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A Letter to the Metelii

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Antonia Vitellia.

A humble, Egyptian slave girl is sent to the Metelli household, bearing a scroll held together with red ribbon trimmed with gold thread. The script on the letter is very fine and well wrought, suggesting the quality of the house it comes from as well as it's wealth.

"To the Most Honorable Metelli,

May peace and prosperity reign in your house for years to come! You are humbly invited to the domus of the Vitellii for a celebration of the Emperor's survival as well as the celebration of friendship and goodwill that will occur in two weeks' time. All entertainment will be provided readily and food will be prepared by some of the best cooks in Rome. To have your presence there would be a blessing most wondrous to behold!

We anxiously await your reply.

-The Vitellii"

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Atticus Renius Metellus.

Renius is notified of the arrival of the scroll as its carrier steps to the front of his home. He remains lounged, taking no note of the appearance of the letter, but letting his nearest servant read the contents.

He instructs his servant to write a reply with the following words...

"Dearest Vitelii,

My great and noble friends, a thousand thanks for the well-wishes upon myself and my house. I would be most pleased and honored to be in your presence, and amongst the finest of Rome for such a purpose, and for such a celebration. May the gods continue to serve your interests, and bring wealth to you all.

-Atticus Renius of the Metelii"

Upon the completion of the letter, a runner is immediately sent away from the Domus Metellialis to inform the Vitellii of Renius' planned attendance.

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