn to never underestimate any man," said Lucius with a sigh. He knew that Quintus could be incredibly dangerous, but for the moment he needed to focus the man's ambition to counter that of Manius and Camillus, two men who were an even more immediate danger to the stability of Rome. "I just need to keep Quintus, Camillus, and Manius busy for the time being so that we can work on solidifying Darius' power. All of these damned legates and supremos think that their troops love them--and I have no doubt that they do--but, for the most part, the common Roman soldier loves Rome more. When Darius is legitimately on the throne, I do not think that they would be able to so successfully lead a coup against him, especially if we have the Senate and Praetorians on our side."

That was his hope, anyways. Quintus was another problem for another day; Camillus and Manius were the issue right now, and the growing problem that was Flavius. And, of course, the increasingly noisy republicans. "I will host a meeting of interested parties at my domus and will see to it that you are able to meet this senator," said Lucius. A summit at his home to try settle things before war broke out would be his last attempt. As what was appearing to be the only truly neutral party in this whole affair, Scipio knew that his home would be the only place trusted for such a meeting; the ambitious men of Rome would not trust their opponents' homes, after all.

"As to your father, I will try not to do anything about him right now so that you may talk sense into him, but from what I am hearing, he has a big mouth and this will get out to the public soon enough. When that happens, I will be forced to act. I will have to arrest him and any people associated--even through mere implication--of any attempted coup of his," warned Lucius. "I can use my powers of clemency to spare your mother and siblings from punishment, but it will be a huge blow to your family's status."Re: Averting Disaster (Lucilla)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Mar 19, 2009, 2:00am

She nodded whilst she listened- giving a sigh that was both exhausted and irritated at the mention of her Father. Lucilla was clueless as to the reason that he had decided to rebel against the Emperor - a man once so devout and true. Yet here he was declaring his intentions for the Imperial throne. The Empress would not necessarily be distraught over the death of the man - but the destruction of how she had idolised him. It was understandable. He would end up being arrested if there wasn't a conclusion to the event. "From what I have heard he was ill - a fever of some kind he had received whilst being on campaign" She gave a remorseful smile. "It was actually one of the reasons for his retirement"

It seemed that he may be forcibly encouraged to resign his position if he doesn't cease his actions. At the moment it could be influenced in his favour as merely being defensive actions in case another coup happened. Lucilla had heard rumours that the man had even visited several prominent families within the city. The whispers of these would not be able to be halted for long.

"It would be best if you ensure clemency for my Mother and siblings - if the family's honour is directly attacked. Then it would be likely my brothers would join my Father" She mused over the possible reactions of her family. Lightly she bit her bottom lip in thought, as she reached for a glass of wine and took a dignified sip. "If Quintus is made the Head of the family now. This matter would easily be able to be dropped. My father would be able to retire however he chooses to do so. But he may need to -" She paused for a moment. There was some darkness within her, but only if it proved to be necessary would she had her own Father killed. "then he would be done. Quietly and peacefully within his own home"

She didn't completely enlighten the Consul but she was sure that he would be able to gather what she had meant. Her Father may have to die.

"Whilst it doesn't do him much in the way of justice. Dying like an ailing pet in his sleep rather than a Great General. For the sake of family I believe it would be best" She continued; with a wonder how her Mother would take to the news. Re: Averting Disaster (Lucilla)
Post by lucius on Mar 19, 2009, 7:31pm

The meaning behind the words of the empress were quite clear to the consul; if need be, Flavius Germanicus would need to die for the greater glory and safety of both Rome and the Alexander Family. Scipio was already quite willing to accept that fact, especially now that he knew Lucilla accepted such a fact of things as well. "I will ensure that your family is legally safe from any crimes your father is accused of," said Lucius, bowing he head towards her once. He could wield the powers of clemency due to his position, and he was well-known and liked in the courts given his time as a lawyer.

If all of the Alexanders were to rebel, civil war would be inevitable and disastrous. Lucius needed to do his best to avoid that conundrum entirely. He stood, thinking for a brief moment on what to do. "I do not believe that your father will easily just step into retirement. He's obviously lost his mind and will not see reason," mentioned Lucius, returning to his pacing as he thought. "If your father is accused of treason, by Quintus immediately claiming the paterfamilias of the family and denouncing Flavius, it could spare a great deal of embarrassment and suspicion. Whatever happens, we must move quickly. Time is against us, and there are many newer men in Rome that I do not trust."

He sighed. There were two men and one boy with strong legal claims to the Imperial Throne. Manius was incompetent, and Camillus was dangerous. Darius was the key, but too young. He prayed that the ambitions of the other two would not get in his way. "Hopefully this can be resolved without too many lives lost. Is there anything you need of me before I leave you, highness?"Re: Averting Disaster (Lucilla)
Post by Empress Lucilla on Mar 20, 2009, 9:51pm

"As soon as he is publicly accused of being a traitor than Quintus will likely join his cause and somehow get rid of the old fool" She paused in thought, her brother would not tolerate them to force his hand in this matter. Nor would he look like a man who would betray his own family. She continued on with what she is saying. "He must not be publicly accused of treason in any form. I will have it dealt with, so the transition between Quintus becoming paterfamilias will be complete as if he merely died of a fever of delirium" It would mimic his illness and remove the possibility of people thinking there was a problem with the Alexander bloodline when it came to mental health in later years.

It seemed now in Quintus she would find a consort to her deeds. The subject of killing a disliked husband was one thing but to kill a much loved one was a different matter. It seemed that she would have to do this without speaking to Augusta. it was truly a shame to do so. But what choice did she have?

"There will be word within the next couple of days General Flavius will be struck down with a fever. No doubt from his war wounds and previous illness, it would work quickly on his body" She spoke coldly, as she calculated how long it would take for her own beloved father to die. There was no warm within her voice. It was all business. "Therefore his earlier bold statements about being after the Imperial throne would be linked to the delirium. And he will die, Quintus will come into power of being the head of the family"

She mused to herself, a fingertip resting on her lip whilst she thought of what was happening to her. She sighed "No, there is nothing more. Leave and speak with who you need to"Re: Averting Disaster (Lucilla)
Post by lucius on Mar 20, 2009, 10:02pm

Scipio sighed and nodded; he would hold his tongue for now in public on the issue concerning the treason of Flavius. "Very well, I shall not make any moves against him. But listen clearly to me here, highness-- this news of his illness must be made public immediately. The longer we wait, the more in danger we are. He has been speaking to many of this treason, and if somehow it reaches the words of someone hostile to your family or seeking the throne, it will be disastrous for us," said Lucius, the fear of people like Manius or Camillus somehow being informed that Flavius planned to move appearing in his mind. In this situation, information was precious, and time doubly so. Hesitation could mean death.

The tired young consul sighed yet again, reaching up and rubbing his head. "I pray that we are able to overcome these adversities, but I fear that I am overlooking something. Let us hope that we are quicker than any opponents," said Lucius before bowing to Lucilla. "Goodnight, highness." With permission to leave, the consul turned and went about his other business in the Imperial Palace.

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