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Cornelia Scipionis

Cornelia Scipionis

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Cornelia Scipionis

35 | 27 October 37 | Senatore | The Viperess of Rome | Bisexual | Canon | Natalie Dormer

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The youngest of her immediate family, Cornelia was often indulged and spoiled as a child by those who raised and nurtured her. Her father, guilty for her mother's death, gave into her every demand and her aunt, seeking another daughter to teach, held her at her bosom as tightly as she would her own. It did no good for the woman's personality growing up and to be honest, age did not temper it. It only refined it. At the surface of the woman known as Cornelia Scipionis, one would find friend or foe, depending on what they were seeking. To the foe, she is callous and cold, waiting to strike at one's moment of weakness or distraction. A hidden snake in the grass. A game of latrunculi, if you would, played against an opponent so adept that either you lose, or you go down with her if she must take the sacrifice. To the friend; never would there be a more loyal comrade to be found. 

Far more passionate than she is romantic, Cornelia however remained somewhat loyal to the man she married. Intellectual affairs aside, she stuck to only having the occasional female lover, vowing to her husband that she would never take another male into her bed. And yet, she cares deeply for him, despite it all. Companionship grew to friendship and she would dare say, waking up to him holding their youngest daughter, she knew then she had finally fallen in love with him. Her mind and eyes wander less since her aunt died, having finally learned to use the shoulders and arms offered by her husband as her strength. He and their children alone see the softer, more fragile side of the woman. 

The last decade has seen Cornelia soften in her once bitterness towards certain members of her family. Less incline to blame her father and eldest brother for their shortcomings in regards to the family, she learned to embrace what they did instead. Her father was a great warrior, her brother a skilled politician; in turn she vowed to herself to teach her children both sides of each coin. The death of her Aunt damn near shattered her heart, and perhaps that was the reason she slowly began to forgive two men for leaving the rest of them in the place they hold in the world. She is softer in her tongue and more giving in her affection, her children are her life's work. And she would guard them for as long as she could like the venomous serpent Annthea had nurtured. 


Standing in at just a few centimeters under 5'0", she is of average height for the typical Roman woman. Boasting a slender frame that, thanks to age and motherhood, is not as waifish as it once was in her youth. Her skin is fair in collar, and slightly tans when exposed to long bouts of sunlight. However, due to being that easily burns, she avoids long series of such. Age has not yet taken a firm hold of her beauty, which is more striking than classic. A triangular face has helped her keep her youthful looks for far much longer than she had anticipated. However, if one was to look closely at the rich brown hair that falls to her waist in gentle waves, one would notice that a few strands of gray has begun to work their way in. Her most alluring features would be her eyes, as her Quintus would say, and they are very pale and the color of a clear summer sky, all according to the man she married. 

Her makeup varies on the occasion, and yet she is never without it. It is not that her complexion is bad, it's actually quite clear and without many visible blemishes. And only when she is in full laughter do the laughlines begin to show. However, it is her vanity that demands it. As one could possibly tell, she is a vain creature. The makeup however, is lighter during the day, opting often for a more natural look while becoming a bit more vampish in the evening time, especially if society comes to call. Her jewelry varies as well, simple when in more relaxed company to elaborate when the occasion calls for it. 

When it comes to fashion, it all depends on where Cornelia is at along with the level of comfort she is in. At home, she dresses down into simple tunicas or chitons and paired with a palla; all made of fine, soft cloth for comfort and in an array of colors that compliment her complexion. Beyond her home, she submits to tradition, favoring the whites that became so popular thanks to Livia during the time of the Augustus. While a stola is seldom present at home with just her husband and children, she wears it with pride as a married woman. On some occasions she does done one that is vibrant blue or scarlet. Elegant sandals and sikyonia embas adorn her feet whenever she goes out and about the city, either to visit family or just outings. While at home, she goes either barefooted or pads around in slippers depending on the weather at the time.



Appius Cornelius Scipio Germanicus {deceased} {d. 48}


Tullia Lucilla {deceased} {d. 40}


Lucius Cornelius Scipio Dacicus {Deceased} {b. 26} {d. 57}
Cornelia Decima {Alive} {b. 29}
Appius Cornelius Scipio {Alive} {b. 34}


Quintus Sulpicius Rufus {b. 32}


Quintus Sulpicius Rufus Minor {b. 60}
Appius Sulpicius Rufus {b. 62}
Sulpicia Rufiana {b. 64}
Sulpicia Annthea {b. 68}


Horatia Pulvilla {b. 41} {Sister in Law} {Alive}

Appius Cornelius Scipio Minor {b. 60} {Nephew} {Alive} 
Gnaeus Cornelius Scipio {b. 60} {Nephew} {Alive} 
Cornelia Appia {b. 64} {Neice} {Alive} 
Lucius Cornelius Scipio {b. 67} {Nephew} {Alive}

Vibius Licinius Nerva {Former Brother in Law} {Deceased}
Lucan Nicodemus Victorianus {Brother in Law} {Deceased}

Vibius Nicodemus Victorianus Licinianus - {b.53} {d.62} {Nephew} {Deceased} 
Licinia Aureliana - {b. 54} {Neice} {Alive} 
Lucian Nicodemus Victorianus {b. 58} {Nephew} {Alive}
Nicodema Victoria {b. 61} {Niece} {Alive}

Marcus Cornelius Scipio Minor {uncle} {deceased}

Marcus Cornelius Scipio Octavianus {cousin} {d. 63} {deceased}
Marcus Cornelius Scipio Denter {b. 35} {cousin} {alive}
Cornelia Aemillia {b. 40} {cousin} {alive}

Lucius Cornelius Scipio {uncle} {deceased}

Cornelia Julilla {b. 19} {cousin} {alive}
Publius Cornelius Scipio Orvitus {b. 40} {cousin} {alive}

The Flavi Alexandri

Paternal cousins through father's sister Cornelia Annthea

The Sulpicii Rufi

In-laws and other relations through her husband

OTHER: personal guards and household slaves



The youngest living child of Appius Scipio and his wife, Cornelia was doomed to grow up without her parents. The pregnancy along with her birth was an exceptionally hard one her mother, causing the matriarch to go into confinement for the second half of her pregnancy due to nearly miscarrying her in the fifth month. Tullia had often wondered if her youngest child was meant to be the death of her. Her death would come three years later, but it was not Cornelia's coming that did her in, but another's. A younger sibling who went still in the womb and became septic. Her mother passed, refusing the treatment without a soul at her side other than her personal slave. Leaving nothing for the youngest of her children to remember her by. 

As such, her father did the only thing he could do to compromise the youngest of his children; give into her every whim. For her it was scholarly things, endless trips across Rome to her favored aunt's To even staying with her from time to time. Needless to say, she was spoiled for the first decade of her life by the man who had helped create her, only for the sheer reason he had no clue what to do with a young daughter. Sons? That was an easier job to figure out. But soon the realism of the world would come breaking through the childhood illusion that nothing and no one could hurt her pater. The year of 48 AD, she would never quite remember the month her father left them, but news spread widely that Appius Germanicus was assassinated on the Senate floor. 

Having gone to foil a plot against Caesar, and to name the names the conspirators. However, she would remember her brother coming home caked in the dried blood of their father, his own face white with shock as his body shook with grief. Much to the horror of her aunts and the servants at the sight of him. She only started calmly as the rest of the family around her fell into mourning. Instead she clung to her favorite aunt, and in turn went home with Annthea after the funeral ritual and rights were completed. With Appius going with them. The matriarch of the Flavi Alexandri claiming that Decima was too young and too new into her marriage to care for her younger siblings. That Lucius was too deep in shock of what he had witness.

The years following was spent at her aunt's bosom, as the woman nurtured the young girl and molded her into a shape that befitted Annthea. With that came even more schooling, more precise than before as she grew alongside her brother and the younger sons of her aunt's brood. Which pleased the young Cornelia greatly. Having always been the avid young scholar. Philosophy and politics intrigued her. Even if they weren't the proper lessons for a young noble lady. Between ages of fourteen and sixteen years, the young woman would unknowingly lose two betrothals. The first to illness and the second to falling outs between the family of her intended and her uncle. Annthea would take the matter of her niece's future husband out of her brother's hands and into her own while allowing the girl to continue with her learnings. With her brother, Lucius, on top of the world; Cornelia and Appius' whims were also given into by their eldest brother. 

The two younger siblings desiring to spend a year abroad. Well, more like an aggravated aunt tired the lovesick fool of a brother that had become her dear Appius. It was also to spare of the tensions that had grown between their eldest cousin and their eldest brother for years. It was an action for the best. While they roamed the expanse of the Empire, one villa after another, they remained clueless to what was happening in Rome. Only receiving news of Lucius betrayal and suicide. Cornelia hated him for his failure, spat upon his memory and of the mess he made of their name. Lucius had dishonored their father, she would say to Appius, hushed whispers over goblets of wine in the early mornings. Pacts made between the two siblings that never again would they be in such a place. They returned the following year, still tainted by the blemished Lucius had caused, but they had their own duties to fulfill.

In the fall of 59, she saw herself get married, where father and uncle had failed, her aunt had succeeded in securing her a good match, and unlike her sister, she found herself to be happy within it. It wasn't necessarily love, but it was convenient which eventually grew in to a deep friendship and admiration of one another. And in the summer of the following year, she presented her husband with the first of their four children. A boy to be named after him. The calm before the storm, she would later call it. As a child and well into her own adulthood, she was close to her aunt's side of the Scipio offshoots than she was with her uncle, and in September she found herself at her aunt's side as Annthea's only living daughter passed from an unknown illness. And over the following year she watched the world they had come to know slowly crumble under the feet of power hungry men. Marcus Minor failed to see the dawning of 62, Cornelia putting him out his misery in a slow death by poison. 

In the year 62, she was expecting her second child and decided to retreat to the family's villa outside of Rome for fresh air and better weather. Taking with her sister, sister-in-law and most of their children. Decima's eldest son, Vibius, deciding to stay in Rome with his adoptive father, having outgrown both the desire and need to be at his mother's bosom, his male cousins much too small to play with still. The news came on the eve of her second child's birth of the purging that Clemens had ordered. It was not the news of the purge that shook her and started the painful labor, but of her sister's mournful and horrible wail at the news her husband and eldest child had been caught up in it. Simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The birth, while a hard one due to the stressful news, was not her undoing. And she had birthed a healthy, squalling baby boy whom she named for her father and brother, Appius. 

She did not return to Rome right away, only corresponding with her brother, aunt and husband as secretly as possible. And while she had longed for them to be safe at the villa with her and her sisters', she knew their places were with her cousin, Quintus in the east. And hers was to keep herself and her boys safe until she could return to Rome and hopefully be reunited with her husband. When stability finally grabbed hold to the empire, upon the news of her cousin's ascension to the purple, she returned to Rome. Not unlike so many others, celebrating that the tyrant was dead and now they could focus on the dawning of a new era. And she, to aid her grieving sister in picking up the pieces of Decima's now shattered life. In 64, she birthed her third child, this time her much longed for daughter, Rufiana. But unlike the birth of the first two, her Decima was not at her side. The living eldest of the siblings choosing to live beyond the city of a time. 

The years between the birth of her third child and 67 were uneventful in the life of Cornelia. And in the normalcy settled into socialite lifestyle she had always lead before the turmoil that marred the early years of the decade. An Augusta had been found and as Rome rejoiced, her dear aunt began to weaken. Suffering illness after illness over the months, and willingly Cornelia abandoned her intrigue and webs to become Annthea's most attentive caregiver. The ailing woman would not live long enough to see her newest grandchild into the world, and in her death came a crack in the exterior of Cornelia's shell. A venerable wound that would never heal quite as well as she would have hoped. And in the weeks after she would find herself pregnant with the last of her brood. A little girl, named Annthea once certain she would and her mother would live, whose birth threatened to take the both of them into the afterlife. 

The call of intrigue, however, did not stay silent for long, and she eased herself back into society once she was healed and rejuvenated from her last pregnancy. Her sister, Decima, ever a constant shadow as the elder sister played the role of merry widow almost too well. Integrating herself into the entourage of the new Augusta. 

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