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Alaric Aetius Stilicho


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Alaric Aetius Stilicho.

54 | 19th July 21CE | Equite| Praefectus Annonae | Heterosexual| Original | Kevin McKidd





A man who both fought for and against the might of Rome.

Alaric was once a Germanic Prince who fought against Rome. At one point; he was fiery, passionate, determined and wholeheartedly believed the Gods had chosen him to lead his people. In a fever dream from one of the rites, he had been told that he would sack Rome itself along with his brothers and lead his tribe to glory. He was reckless, ignoring the signs of what was and focused instead of what could have been.

However, the Gods had different plans for him. When he was captured by Cneaus Flavius Alexander Germanicus and his world completely changed. Originally he was going to be sacrificed within the arena in a spectacle that would demonstrate the power of Rome. However, he discovered he had a daughter and she was brought to Rome. His actions would also determine her fate. He had heard whispers of the fate of his wife and knew the Roman way. An offer was given to him where he was given the chance to become Romanised. If he behaved, he would be able to see his daughter who he believed was his last kin and essentially gave up his pride to preserve her life.

Now Alaric is reserved, only opening up once he knows someone well or he's been drinking. His knowledge of Latin has improved over the years to a part where he is fluent in the language, however, his accent remains and is noticeable. On occasion he will break into his native language although only when he is enraged or jovial and in good company.

Alaric over the years has come to see Romans as his family, having married into Equite families and even befriending some of the men he had formerly fought against. While the man is cold killer on the battlefield, he is a warm father and honours the role he has. Alaric has a history of making friends with the most unlikely of men. Renius and Honorius, a men who he had fought against. Yet there was a distinct mark of respect between them. Now Marcus, his son-in-law, is one of his closest friends in Rome. 

Alaric is quiet, in private reserving his name for friends, family and close acquaintances and reserving his Roman name for people outside his family. However, once he is among his loved ones, he becomes incredibly chatty and will often makes a lot of cheesy jokes. He is generous, happy, and becomes brighter. He is able to handle a decent amount of drink well, and encourages others to do so. On occasion, he tells tall tales and sings during this time. He has ambition and joy in the growth of his family, with each of them considering themselves now to be fully Roman and not looking towards their father's past. He is protective of them, fearing for their safety in the fickle world of Rome and worries for their security. Alaric has recently heard of his own distant family members from his Germanic family and during his tour, he was fortunate to not have to face any of them. He fears meeting them face to face and realising that could have been. And finding out who he had lost when he begun his journey in becoming Roman.



Alaric stands at 5'10ft tall. He has spent time keeping himself physically fit for battle, and often rides horses when he's outside the city itself.

Alaric is often clean shaven and his copper coloured curls cropped short. Any body hair on his body is a similar colour as his head, his skin tends to remain paler than many of the native people in Rome and slowly his skin has become beige from his time in sunlight. Slowly as he's aged the copper has become specked with silver pepper,


The clothing typically worn by the Roman officer class. The red cloak of a soldier, a garment he had once despised with every core of his being is frequently seen around his shoulders. Nothing is particularly fancy, but everything is well-maintained and has been made to last as long as possible.

At home.

At home he wears a tunica and sandals during the warmer months of the year. While during the winter, he wears breeches beneath the tunica in order to keep the cold out.

Official dealings.

He wears the traditional tunica angusticlavia beneath a toga. Something he isn't exactly comfortable in.



Father: Wulfstan (deceased)

Mother: Hiligrata (deceased)


-- Brother - Thorstan, (deceased)
--Brother - Thorin, current ruler of the Tribe.
--Sister - Argathe, married to another chieftain.

Spouse: Seia Imperia.

Previous wives;

-- Previous Wife -- Suetonia Aelia, 31, Died in childbirth
--Previous Wife – Aetia Gala, Age, Died of grief
--Previous Wife - Aemilia Decima, 15, Died in childbirth
--Previous Wife - Getrude, Late teens, Died through conflict


Barbara Stilicha (Or Aetia Stilicha Barbara)
Alaricus Aetius Stilicho Minor
Aetia Stilicha
Titus Aetius Stilicho


Imperia Acuelonis
Publius Aetius Stilicho (deceased)

Extended family.

Barbara's children.

Marcus Aelius Lentulus Major
Aelia Lentula


Adoptive father/brother-in-law: Fluvius Aetius Stilicho, 30s-40s, Deceased
Marcus Aelius Lentulus - son-in-law




Alaric was born in the winter of 21CE in Germania, outside of Rome's borders to Queen Higrata and her husband, King Wulfstan. On the morning of his birth the sooth-sayers prophesied that he would bring bloodshed to their enemies, specifically Rome. Sacrifices were made in honour of their son. 

As he grew from a toddler to a boy, he learned how fight with weaponry in order to fulfill the prophecy and was raised to believe it was true. At this time the young man had not developed a sense of control. He was tall for his age, physically strong in battle, and with a fiery temperament. He fought with his parents against other rival tribes in order to expand the tribe's interests, or to bring them under the command of his father. Alaric's fate was finally sealed when another sooth-sayer appeared. This one was from another tribe and told him that she had a message from the Gods for him. With smoke, blood, fire and water they had begun the rites to begin the rhythmic chanting. She warned him of the past, the future, of women, of his own nature, and in the smokey haze she warned him that he would be known although he would forget his roots. 

"You will fight them,
You will then call them brother,
You will cut them,
They will cut you,
You will either consume them or they will turn you into them,
Any revenge they want to take on you, they will take on your child.

Victory! Alaric son of Wulfstan! Or you will suffer....."



He did not believe her, and nor did he remember the fact until many years into the future. 

Alaric had been told. A foreshadowing of red, of chains, his blood would mingle with the foe. His mind would serve them rather than his heart. 

Over the following years that passed the threat of the prophecy slowly faded away from his mind. His mind was filled with the torment from his past. In 32-33CE, there were skirmishes with rival clans and tribes, bringing them under the confederation, and his mother gave birth to his brother and then in early 33AD, his sister, Argathe was born. 

34- 38CE-- He spent the majority of his time developing skills and acting as a representative to the other neighbouring tribes. 

39 - 41CE-- He met a young woman who is similar to him in appearance and temperament. He married Getrude. Battles neighbouring tribes for dominance and to further develop skill. It brings smaller tribes into the loose confederation and rule. Throughout this time be begins to raid into Roman territory. 

(Later in, 41CE) The fire and bravado filled him, consumed him. He screamed in fury as he tried to charge the Legate, to kill him would demoralise the remaining Romans and soon the men who followed him fell around him. The echo of their screams filled his ears, as they were slowly cut away and he was no longer able to see them. In his haze, he felt hands grab him and pull him down. Parts of his chest began to feel as though cold suddenly with hotter liquid spilling downwards, then another on his leg and the same hot liquid sensation. Although soon it passed into a dreamless sleep. He saw bloody images, shadows of both his own people and Romans, his parents spoke to him before they disappeared into the mist... gone forever..... gone. 

When he awoke he was chained up. He pulled on his chains and roared in his tongue to the gathered Romans. This was not what the Gods had promised him. 


"You will either consume them or they will turn you into them."

Capture by the Roman Legate, Cneaus Flavius Alexander Germanicus in Rome's revenge, has his parents killed and his daughter is taken alive. Brought to Rome in chains. Weakened from the time enslaved, he had lost considerable muscle mass over the time and begins to question the Gods. Why did they let him fail? Was he not supposed to be bring terror to the Romans? Instead he was brought to Rome as a prisoner. 

(Late 41CE) Brought to Rome in chains, paraded through the streets of Rome as a captive and set to die in the arena. During the Triumph, he prayed to his Gods for protection and knew he would die. He wanted to die. 

42CE-- Discovers Barbara still lives and is both terrified and overjoyed. He does not know what they intend to do with her, and becomes frightened by the prospect of what they would do to her. Would they kill her? Enslave her? Brutalise her? The thoughts run through his mind, plaguing him and forcing his spirit to recede. He is allowed supervised visits with Barbara. Always watched, with no privacy with his daughter and the thoughts of ending her life fills his mind. What if the Romans decided that they had grown bored with this prank? 

"Any revenge they want to take on you, they will take on your child."

43 - 45CE-- During these years he feels as though he is still in a sort of limbo. He learns from Romans who he has befriended more about the culture he is gradually forcefully being assimilated into. Whenever he manages during the rare times to see men of his tribe for news of his family. There is none. At this point, he plans to kill Caesar and the goal is not due to hatred of the man, but who he is as a symbol to the Romans. 

46CE-- First Roman marriage to Aemilia Decima. While it unofficially Romanised him, the girl was young and her mind was not what it should have been. For many years he saw himself as her protector, trying to keep her safe both from him and from her families ambition. He is permitted to move into a Domus that he never truly considered his home, occasionally being able to see Barbara and still felt like he was in limbo with a sword hanging over his neck. He is confused about how he is beginning to see the other side of Romans. Mercy, friendship, and are showing themselves to be other than the decadent tyrants he was raised to believe they were. 

47 - 49CE-- He began to learn Latin but never lost his distinctive accent. Over time he still feels stuck in an endless limbo and insecurity. During this time, he dreams of striking out against the 

50CE--Aemilia Decima dies in childbirth and results in a stillborn son. It left him feeling desolate and he blamed himself for her death. While he was approached with marriage offers, he avoided them and found himself sinking into a depression over the loss. While he did not love her, he cared for her and the guilt resulted in nightmares, especially those of the past.

51-54CE Alaric is adopted into the Aetii-Stilichii clan by Fluvius Aetius Stilicho and marries Aetia Gala in 55CE. Barbara is permitted to come to live with them. He grows to love the chaotic family, and slowly his body and mind begins to heal. Something he finds himself 

57CE Goes to Britannia as Primus Pilus, and serves honourably. 
Death of Fluvius & Gala (along with many of their other family members), becomes Paterfamilias of the Aetii-Stilichii clan. It takes him time to admit to the idea, although takes the role seriously and tries to maintain the family name and honour.
Attends the Imperial banquet and feels incredibly out of place. Memories of his past goals fill him and he found himself unable to act when the young Caesar greets him. Has a moment to meet with the young Darius Caesar, yet does not know him particularly well. When Darius faints he fears the worst for Rome and the new home. 

58CE, A fairly ordinary year for him. He speaks for Renius and defends him when rumours of his affair reach Rome. 

In 59CE marriage to Suetonia, a cousin of Renius' and her son Publius comes to live with them. He arranges a betrothal between Barbara and Publius, although avoids making the marriage official. Publius is a good boy and he thinks of him as a son. Although the memories of his daughter and the struggle in order to get her back was difficult, something he never wishes to endure ever again. 

He defends his friend Renius during his trial and is largely ignored. He promises to care for Publius and finds himself missing his friend a great deal. 


The birth of Alaricus Aetius Stilicho Minor fills him with boundless joy. A son. Unfortunately, this news is greeted with sadness as the death of Suetonia from complications in childbirth and mourns the passing of his spouse. Later on the news of Publius' death reaches them, giving the family more reason to mourn and the uncertainly of the future makes him more determined to protect his children. The years that followed where the upstart, Clemens, marries Rufia Flavia, he tries to find a way to protect both his family and offer her any assistance that he could possibly give. 
-- During (60-64CE) his daughter Barbara serves as the matron of the house, dealing with household matters and the general running of the place. 

In 66CE, the birth of his first grandson, Marcus Aetius Lentulus Minor, took place and left him a proud grandfather. 

He admired Seia for her determination to clear her ex husband's name, even against overwhelming odds and soon their friendship turns romantic. He marries her in 67CE and he feels himself blessed by the Gods. Later that year, Aetia Stilicha is born. It is the beginning of their happy life together. The following years were filled with happiness, prosperity, and slowly he has begun to become used to the comfort of his declining years. 

In 71CE he becomes the Praefectus Annonae and takes his occupation seriously. While he misses being in the military life, he pours himself into being a family man and into his occupation. 

In 72CE, the birth of his younger son, Titus Aetius Stilicho takes place and is the latest addition to their growing family. 

The year of 73CE was a peaceful and happy one. He maintained his friendships with many of the men who he used to work with, and tries to help new people who come to Rome settle in. Alaric has kept his family safe and secure in the new regime. Hoping to set a good example for them to live by. Again, he is the Praefectus Annonae

Current time. 



Gothy | GMT+11 | PM or Discord.


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