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Rufia Flavia


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Rufia Flavia






"I miss the girl you were"
"Many will, she was easier to kill."

Rufia Flavia is a stunning mix of traits. Since her youth, she has been a vibrant, playful girl with a happy go lucky attitude toward life. It was as if she had the world attached to her finger with a fine piece of ribbon. However, that view was nothing more than rose colored glasses tinted by youth’s niavity. Still, even as she grew and was molded into the ideal Roman lady, she never lost her playful vibrancy. Instead, you see, it became her mask. The make-up she dons on every morning to face the world around her. Lessons and teachings told her to never let them know how intelligent she was. To keep it secret, and keep her safe.

And she was intelligent. A brilliant student in her lessons early on, she soaked up the knowledge given to her thanks to her family. Which was the best that could be offered. If you were to ask her, she would even go as far as to say that she have wanted more, even if the best of the best was out of her reach. Her education was, and would always remain a passion to her. However, as she became more understanding in the political world around her, she learned she had to wear a mask. She had to deceive everyone around her. She became the owner of quite the silver tongue. And with her parents’ demise, she became wary of the world around her that she came to rely on her masks and veils.

Instead the world’s only privy to the mask. It is what she must do to survive and to block out the depression that lurks when she’s alone. The brattish princess, pampered and given whatever she demanded. It’s wise to not be a fool, however. Her behavior’s anything but childish and immature. One could be spoiled without throwing a tantrum worthy of a toddler. There’s a side of her that cunning, spite and grudge-holding rules. And boy can she hold the grudge. She never forgets those that trespass against her and her own, and seldom forgives. The worst the offense, the more readily she is take action against them in spite.

Beneath it all, there is the girl that loves her family very much. Her world revolved around them, and their happiness was her happiness in truth. She was devastated by her mother’s death, and when news came of her father’s demise she saw her world crumble down around her. Her mother and father had been immortal to her, and losing them both in such a short time rocked her in ways she never expected. At Junus’ murder, she became numb to the outside world and would remain so until years later. Becoming a mother would change that, as such she does heavily on her two children and often does the same on her cousin's children as well. But even now she keeps true self withdrawn to those not family or friend.



Appearance wise, she is a mix of her parents. She is pretty in face, and will grow to be a beauty as womanhood takes hold of her. Her rich brown hair, much the same color of her late-father's, falls to her lower back when undone from the braids and styles her cosmetic weaves her hair into every morn. Neither too large or too small, her eyes are expressive of her moods. They are rimmed with thick lashes. and they are a blue-green hazel in color. Her skin is a light beige color, and her complexion is both clear and blemish free. She is modest in her dress, jewelry and make up. The scar Clemens left her as faded in the decade since, no longer a thought to her nor a reminder. Her wardrobe was and still is heavily influenced by her mother and tradition. In private she prefers the simple chiton in bright colors. If she leaves to venture into the city, she dons on the traditional and favored white. Jewelry is worn, but in moderation unless she is to attend formal gatherings. 



Marcus Rufius Honorius, {thought to be deceased}


Flavia Lucilla, {deceased}


Marcus Rufius Honorius Darius, {later Darius Claudius Caesar Augustus} {full brother} {deceased}
Decimus Rufius Honorius Junus, {later Junus Claudius Caesar Honorianus} {full brother} {deceased}
Tiberius Claudius Caesar, {half brother} {alive}
Claudia Caesaris, {half sister} {alive}


Gnaeus Sestius Vacticanus, {alive, have issue}
M. Arrecinus Ceasar Clemens Augustus , {deceased, no issue}


Sestia Lucilla, {alive} {b. 69}
Gnaeus Sestius Vacticanus Minor, {alive} {b. 71}
Sestia Honoria, {alive} {b. 73}
Sestia Saturnina, {alive} {b. 73}

Extended family:

The Flavii-Alexandrae - her mother's birth family. She has many uncles and cousins through this blood relation.
The Cornelii-Scipiones - again, the relationship is maternal, via her mother's own mother. distant cousins. 
The Juventius Geta clan through marriage via her great aunt on her paternal side.


Drusus Claudius Sabucius, {adoptive father} {deceased} 
Claudia Livia, {stepsister} {deceased}
Body and cosmetic slaves 



CHILDHOOD [46 - 57]:

A girl, born some years after her two brothers, blessed Marcus and Lucilla in the year 45 AD. She had been named in honor of her mother’s father. Rufia Flavia was small thing, pink and squalling as she was placed in the youngest of her brothers’ arms. It was then when Decimus came into his nickname, Junus, after he swore that he would be her protector from that day forward. Growing up, she and Junus was close than the traditional relationship that was shared between brother and sister. Due to her father’s military career, she went many years without seeing the man that sired her. Even then, the child held a fascination with Marcus. An almost worship in a sense. And when he did return, a year after her schooling began it was to divorce her mother. So she could marry the Emperor, Claudius. 

It was not to her liking. She was wary of her new stepfather, and she wasn’t please with him taking it upon himself to change their names by adopting her and her siblings. It got things muddled and confusing. Becoming the daughter of the Caesar, in name, meant her education became more intense. Now THAT was to her liking. She was always a bright student for whatever tutor that was granted to her, and she often found herself learning along side Junus. Even if he was three years older than she. Her mother's marriage to Claudius lasted only a handful of years before the man was nearly assassinated once, before falling victim to another attempt five years after he forced her mother's hand in marriage. Not before Flavia became a big sister, to twins Tiberius and Claudia.


Darius was now Emperor, and their father was back in their lives in some form. However, any joy from her brother's raise to power was quickly stamped out. After conquering Britannia, Darius fell gravely ill. Death would eventually win out, no matter anyone's efforts to turn him away. The next few days were a blur. Between her father and Junus becoming co-Caesars and her parents remarrying, the years following was blissful as she finally had the chance to actually know her father, instead of only getting nibbles and tidbits about it between his assignments. 

The year 60 became the/year that would forever define Flavia, in her own opinion. Her father had gone to war, whilst her mother's health began failing her. Although Mater had let not the first soul know, Flavia could tell. Things, while subtle, change in a person when they are dying. She had seen and studied it closely in Darius when he laid in his bed, wasting away from whatever barbaric illness he caught in Britannia. She had no choice, nor would accept any other, but to stay at her mother's side as the mysterious ailment drained her life away and the God of Death stole her soul to the underworld. What she was not prepared for was the news of her father's injury and subsequent death. Nor was she prepared for her brother, her Junus, to be murdered during the games he held to memorialize their mother. 

The new year dawned, and Flavia found herself under the wardship of the dictator. Her position precarious and future highly uncertain. Survival mode kicked in, and the masks she practiced from youth became a constant in her life. There was no time to wallow in the self-pity which lurked in the corner of her psyche whenever she found herself alone. Then Clemens happened and something deep inside of her gave in. She had become tired of everything and allowed her guard to lower, let him in. Only to find out the man and the fruit he was offering to her was poison. Upon her wedding day, she public denounced him, sparking a riot in her name by the common folk that had came to see the event. Clemens, in a fit of anger, gives her a near fatal wound as those loyal only onto him began a massacre through the streets of Rome. 


The Gods, however, seemingly had other plans for her. She would live and would come face to face with visions  of her childhood. As she regained her strength, those who had been close to her parents and had decided do stay in Rome began to plot against the tyrant that held her prisoner. Coming in the form of Alarci Stilicho and Antonia Vitellia. The night he decided to bed her was the last night Clemens would breath. A poisoned dagger protruding from his chest, a tearful wife claiming an unknown assassin. Nothing was proven and nothing was ever looked into and she was finally free. Allowing her to finally grieve and heal.

She married, for the second time, in the spring of 67. It was a quiet affair, unlike the one to Clemens. The man more or less nudged towards her in the years before by her uncles, a son to one of Caesar's generals. Gnaeus was, in truth, a simple man who had no love for a military life nor any great political ambitions. At first it was a marriage of emotions. He suited her own desires to stay out of the limelight that was Rome's high society, while keeping her close enough to it be with her remaining family. 

Most importantly, he took his time with her. Allowing her both the chances to get to know and to be use to having him around her. All the while, understanding of her past and fears. Even steadying her for the hard blow that came with her Grandmother's death. Upon the birth of her eldest child in the 69, Flavia found herself pulling away from Rome even more so than, drawn to the country side. Determined not to raise her children in the toxicity of the city she use to love. The walls of the domus that use to be home to her was tainted with too much blood. Too much violence. Too many bad memories. The years that followed saw the birth of her son and then the closing of the first decade her uncle held power. In the dusk of 73, she gave birth two more girl. A set of twins she did not expect. Honoria, named to honor Flavia's father and Saturnina, to honor the day the twins were born.





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