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Canon Reservations


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Canon Guidelines.

Canon & Wanted Guidelines.

  • Contact the original creator of the canon or wanted character to get some more background information before posting your application. This way you have any background information sorted. 
  • Mutual respect is a must. Remember the canon or wanted creator would like to share the role with someone. However, that does not mean they get to control or otherwise be nasty. If you have any troubles with this please contact a staff member for assistance.
  • Canons and Wanteds can be removed for the following reasons; severe inactivity, completely ignoring what had been written (and not responding or complying with the staff), and if a ban occurs.


Canon Key.

  • Strikethrough. The Canon has been taken. 
  • Italics. The Canon is currently reserved. 


Thinking about taking on a site canon?

Read the rules and available information for the particular canon that you would like to take on?


Post below using saying which character you would like to reserve.




Current Reserved Canons




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