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Gaius Petronius Aquilius


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70| 7th June 3CE | Equite | Writer| Heterosexual | Original | Morgan Freeman





Gaius is highly interested in the world around him. The people. The places. Especially the people.

Gaius is writing about the people of the Empire. It doesn't matter what the status or the occupation of the person is. If they have a story than he wants to tell it. Gaius is a loving family man, his home is often quite loud with many members living under one roof and at one time, he was a bossy father. Now, he has relaxed into his old age. The twilight years of his life are filled with joy. He is able to do the things that he wished he had the time to do when he was younger.

His education was focused on commerce and coin rather than reading for amusement or pleasure. While now he spends the majority of his time in the service of learning about the world around him in his twilight years. Gaius is grateful to have lived so long. Despite all the loss, the Gods have been remarkably kind to his family over the years. His memory slips now and then. The forgetfulness fortunately now being limited to small things. Yet what will the future hold? Gaius intends to enjoy life until the Fates decide that his cord is ready to be cut. 

He longs for the day when he will be reunited with his late wife in the afterlife.



Gaius stands at 5'4ft with a slight hunched back and stiff joints due to arthritis building up in his limbs. His hair and beard are coarse in texture, greying, and his body is relatively lean. His body has the sagging skin associated with muscle loss that comes with age.

His face is weathered, his formerly dark hair now predominately grey. His eyes are dark, with his right one showing the early signs of blindness, and he has most of his teeth. Some are slightly off-white with one of the molars falling out from age. He would routinely go between clean shaven or with a light beard, depending on the season. 

Gaius' build is that of an older man. At one point he enjoyed the more rigorous sports and athletics, now he prefers a gentle stroll. He is always seen using a wooden walking stick to aid him in the process. 



Father: Gaius Petronius Aquilius Major (deceased)

Mother: Scribonia Afrikana


Petronia Scribonia  (b. 1CE,deceased)

Spouse: Aurelia Paulina (deceased)


Gaius Petronius Aquilius Urianus: , 15 years old.

Petronia Aquila  (b.38   age: )-- the eldest. Bossy

Petronia Aquila Minor  (b. 40)-- Respectability married. Loves the arts.

Petronia Scribonilla (b. 41)-- Middle child syndrome.

Petronia  Aquililla  (b.43)(deceased)

Petronia  Aquiliana (b. 47) -- Fiesty and closest with her Father.

Extended family:

Petronia Scribonia's children (Husband, Vibius Hostilius Scearna)

(For the player to create)

Petronia Aquila's husband: Decimus Urius Frontus
Petronia Aquila's kids.
Gaius Petronius Aquilius Urianus (adopted by Gaius)
Uriana Petronia *

Petronia Aquililla's kids.
Two twin granddaughters.
Septima Major
Septima Minor

(Came to live with him during Clemens' rule).

A lot of the rest will be up to the player's who take on the wanteds.


His family originate from Mauritania  with his family having apparently been a nobleman of King Ptolemy of Mauritania. Who was an ally to Rome. It is unknown whether this is true or not. The family became citizens through service through the Roman war machine or were merchants who sold Egyptian linen and silks from the East to Rome. The demand with the wealthy meant the family continued to rise upwards. The family have estates in North Africa and a respectable home in Rome itself.

Most of the family will be made into wanteds at some point.



Gaius was born in 4CE as the second born child  and firstborn son of Gaius Petronius Aquilius Major  and Scribonia Afrikana. His family was stable, hard working and determined that he would be a constructive member of Roman society. The family had originally gained their citizenship through military service, and he learned about coinage, economics, fabrics (quality for the family business), and he tended to this side of things until he was seventeen years of age. While he wanted to join the army, the family business was considered to be more important and he stayed behind. He married Aurelia Paulina in late 37CE,and his eldest daughter, called Petronia Aquila was born in 38CE. In late 40CE, the family had the birth of another child to welcome into the family and he was happy.

In 41CE his third daughter was brought into the family. He visited a sooth-sayer who told him he would be blessed with happiness, healthy daughters, and a long life. Yet he would not father any sons.  Always always his mind would go back to the time when he met people from distant lands and thought more about them. their lives, and their stories. They were largely successful, and during this period of time he was blessed with many children (and later there would be grandchildren).

In 44CE, Maurentia was now made into a Roman province and removed from the Kingship of old. Fortunately, his family had been romanised for several generations and their wealth had elevated them into becoming Equites. His grandfather had served and had given the family citizenship. Other time, the last of his daughters were married with his strictfulness slowly giving way to warmth, happiness and a desire for enjoyment.  In 52CE the business enterprise in Aegyptus was lessened due to the growing nationalism that slowly died down, and was restored. Other than that, those years were mostly uneventful for him and his family. The years of 53CE and 54CE were mostly uneventful for Gaius, although there were incidents when minor issues would impact the amount of trade they were able to conduct. 

Through the years he had heard about the conflicts of Rome, normally from a distance from the home in Lepis Magna and felt blessed to not be caught in the middle of it. The family had history in Lepis Magna and patroned many of the buildings within the city. In the conflict of the civil war in 61CE, his daughter and his son-in-law were both killed with his two granddaughters coming to live with him.  The family mostly resided there until 63CE when Gaius came to Rome to reside there to manage the family business while his nephew, manages that side from  Lepis Magna or Alexandria. The family had now been living in Rome for nearly a decade, still maintaining trade and the connections that had been made. 64CE to 71CE were mostly uneventful for him other than expanding the buildings, and being about to spend time with his wife, Aurelia. Their home was a place of warmth, laughter and joy. The extended members of the family lived with them. With all of his daughters married, it was his duty to ensure all of his grandchildren would marry well and go on to live happy and virtuous lives.  

For close to ten years he managed the family business. Slowly and surely, age began to take a toll on his body and mind. His eldest daughter and her husband began to take more of a prominent role in the family business. In 72CE, the Gods finally took his wife into the afterlife. Aurelia had passed away during the night in her sleep surrounded by her family and loved ones. Gaius (and the rest of the family) paid for a funerary monument for her along the Via Appia among the greatest members of Rome. Since then, his eldest daughter and son-in-law took over the family business, running things and giving him more time to relax in his twilight years. Since he had no sons of his own. He formally adopted his grandson who would inherit the family business. This extra time and loneliness from not having his wife with him meant he had more time to ponder and spend time with his grandchildren.

In 73CE, he decided now was the time to begin his quest to learn more about the various people of Rome. Gaius began meeting with people and writing about them -- any rank. All their stories needed to be told.



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