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A Letter to the Imperii

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Like the others before it, this one is taken by a well dressed slave though, this time, it is a young Nubian girl of about seventeen. She is clearly nervous about her duty and afraid to mess it up in any way possible. Her hands shake when offering the letter to a member of the house of Imperios. Around the parchment is a red cord, tied tightly around good parchment that smells faintly of incense as if each scroll had been blessed before it was sent off into the smelly streets of Rome.

"To the Most Notable and Generous Imperii,

May peace and prosperity reign in your house for years to come! You are humbly invited to the domus of the Vitellii for a celebration of the Emperor's survival as well as the celebration of friendship and goodwill that will occur in two weeks' time. All entertainment will be provided readily and food will be prepared by some of the best cooks in Rome. To have your presence there would be a blessing most wondrous to behold!

We anxiously await your reply.

-The Vitellii"

The slave waited for a message to send back to their master and mistress.

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Titus Imperios Gurges.

A scribe sends a reply on behalf of his Master.

To the respected house of the Vitellii,

Thanks are given for the generous invitation. I am pleased to inform you that myself and my two granddaughters Nefertiti and Irisi will be in attendance. In sadness, my son, Gneaus and his wife are unable to attend. But they send their greetings.

The Imperii

The messenger swiftly returns to her Mistress in order to deliver the message.

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