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Lucius Caecilius Metellus


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Lucius Caecilius Metellus

48 | 7th Nov 25AD | Senatore | Senator | Bisexual | Canon | Tom Ellis





Lucius is a cunning man with a desire for survival. He keeps his private life firmly in the private sphere with few, if any, confidantes who he would confess the secrets of his mind to. From birth, he saw himself as the protector of his family, and aimed to keep them safe. He smiles rarely, instead spares this for those who he is most close to and those people are few in number. Politically, he does not speak of his ideals nor does he reveal much about what his goals are. Discretion is part of the reason why his family has been able to survive for so long. What he is appreciative of is the peace that has been granted after a long period of chaos. 

He has a desire for order. It is shown in his clothing and how he prefers to keep things around him. 

His motives are based on what he views to be ideal at the time. He has a fondness for his family yet also has high standards for their behaviour. His children are representations, no, extensions of himself and he expects them to behave in a way befitting the family name.



Lucius has an olive skin tone, dark brown hair and brown eyes. His build is relatively average, his height is average (5'7ft) and has an average build. 

He wears clothing that is clean and well ordered. 



Father: Gaius Caecilius Metellus (deceased)

Mother: Hermina Aquillina (deceased)


  •  Caecilia Metella Major (deceased)

Spouse: Currently widowed. 
Late wife: Potitia Memmiania (deceased)


  • Caecilia Metella Minor. (b. 39)(deceased)
  • Lucius Caecilius Metellus Minor (b. 58)
  • Stillborn son. 

Extended family

Daughter's children.

  •  Lucius Flavius Alexander.
  • Publius Flavius Alexander. (deceased)
  • Cneaus Flavius Alexander. 

Sister's children.

  • Fabia Maxima Minor
  • Tiberius Fabius Maximus
  • Quintus Fabius Maximus



Connections through his late sister to the Vestals. 
Connections to the Imperial family through his daughter's marriage into the Imperial family. 
Connections to his mother's family.
Hermina Aquilina - Late mother.
Quintus Fabius Maximus Major - Former brother-in-law. 


(I hope to add the family members sometime. I hope that is ok, Goth.)



Lucius was born in 30AD to a wealthy and influential family. His family name and bloodline went back to the days of the Republic and the founding of Rome. His childhood was spent with his tutors and learning about what his place, his role was in society, and he soon found himself to be. Lucius was dedicated to his studies, quiet and determined. He had high standards of conduct for himself. Instilled in him from a young age by his parents. He was concerned about his sister, Caecilia, especially when he became aware of her passion for Pontia Comina. His sister, a tribade? (lesbian). Fortunately, it did not take his father long to find a suitable husband for her and she began her wifely duties of producing children. 

Many years ago his father had arranged a marriage between his daughter and Jullus Flavius Alexander, a notorious Imperialist like many other politically aware people did. It was best to survive for now. While it was considered distasteful, family prosperity and survival were the most important parts. Lucius spends time with his nephews in order to try to teach them and to shape them into the men they should grow into. In 58AD, his wife gave him the blessing of a son to continue his family name and bloodline. Lucius felt a protective urge over his son and a strict desire to see him grow into a proper Roman. 

He sided with Scaurus and went into self-imposed exile with the other Republican minded Senators. After Scaurus was defeated, he was among the other Senators who joined with Quintus Alexander, and hoped there would be some Republican sentiment. Practicality meant that they would side with their best bet. Clemens and Cotta had already spoken about slaying their ranks. In an unfortunate twist of fate, his father went back to Rome under the banner of truce and was executed by Clemens. The vile man was later slain. The event left him in grief, anger, and paterfamilias of his family. Years later, his sister died and he was without his only sibling. He received a second clemency from Quintus Caesar and gratefully accepted  the offer. He moved back to Rome, and began to reconnect with his old peers. Unfortunately his late wife passed in 65AD and currently has no interest in finding a wife. However, if a dignified and worthy bride is made known. If a suitable woman is not found, he is happy to adopt a child of his family. Over time, he settled into the regular life in the peace that Alexander had brought to Rome, and is a regular feature within the Senate. 

He values the peace that Alexander brought yet has his concerns about his sons. Quintus Caesar will not live forever, and he desires to see Rome grow and prosper. For now, he watches and waits to see how things will progress. 

His recent history has been spent ensuring the family name continues to remain prominent, and seeks to advance himself through the Senate. 



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