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Claudia Gaia


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Claudia Gaia

33 |  14th June 40CE | Imperial | Matron (also Corinthia's warden) | Bisexual | Original | Stephanie Leonidas





Gaia, or Χρυσανθη (Chrysanthe) as she was originally known as was not born with malice in her heart. Deep down, she believes that there is good in everyone and if you're nice to people they will be kind to you. Despite how many times the events in her life have proven otherwise. Gaia enjoys the fruits of life, having developed a taste for them and enjoys surrounding herself with beautiful people, and things. She is sensual, a lover of music and can play both the harp and the flute. And has been known to have taken many lovers over the years. Some were a necessity, some were out of love, and others were completely out of pleasure. She is able to speak both Greek and Latin, along with being able to read and write in both.

Gaia never developed the mind of a politician. Fortunately for her, she has no illusions about her intelligence levels and in modern terms would be considered a ditz. Gaia is not a skilled liar, often stumbling over her words and avoiding eye contact when she is being dishonest -- although she also does this when she is intimidated by something or someone. She is charitable, often going out of her way for her friends and fortunately her faithful body slave Nahia would often keep an eye on her. There is a loving, sisterly relationship between the two women with Nahia often instructing her Mistress to make the best choices.

Gaia is a parent to her daughter, Corinthia. The daughter of the one time adopted heir to Claudius before the fates decreed that another should take the throne. Loving, protective, and unfortunately she completely spoilt her defiant child. Her daughter has a cruel, defiant, possessive and domineering personality. The opposite of her kind-natured mother. She believes most of her family to be dead. Generally she does not think of them or the bloody fates they had.

She lost her first and most beloved husband, Manius Claudius Caesar or Manius Acilius Glabrio Leontius as he was known before he was adopted. While the man had a vindictive and grasping nature, he was always kind and considerate towards Gaia. Spoiling her and eventually taking her as his wife before he was slain for murdering Claudius. Gaia to this day believes he is innocent -- well, mostly. She has taken many lovers in the past and was known for her enjoyment of it. While there were many friendships formed, none of them resulted in either marriage or a relationship. Many of her betrothals have ended up with the death of her fiance's before the date and she has begun to wonder whether she is cursed with bad luck.

Ultimately Gaia wishes for her daughter to be happy and safe. Deep down there is a suspicion about her daughter's true nature. An actual confirmation of her sweet daughter being a monster would be her greatest fear come to life. Another fear is the complete destruction of Rome although far-fetched. Although another would be to become enslaved once more.



Gaia stands at 5ft tall. She has a slender frame with average muscle tone, her body has womanly curves on the smaller side and her skin is olive in colour, although darker in the areas that have been exposed to sunlight. She frequently has a relaxed and casual posture, and has been known to slouch when she sits down.

Her face is round, her eyes are large, dark and expressive. Her eyes are framed by thick, dark eyelashes. Over the years the sunlight has given her the earlier signs of crows feet that will deepen over time. Around her lips are the lines that will slowly turn into smile lines as she gets older. Gaia's teeth are slightly off-white. Her hair is naturally curly, often flowing down her back and is a light brunette in colour.

Informal/around the home.

A simple peplos of varying colour, although they are typically white. A palla may be draped around her head or shoulders if the weather is colder than usual. The linen is always high quality.

Formal occasions.

She often doesn't wear the stola, the symbol of married and respectable matrons of Rome. A fascia around her breasts beneath, her clothing varies; yet she often wears blues, expensive white fabrics, pinks and matches her jewelry to what she's wearing. On her feet she wears sandals made out of soft leather, decorated with jewels.



Father:  Herakles of Corinth (deceased)

Mother: Artemisia, wife of Herakles of Corinth, (deceased)


--Brother - Antipater, 36, currently in slavery, (deceased)
--Brother - Androcles, 34, currently in slavery, (deceased)

Spouse: None. 


  • Claudia Corinthia (b. 55CE) 

Extended family.

Archaita's children.

  • Manius Acilius Glabrio Leontius  (deceased)
  • Acilia Glabria (deceased)

Claudius Caesar's biological children. 

  • Gaius Claudius Caesar (deceased)
  • Claudia Livia (deceased)
  • Tiberius Claudius Sabucius
  • Claudia Caesaris

Former spouse:

  • Manius Acilius Glabrio Leontius who was adopted and became; Manius Claudius Caesar.

Freedwoman: Claudia C.L Nahia


Gaia was born as Χρυσανθη (Chrysanthe) in 40CE. Her childhood was mostly uneventful and fairly conventional for her family. She was born into a family of farmers, well off yet still farmers. She was mostly illiterate, working hard to bake bread and otherwise be obedient. Her betrothed was selected to be a cousin of hers, mainly so there would be no loss of money within the family and so they could be sure that she would marry a good man. Chrysanthe was mostly oblivious to the world around her. Her world was her friends, family, and the village they resided in. One thing she did know was that money began to become harder to come by in 52CE with the rising taxation. 

In 53CE, her brothers joined the rebellion against Rome and this was unknown to her parents.  When the civil war came to Greece and the retribution was swift and decisive. Her parents were slain in the conflict with her brothers taken into slavery. Many of the women were taken as war booty, however, her beauty was noticed by Manius Rutilius Cyprianus. An ambitious man who wished to offer a gift to the Imperial family. She was given to Manius' (her husband to be) sister, Archaita. In turn, she was given to her son as a plaything and a genuine love formed between the pair of them. Manius taught her how to read, play the harp and the flute, and showed her a world that she never knew existed. He gave her the name she would now go by. Gaia. The name Chrysanthe now long forgotten. Faithfully, she followed him wherever he went during the course of his travels, and worried for his fate should the worst ultimately occur. Still, she was happy. Manius broke with convention and married her. Already casting a dark light on Manius' political career and reducing his favour among the members of the nobility. In <>, her mother-in-law, Archaita, passed away and Gaia did not find herself missing her. 

Birth of Corinthia occurred in 55CE and early on it was easy to see that the child inherited her mother's beauty -- yet her father's ambitious mind. She spoiled the child, and after the loss of Manius, she spoiled her even more and ignored the warning signs about her daughter's personality. In 56CE, Manius, the love of her life died, and she mourned and wept for him. He was given a proper funeral to honour his status and his life. 

In 57CE, she becomes increasingly aware that she needs to maintain favour with the Imperial family and reaches out to them. They are friendly and considerate of her, despite her former status, and she is relieved. 

In 60CE Lucilla passed away only to be followed by Junus and Honorius later on. She reached out to try to help although there was not much she could do. She stayed in Rome as long as possible before she felt it got too dangerous. She fled with Corinthia to Greece, and stayed quiet. Perfectly happy for Corinthia to forget who she was in order to keep her safe. She heard the news of the dictatorship and the uncertainty involving the Imperial twins, and the fate of Rufia Flavia. All she could do was remain in safety in Greece -- unfortunately, she was unable to reach them to help them without drawing attention to herself. Something she has long regretted not being able to do. Many years after the fact, she has heard word from Honorius as he travels by a different name and unfortunately, no word came of it and she began to worry. 

Quintus became Caesar in 63CE and with it brought peace and prosperity to Rome. When she was sure it was safe, she returned to Rome with Corinthia along with the family's most trusted slaves. Her slave Nahia was officially freed and remained in her household as both a friend and patron. Over the years, there has been considerable happiness and a bright future for them. Over the years, offers of marriage began to trickle in although unfortunately all the men seemed to go missing. Her life has been most uneventful, her amorous behaviour has slowed down now she has begun to feel more secure in her place in Rome, and wanted to remain free from connections. Her marriage had brought her money, security, and relative freedom. Something she was unwilling to compromise for anyone. Her years were mostly uneventful although she has connected herself to the current Augusta in friendship. Perhaps Gaia is more politically ware than people would first assume? 

In the current time, Gaia is seeking out a husband for Corinthia (and possibly for herself) and hopes that there is a bright future for them both. 




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