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A Formal Request To Consul Scipio

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A Formal Request To Consul Scipio - The Storyteller - 05-18-2010

Manius Leontius Sabucius.

It took Manius considerable maneuvering to get this letter out of the Imperial Palace. He still have supporters from the guard, mainly those who were attracted to his wealth or those who had a dislike to their Praefect. One of them, in disguised, arrived to Scipio’s domus and delivered the message:

Salve Lucius, Consul of Rome:
As you know, I have been imprisoned for a crime I did not commit, as Magister Equitum, it was my duty to take over our beloved emperor’s chambers and protect him. Of course, this was maliciously used by the real enemies of the State. Nevertheless, I do not apologize for doing my duty. But this letter, Consul, is not to beg for leniency nor to appeal to your sympathy. I am exercising my right as citizen of the Imperium and requesting that the slave known as Gaia, under my possession, will be given the following:

I invoke Manumissio per epistulam for her, formally requesting for her to be given libertinus status and change her name to Gaia Leontius Sabucius. All in accordance to lex Fufia Caninia.

As I am unsure as if I will survive all this, I want to do this last thing for her. Also, again as per law, you are my witness. She will received the whole of my patrimony and I posthumously marry her in accordance with the traditions of our constitution.

I wish you the best of luck in this virulent times.

Manius Leontius Sabucius.



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Lucius Cornelius Scipio.

It did not take long for two Imperial Lictors to arrive at the palace, exercising the consul's sacrosanctity to avoid Praetorian interference with the delivery of a message to the chambers of Manius. Scipio had at first been hesitant to reply to the man that much propaganda had declared to be behind Caesar's assassination, but then felt pity for the man. As one of Rome's greatest lawyers prior to his military and Senate career, Scipio easily had all of the necessary things taken care of for Gaia's emancipation.

M. Leontius Sabucius,

The slave known as Gaia shall be declared a freeman in concordance with our laws and customs, and shall henceforth be known as Gaia Leontia Sabucia. I have seen that the proper paperwork is filled out and all matters of legality are settled, and have noted that upon your death she will be considered your wife and receive your patrimony.

In the event of your death, I will see to it, as witness, that the safety of her inheritance is secured on your behalf and that she does not suffer retaliation for anything that you may be accused of. My own power of imperium will see to that.

May the gods watch over you.

Consul of Rome

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