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Claudia Corinthia


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Claudia Corinthia

19 | 1st February 55CE | Imperial | Occupation | Bisexual | Original | Anna Valle





Corinthia lives in a near constant state of agitation at her position in the world. She is angry at her father for failing, and her mother for her amorous pursuits and not being ambitious for herself. She has all her mother's beauty (although harsher) and her father's mind.

Her positive traits are that she sets goals and follows through with them. While Corinthia may have sociopathic tendencies; she is blessed with a keen intellect and knows when she is able to strike. Even though this slowly builds up her anger for later on. Corinthia was able to read and write quickly. In Greek and Latin. Due to her time in Greece, she has been able to perfect a Greek accent to use among her peers if she so wishes. Corinthia is able to read people's body language incredibly well, and is able to mimic caring or compassionate behaviour if she knows it will get her what she wants.

Her negative ones are numerous. In private, Corinthia has been known to rage and scream. Many a vase has been thrown and a servant hurt by her wiles. Emotionally (and physically) hurt her mother. She is haughty, selfish, and with a bloated sense of entitlement and worth. She is sadistic, not for the purpose of bringing people under heel politically. She enjoys the suffering of others -- although it has stemmed from a desire to keep herself safe. If she is the attacker, surely that means she cannot be attacked. (Note; this is ridiculous. But this is how she thinks.) Due to her mother's promiscuity, she has developed a warped sense of sexuality and sex. Still a virgin. She enjoys watching, however has no desire for the act itself. Flirtation and the lure of sexuality? Corinthia utterly adores. Despite this, there is a feeling of isolation for Corinthia and at times, she aches to have the bonds other people seem capable of having for themselves.

People around her are possessions, especially her mother and also has a respect for her mother's freedwoman, Nahia. Any child she had would be a pawn, possession, and would be used to further her own ends.



Corinthia's face is longer and leaner than her mother's. Her skin is a deep olive in tone, her brunette hair that curls naturally is thick and luxurious. Corinthia has a long aquiline nose, a trait she inherited from her father and unlike her mother, she rarely, if ever, smiles. She wears cosmetics to highlight her facial features, eyeliner to increase the size and beauty of her eyes.

Her build is long and lean. Closer to a dancer's body with long, slender legs and high arched feet, with long fingers. Her body is slender, lacking the curves that many other women enjoy, and is admittedly envious of them for it. Her breasts are on the smaller side and are pert. Corinthia is tall for a Roman woman, and stands at 5'8ft tall, and tends to look taller due to the length of her body.

Her clothing is expensive, fashionable and takes pride in making herself look exotic.



Father: Manius Acilius Glabrio Leontius (Manius Claudius Caesar)

Mother: Claudia Gaia

Siblings: None.

Spouse: None.

Children: None.

Extended family.


Adopted Grandfather. -- Drusus Claudius Sabucius (deceased)

Adopted Grandaunt

Claudia Archaita, Claudius' sister.(deceased)

Adopted Uncle & Aunt

Claudius & wife =   (both deceased)


Gaius Claudus Caesar (deceased).
Claudia Livia (deceased)
Tiberius Claudius Sabucius
Claudia Caesaris


Grandparents - Herakles of Corinth & Artemisia, wife of Herakles of Corinth,(deceased)

Antipater, 36, currently in slavery, location unknown.
Androcles, 34, currently in slavery, location unknown.


Nahia, her mother's freedwoman.



Corinthia was born in a nest of intrigue. Her mother had recently been freed, married, and acknowledged as the unlikely wife of Claudius, his kinsman by blood and presumed heir. After the death of Claudius' son, and adoption of Flavia Lucilla's sons. Born after her father had been put on trial for poisoning Claudius Caesar and later acquitted. 

Her mother doted on her endlessly. Spoiled the young child with anything she wanted. 

In 56-59CE, her father died and a funerary mask had been made. At this point she did not recognise him nor did she begin to realise the significance of this. Over the years, she met with the members of her extended family (the Claudians) and found them to be friendly towards her but snobby towards her mother. At this time, she did not understand nor comprehend why. Already there were signs of her early personality. A lack of empathy towards others. Selfishness. Although her doting mother would make excuses for her rather than teaching her. Fortunately (or unfortunately), Nahia, then her mother's devoted body slave ensured Corinthia behaved and was accountable for her actions. What this caused was for Corinthia to become more discreet. 

Her mother becomes engaged to Spurius Herminus Aquillius in 59CE. He was pretty, young, and useless in Corinthia's eyes. While Spurius favoured men, it was still someone who took her mother away from her, and that would not do. It would never do. She took it on her to be nice to him. Cuddle up to him, talk to him, smile sweetly at him, and it was not long before those around her began to suspect her. He died of poisoned wine. Corinthia knew she was suspected. 

60 - 61CE -- Rather than fight or stake her own claims, her mother flees to Greece after the death of the Imperials. She was not sure what was happening, but saw the fear and panic in her mother's voice. Unable to understand the danger they were in until later. Fortunately it kept them out of harms way or being forced or coerced into marriage with those who wished to use the family name and connection for their own ends. 

Over the next few years she continued to grow into a little girl. Always kept under a watchful eye in case she got too rough with her playmates or animals. Gaia doted on her daughter, spoiling her and being able to give her anything she desired.

In 66CE, at eleven years old she was re-introduced to the court life. She found herself not gaining the same level of attention nor affection from her family. This time she heard more about what happened, and who her mother was. Gaia had a reputation as a dimwit, good natured, and a slut with open legs. Her father? Was the original heir of Claudius and was hoodwinked out of it. She was denied the position that she properly desired. A certain male member of the family that was connected to the Claudians tried to bring her mother under heel. Her dimwitted mother submitted to Caesar's authority, and Corinthia's threats to avoid him. 

67 -- Nothing of particular note happened this year for her. 

68 -- 72CE-- In 68Ce, at thirteen, her body grows and matures into a beautiful young woman. Her mother is delighted by the prospect of her daughter marrying and having a little grandbaby. Around this time another couple of suitors begin to appear around her mother. Slowly and surely they disappear, either coming up with polite excuses or even disappearing altogether. 

She continues to grow, yet as she blossom so does her resentment towards those who have what she believes belongs to her. No-one else. Over the years she terrorises her mother and the household staff, desiring to inflict as much pain as possible on everyone. However now there is an increased pressure for her to marry well, have children, and find her role within society. Even requests for her mother's hand continue to come in, after all, wealth remained an important part of life.

No-one will take what belongs to her.

In the current time, Corinthia is currently in the search of a husband who can give her power and position within society. 





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