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The Setting.


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Jan 73CE.

Location: Imperial Palace in Naples.
Invitations: Sent out to high ranking Senatores and Equestrian families. If you are unsure whether your character would be able to attend, please PM a staff member.
Time of day: Late afternoon leading into night.

The building had been impeccably decorated. Drusilla had placed a considerable amount of time on the decorations, and was assisted by Claudia and Rutiliana (Flavia Caesaris). Livia and Flavia (Rufia Flavia) were both present, having brought the eldest of their children with them. The wives of her brothers-in-law were also happy to assist, offered their own views and assistance.

Food and drinks had been prepared. It would be an event that would be discussed for months, beautiful statues would be shown, music and dancers. It would be a feast for the senses. Slaves dressed as nymphs walked around to light the lamps, scantily clad with intimate areas exposed for viewing. Flowers decorated the pillars, platters the slaves would carry with fresh and finely made food, the scent of flowers in blood filled the air, and soon the guests would be arriving to the banquet. The atrium and gardens had been prepared. Small areas for couples to speak privately within the impeccably maintained gardens, the scrubs decorated with strands of transparent fabric, and it was incredibly spacious.

The light bounced off the marble surfaces, giving the structure an otherworldly presence and gave it just enough light. Outside enough room had been prepared for the guests who would be arriving. Some would have traveled the long way from Rome to Naples, while others would have stayed in their homes close to the Imperial villa and waited for it to begin. The invitations had been sent out months in advance to give the attendees plenty of notice. The rebirth of Spring, and the end of winter was a beautiful time.

The hour had finally arrived.

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