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30th December 73 AD 


Labor had been quick for her this time around. Less than a few hours and not one but two new lives came into the world. Small but thankfully robust. Flavia was unsure what surprised her more. How quickly both came or that there had been more than one. Laughter had filled the room when Gnaeus had been called in to be presented his new daughters. His shock apparent but soon replaced by joy that his wife and both the newborns were expected to live. 

Motherhood renewed blossomed Flavia prettily, her color quickly returning as she slowly began to heal from her delivery. Each girl sported a head of dark hair and warm tanned skin. Like their siblings. Gnaeus was overjoyed with his fatherhood, boasted to his own about it. Who finally was sober enough to see to them. Flavia had expected disappointment, no second grandson. But the moment the youngest of the two latched her hand around his fingers and gripped it strongly, Gaius had nothing left to say but how proud he was. 

There would be time for another son. 

For now, as December began to round to its end, Flavia kept herself horded in the warm bedroom. Lucilla and Minor curled up next to her, asleep. Honoria and Saturnina laid between her and the others. Sleepy yawns on cute little faces. "You're so precious." She said to them as she traced the outline of Saturnina's face. Softly sighing at the silky softness. "Oh the family is just going to love you two so much." She said as she scooped up Honoria as she began to fuss, shushing her softly as she tried to determine what her daughter needed. 

Unaware that she would have a visitor soon.

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Family was precious, especially with so many of them lost. New additions to the family were even more so, and by all accounts Flavia had carried on a certain family tradition. Once news came that all was well and that Flavia was resting, one pair of twins came to see another, and to congratulate their older sister. She'd doted on them as young children, before their lives had turned upside down, and to see her happy and content, with others to dote on, made once believe that perhaps that darkness was behind them and all might be right in the world again.

"Salve, Flavia." Tiberius said quietly as he stood in the doorway peering in, not wanting to interrupt the gentle scene. "Are you well?" There was always a risk to a woman, when bringing new life into the world. She looked well; she looked particularly content with her brood cuddled around her. Marriage to Gneus seemed to have suited her as much as marriage to Clemens had not.

Tiberius's blue gaze looked over each of his nieces and nephew, before back to Flavia, then a quick glance to his own twin. "May we come in? we'd love to meet them." He held a small box in his hands. The first days of a child's life were always uncertain, it was so easy for the gods to claim back the little soul that had only just arrived, but both of Flavia's twins look hale and hearty to his eyes, which was heartening.

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She had been so excited by the news of the latest arrival to the family. Livia's children she had mixed feelings about, she loved them yet utterly despised their boar of a father. It was joyous for Flavia to have more children of her own, she deserved all the happiness in the world and Claudia made a mental note to see her more. Family was one of the happiest things in the world. Tiberius had rushed ahead, no doubt, other members of the family would likely be in attendance later on. 

There would be a day when she would have children of her own. Yet she would share in the joy. In her arms she carried mulled, sweetened wine, fragrant flowers, and other gifts for the expectant children. In truth, when it came to younger children and infants. She felt like a fish out of water. Claudia saw Tiberius as he stood at the door, she quickened her pace and joined him just in time when he asked if they could join them. She giggled at him, nudged him with her hip and happily walked into the room. In the same bold way she did when she was a child. "Don't be silly, Tiberius." She chided him.

"Flavia! Oh, look at them. They are so tiny." She mused, and placed the basket momentarily on the floor before her hand rested gently on Flavia's shoulder. She embraced her, then kissed the forehead of each of her nieces and nephew. Each one of them was precious. 

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It didn't surprise her that the first of her visitors where her younger siblings. So when Tiberius poked his head in, she smiled up at him, nodding. "I'm quite well, brother and please do come in." She said, gently nudging the eldest two children awake so they could make room should their aunt and uncle find themselves on the bed. Which much to Flavia's amusement, it didn't take Claudia long to join them. Bold as ever.   

"They are, but so where the two of you when you were born." Flavia said with a smile, "And these two have not yet expressed the same disappointment I had when my two new playmates turned out not to be what I expected." She laughed, a twinkle in her eyes as she watched Lucilla shuffle across the bed to wrap her arms around her Aunt's waist. Minor seemed to have more trouble waking up from his nap than his sister had.   

"Honoria, for my father." She offered the names, tickling the belly of the baby as it cooed, "Which was always the plan if we had another girl. We weren't expecting this one though. My father in law had bets running on another healthy robust boy and to be honest, I rather twins than the boy he had in mind." She said as she reached over to smooth the feathery hair back from Saturnina;s face. "So given their births happening during Saturnalia we figured Saturnina was as good as any name."   

After the introductions were over, she smiled at her siblings, "How have the two of you been? Our Uncle and Aunt have been treating you both well, yes?"

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A momentary expression of mild annoyance crossed Tiberius's usually calm features as Claudia pushed past him, but disappeared just as quickly as he followed her in. Claudia always was the bolder of the two. "I'm glad to hear you're well." He told their older sister as the pair settled themselves on the edges of the bed, which was already quite crowded. He chuckled at her jest, imagining that two helpless babies probably weren't what she'd been hoping for as a girl expecting siblings.

He studied each baby as they were named, unable to tell them apart but not doubting that their mother could. Honoria, for the man who had been father to Flavia and step-father to the twins, the only father they'd known. And Saturnina; portentious? Hopefully fortunate. Saturn was, amongst other things, a god of bounty and creation, which were desirable traits in a woman. "It's a good name for a girl." He approved. Hopefully her future life would be blessed by her namesake.

"We've been well." He glanced at Claudia for confirmation. As Caesar's kin and wards they were well treated and enjoyed the protection expected for imperials. "We brought some things for you and the girls." He added, and offered over the small, carefully carved box. Inside were amber and lapis lazuli beads, both substances beloved of the gods, and the sort of thing that could be made into a part of the necklaces on which their lunulae - protective amulets - would be hung, when gifted by their father.


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She wrapped her arm around her older niece and nephew as they shifted out of the way. Claudia placed gentle kisses on either of their foreheads, before her attention turned back to the younger two and smiled. The pair of them were tiny, small and delicate. Her arm remained around Lucilla's shoulders when she snuggled into her, and could not help but smile affectionately at the thought of spending more time with the little ones. It was strange to think at one point that they had all been so helpless to the dangers of the world. Claudia laughed, many of the memories she had from her younger years were hazy and she remembered following both of her older sisters around. Wondering what they were doing and wanting to be involved. 

Claudia looked down towards Honoria and certainly remembered Honoria's father. He was a good man, distant yet was always kind to them when she encountered him in person. Like little Lucilla, she expected Flavia to connect the names of her family to those of her children and then pondered Saturnina's name. Was it an omen for the future? She smiled down at them. 

When Tiberius looked at her for confirmation she answered with a nod of agreement. "Both of them have been kind to us. Drusilla has been asking about you and has asked us to bring gifts. She also invites you to come to Rome to visit her yet isn't offended if you do not come." Claudia answered, watched as Tiberius offered the box of protective amulets to ensure both of the babes would be safe. She did not blame Flavia nor cousin Juliana for not wishing to return to the city itself. There were many bad memories for them there that could not be forgotten. 

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Flavia knew the second's name was something else. However, out of all the names they had came up with, none had suited her better. "You did not have to bring them or me anything." she, however, did mutter in protest. Time and circumstance had humbled what was once a precocious and demanding personality. 
Taking the box that was offered, and smiling as she flipped open the lid to examine the fine stones that laid within. She then cast a look up at her younger brother and smiled, "They shall go well with the amulets Gnaeus will present them." She said, her tone fond as she fingered the beads to examine them. 
"Thank you, when they're older they will know of the gifts." She said as she leaned over to place the now closed box on the table next to her bed, groaning softly in pain. This was the one thing she didn't enjoy about having newborn babies, the pain that came after. 
"I'm glad they have been treating you both kindly." Though Drusilla's kindness came to no surprise to Flavia. However, she knew Quintus could be quite formidable and intimidating.  She needed to make sure. "And the rest of the family. I never hear from the other uncles and their families." She said, pressing onward, wanting to catch up as much as possible before they left. 
The offered invitation to visit did not go unheard, but still Flavia chewed her lower lip. The imperial palace was still very bloodstained to her. Memories she was happy that the twins did not have to live with. Of the terrors that reigned in the days after Junus, her father and mother had all left the mortal realm to find their places in the afterlife. 
"I will think of it, I promise. Maybe once I'm stronger and the girls can travel. That way I don't have to rush home." She offered, leaving the promise to visit open ended as far as a timeline went. It was as good a promise as any, right? Instead of keeping on with that line of discussion she decided that she ought to change the topic, to them and their future. 
"And what about the two of you? Any suitors? Has our uncle revealed his plans for your futures yet?" She asked curiously.  
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