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A Letter to the Junii

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Antonia Vitellia.

Arriving with a well dressed slave, the message itself is better parchment than most of the plebians can get their hands on. The scroll is sealed with a tight red ribbon, though not tight enough to crinkle or harm the parchment itself. Bowing, the slave offers it to the first member of the family that he sees that appears to be in power. Inside is a flowing script:

"To the Most Honorable Junii,

May peace and prosperity reign in your house for years to come! You are humbly invited to the domus of the Vitellii for a celebration of the Emperor's survival as well as the celebration of friendship and goodwill that will occur in two weeks' time. All entertainment will be provided readily and food will be prepared by some of the best cooks in Rome. To have your presence there would be a blessing most wondrous to behold!

We anxiously await your reply.

-The Vitellii"

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Atia Junia Bruta.

To the Vitellii:

We thank you for the invitation. Please expect Senator Spurius, his sister Atia and his nephew Atellus of the Servilii to appear at your function.

-Apollodorus (On Behalf of the Junii)

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