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F.A.Q The mooooove!


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I thought that everyone would have some questions about the move that has taken place. Please bear with us during this time.



Do I register my OOC account still?
Yep, but no character accounts. Check out the guide to make a character mask here.


Are my characters still accepted?
Yes, they are. Although if your character is politically based, please check the site timeline and edit accordingly. Most characters would only need to make a few edits to become accurate. You will need to go through the site approval process once more. It is strongly recommended that a member reads through the site timeline to get an understanding about what the site history is. Canons have two months after the opening date to be joined on this site.

However, ALL characters must be re-apped and approved. 


I was kicked from the site discord! What happened?
You did not move to the new site in the two months period. You are more than welcome to come back and re-join the server.


How long will it take for the threads to be transferred over?
As long as it takes. Once you have been accepted the posts have been transferred over to your account. Please edit them to put them under your character's account. There are still a lot of current threads in progress. Closed threads will go into the archives right away.


What do I do if a thread was archived when I am still posting in it?
Send me a PM. Mistakes happen! I'll move it to the correct location. 


How long will it take for my posts to be put in my name?
As soon as possible. Members will likely need to convert the post to their character's post. 


Is there anyway I can help?
Please send me a PM or a DM on discord if you would like to help with the progress.


How long will it take to completely get things moving?
Hopefully, a couple of weeks. Hoping nothing goes wrong irl.


What happens to the old Jcink board?
It will become a back up board for the community.


What about the old domain?
I still own that. Later if more information can be taken from it, it will re-direct to this site. 


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