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To my Friend Renius...

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Fluvius Aetius Stilicho.

Fluvius wrote the letter with some help from his wife Emiliana, who was a great writer. He gave to Cyltryx, who took it to the domus Metellii and gave it to the dominus of the house, personally. She waited for his response...

To my brother and comrade Renius:

Salve, hope your days are filled with health, fortune and happiness. As my closest friend, I will like to invite you and any of your servants you wish to bring to the celebration of the Saturnalia at our humble domus. It will take place in a week. As you know, this is a celebration for family and you are part of ours. I instructed Cyltryx to await your response. May the gods grant you everything you deserves...

Your brother, Fluvius.

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Atticus Renius Metellus.

Renius was mid-nap when disrupted by Emuishere, his newly-acquired Egyptian slave, and informed a letter had arrived for him. He quickly read over the letter, and hand-wrote his own reply, giving it to Emuishere to give to a runner to send to Fluvius.


Apologies if this letter lacks any frivolity, as I've just awaken from a nap. I have heard of the Saturnalia, of course, but never found myself able to take part in the celebrations in my youth. I would be honored to accept your invitation, and you can surely count on my presence, along with a servant or two of mine. Gods be with you, my brother.


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