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Senate thread OOC Etiquette.


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Senate Thread OOC Etiquette. 

  • Posts are to be between 250-400 words. This is to give other people a chance to respond, and to prevent power gaming through excessive advantages or time jumps. 
  • Give people a chance to respond to the post, and follow the posting order. If in doubt, please contact a staff member for assistance. 
  • A staff member may jump in to post OOC recommendations. Please adhere to what is being said or your post may be deleted or edited. 


Starting a Senate thread. 

  • All Senator characters are able to begin a thread. It is to be marked "Plot Point: <>". 
  • Please contact a staff member prior about what the thread is about and to ensure it does not clash with anything else that has been planned. 
  • Either a Consul, Caesar or the Staff NPC Princeps Senatus will start the thread. 


Voting on a Senate thread. 

  • Only characters who are part of the Senate (or high ranked military) characters are permitted to vote. Voting is done using the poll method or during a reply. The vote is to be in line with what the character would vote for. A staff member will tally up the results as they are posted. This is in line with how plot points were originally done in 2009. 
  • The results will be posted for members (and characters) to respond to. 
  • In order for your character to have a vote you will need to respond to the thread in question. 


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