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Titinia Novella


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Titinia Novella






From her childhood, Titinia had proven to be a cunning and intelligent girl. Quick witted and sly. A lack for conventionality. Her father wasn't sure where she got it from, it certainly wasn't from the stubborn, stoic man that had provided half of her genetics. And her mother was the kindest, most soft spoken woman that could be found in Rome. It would be these traits that prove to her husband that his little wife as more than just a typical Roman wife. 

She is also a caring, compassionate woman when she needs to be. A doting mother, an attentive brothel madam. She takes care of the brothel's workers as lovingly as she does her brood of children. This loving compassion extends to her sisters and their children as well. Marcellus and their loves know another side that isn't shown to the rest of the world. The passionate lover who has more than her fair share kinks to go with their playtimes. 



There is nothing remarkably pretty about Titinia. She is not plain but at the same time, no poet would ever write praise about her beauty. Her tan complexion offers some hints of foreign influences on her bloodline, and following her mother's line back you will find the mingling of Egyptian in just that. She is of dark hair and eyes, the first of which falls to her waist in gentle waves of black silk. Her status does not provide her the best of the best, however she has become an expert at making what they can afford look just as good. In the warm seasons, it's not uncommon for her style of dress to be nearly sheer and weightless, heat was never a friend to her and the lesser and thinner the fabric she can get the better for her. 


FATHER: Marcus Titinius Novellus - Alive
MOTHER: Fabricia Nigra - Dead
SIBLINGS: Titinia Marcia - 28 
Titinia Fabricia - 26 
SPOUSE: Marcellus Severus Minor- leader of The Syndicate
CHILDREN: five, ages range from 2 to 10 
OTHER: The Slaves of the Domus Venus, along with the workers. 



--- Titinia is born to Marcus, a harden military man who bought his way into the equestrian class, and Fabricia in the wee hours of October 30th, in the year 44BC. Her father is not pleased with with his daughter's birth. 

--- Nearly two years and one still born child later, Titinia is joined in her nursery by her sister Marcia. Once more her father is not pleased. Two years later, yet another daughter who would be followed by countless miscarriages and stillbirths

--- She began schooling, what limited schooling she was given, at the age of seven. She was a bright child, and soaked up the knowledge given to her with the desire of wanting more.

- Her mother dies when Titinia is 13 and her father began to seek marriages for his daughters. Meanwhile Marcus had began to rack up debt with the Syndicate to fund his own spending. The rest of her teenage years went by rather smoothly. There was no further upset.

--- Around August of 63 AD, she marries the leader of The Syndicate gang to pay off her father's debts to the gang, a fair trade in his mind to get rid of his worthless daughters. Its a hard early start of a relationship to a man she never met before, and it strips down a good bit of her bubbly personality. The wedding night and the night following borders on rape. 

--- Forty weeks to the day of her marriage, in 64, Titinia gives birth to her first child. A son to be named after his father. The couple's relationship improves significantly and they begin to trust each other. 

--- By their second anniversary, the couple trusts each other fully. Her husband having found a sharp witted mind in his young bride. He hands her over the books to Domus Venus with the request to keep them up for him and his gang. She does so without hesitation or questioning. 

--- Spring of 66, another child arrives to the couple. It's another boy. Her father stakes claim to the second of his grandsons as his heir and therefore the child was to be named for her ungrateful mess of a father. Marcellus steps in and names the boy Titinius instead, after the boy's mother. It is enough to please Marcus who does not realize the slight. 

--- Spends the year healing, and in agreement began to take various contraceptives to hold off becoming pregnant once more. Titinia throws herself into the management of the brothel and raising their two sons. Having no qualms about raising her children so close to such debauchery. Over the next few years, she becomes protective of her girls and boys at Domus Venus, and began to set aside money to help improve the workers health. Marcellus complains but eventually gives into his wife's plan. The partnership of husband and wife does not lay well with a small portion of the Syndicate. Marcellus' right hand puts an end to the mutiny quickly.

--- The Summer of 68 arrives with the birth of twin boys, their father's very image. She would fall pregnant once more and was delivered safely of a daughter, her first, in 71.




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