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A Letter to the Scipii

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Antonia Vitellia.

The invitation to the house party arrives via a male Nubian slave man. He gingerly hands over the note, clearly mute and deaf. He has been picked for his silence as well as his inability to read. The scroll he offers is decorated with red ribbon trimmed with golden thread.

"To the Most Generous Scipii,

May peace and prosperity reign in your house for years to come! You are humbly invited to the domus of the Vitellii for a celebration of the Emperor's survival as well as the celebration of friendship and goodwill that will occur in two weeks' time. All entertainment will be provided readily and food will be prepared by some of the best cooks in Rome. To have your presence there would be a blessing most wondrous to behold!

We anxiously await your reply.

-The Vitellii"

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Lucius Cornelius Scipio.

It did not take long at all for a reply to arrive at the home of the Vitellii in the form of a scroll of the finest parchment, the Seal of the Consul of Rome on it as a loyal and highly intelligent Greek slave in the employ of the Cornelii Scipiones surrendered it to the Vitellii.

"To the Noble House of the Vitellii,

Many thanks for your kind words and invitation. I would be most happy to attend this honored event and enjoy the company of some of Rome's finest families. As a matter of things outside of my own preference, it will unfortunately be necessary for the Lictors who are charged with my protection to observe the guest list prior to my attendance. I apologize sincerely for this inconvenience and promise to not allow those assigned to my safety to interfere more than that.

With deepest thanks,

Consul of Rome"

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