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Lucius Antonius Alexius


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38| 15 May 37 AD | Freedman | Guard | Bisexual/Hypersexual | Original | Dan Feuerriegel





As a slave, Alexius – formerly Lexus – used to dislike Romans a great deal. He tried to keep it quiet on a daily basis, but among other slaves, it was hard for him to keep his mouth shut. He was determined to gain his freedom someday, and this was why he managed to stay silent after all, so he would not die before he could reach his goal. He hated being a slave though, so as a gladiator, he took his anger and hatred for the Romans out on other gladiators in the arena. This was how Lexus grew strong and gained the good reputation for surviving so many years. After Lexus was finally freed and changed his name, his outlook on Romans has changed too. 

Many things have changed though, since he was freed a little more than ten years ago. He has worked as a lanista and experienced being an outcast among former friends. He returned to Germania, but was an outcast there too, after many years in Rome and returning to a tribe where no one knew him. Now he’s back in Rome, but among the Romans, he’s still just a freedman and not an actual Roman. Where does Lexus really belong?

The question made him go through a quite dark period of his life and in a way, he’s still there. Sure, the old Lexus still shines through. Outwardly, he still appears as the man he used to be, with plenty of self-esteem and libido to go around. There is a good possibility that Alexius is actually hypersexual and addicted to sex, since he just can't stop, even when he ought to. He wants to stay true to someone; he wants to settle down. But there's still nothing he likes more than a good night on the town, with a drink, maybe a brawl and then of course a beautiful woman or a handsome man (or maybe both) in his bed, or wherever else they may go together. This is how he likes to spend his free time, drinking and drowning himself in pleasure to forget how he does not belong anywhere. But behind the façade, there’s a man longing for someone to accept him and someone who will make him feel as if he belongs. The question is if he will ever get that far...



Alexius is a tall and muscular former gladiator, hailing from Germania, just outside the Roman empire. He’s quite tall in Rome especially, standing 6’2” tall, towering above most Romans. His brown hair is worn short and is just long enough, so that you can see it’s slightly curly. His eyes are blue-grey and you can easily tell his emotions by looking at them; he’s bad at hiding his emotions. He’s tanned from being outside a lot. He has several scars especially on his arms and chest from his years as a gladiator.



Father: Eberhard (dead)

Mother: Ishild (dead)

Siblings: Amalia (33, unknown whereabouts)

Spouse: N/A
- previous spouse: Ariella Alexia (divorced)

Children: Lexus Naevius Gineverus (16)

Extended family: N/A

Other: Former lovers include Claudia Gaia, her freedwoman Nahia, Naevia Ginevera (his son's mother), Achillia, Agapetus, Annis... and many more!

Current employer: Teutus Quinctilius Varus 



CHILDHOOD [37 to 46 AD]:

  • Lexus – who to this day cannot recall the name his parents gave him - was born into a family within the Chatti tribe in Germania. They lived on the Northern side of the Rhine, and when he was born, there was peace. As a child though, he often heard the stories of his greatgrandfathers who fought against the Romans and the general Varus in the Teuteburger Forest and beat them, so that they would never take his tribe’s lands. His ancestors were the reason why Lexus was free and not a Roman, and he was proud of this, already as a child. He loved sitting around the fire at the hearth in the house in the evenings, listening to stories about the battles and often he would imagine himself as a great warrior, fighting the Romans and winning. But his mother told him, that there was peace now, and Lexus would grow up to become a farmer, just like his father. There was no need to consider fighting in battles or wars, even if this interested him greatly.[br]

    However, he thought he would indeed be a farmer like the rest of his family and most people in the village. Of course though, this course of life was prevented. There was a constant demand from the Roman Empire for slaves, and though German slaves were not considered the best sort, they could be useful. The village was one day attacked by another roaming tribe of Germans, looking for slaves to sell. They were not prepared in the village, and those who did not die during the attack, were captured and enslaved. Lexus tried to hide along with his sister, Amalia, but their parents were killed and the children were found. Lexus was 7 years old at the time, and he held on well to his little sister and did his best to protect her. 

    It was on the way south that he came to hate being in close spaces and cages, for this was how they travelled – he sat in a wagon with his sister, embracing her most of the time. It didn’t take long for him to begin missing freedom and the ability to run… but Lexus wasn’t able to ‘run’ for many years though, for after the long journey South, he and his sister were sold as slaves to the same household in Rome. Amalia came to work in the kitchens, while Lexus was taught how to take care of the horses. He absolutely hated being a slave. Lexus could often be caught daydreaming about the old stories about how his people fought the Romans and won… but here he sat, as a slave to the very same people his ancestors fought against!


  • As he grew older, he would learn how to fight though. He grew tall and working with the horses ensured that he grew strong too. So when Lexus’ owner lost his fortune, someone else luckily saw Lexus’ potential. In the year 51 AD, when Lexus was 14 years old, he was sold to a gladiator school – to become a gladiator, of course. At the same sale, he lost his sister, who was sold to someone else while Lexus went to the gladiator school. He missed his sister a lot, but he also knew he had to work even harder now. Lexus was aware that he could die in the arena, but he was also aware that his purpose was to fight and win and live. He knew that he could honor his ancestors by staying alive and fighting to become free again and eventually one day leave Rome. Lexus still hated the Romans, but he tried his best to follow orders on a daily basis. When he was 15 years old, he experienced pleasure for the first time with an older and experienced female slave of the same house, as his owner thought that losing his virginity would do him very good. And it did. It became the beginning of his neverending desire for more of that. Meanwhile, he also grew stronger and more skilled at fighting. He fought his first fight in a smaller arena when he was 17 years old, and he has survived since then, moving on and towards the grand arenas. He learned how to give the crowd some entertainment, but never did he forget his longing for freedom. He also hoped that if he gained freedom, he’d find his sister… and go home.

ADULTHOOD [56 AD to 73 AD]:

  • Eventually, Lexus would get at least one of the things he hoped for in life. He fought for years in the arena and gained quite the reputation – both in the arena and it became quite known that he enjoyed sex with whomever would sleep with him. Lexus was not fussy, as long as he thought his partner was good looking. When he was 22 years old, he was sold from his original lanista to another Dominus and another ludus. At this point of his life, he was a champion - a primus. After a win in the arena for his new owners – patrons - he was given a night with the personal slave to his new owner’s wife. Her name was Ginevera and she became pregnant and had his son in September 59 AD. Ginevera was freed however, before she gave birth and Lexus had never met the child. Later that same year, he also met Achillia, a gladiatrix with whom he fell in love. She even became pregnant too, but sadly, she lost the child before it was born. In the spring of 60 AD, Lexus changed owner again, as the ludus was handed over to the nephew of his first lanista. His new owner was Lucius Antonius Octavianus. And it was at this point that Lexus thought it was now or never – and dared to request freedom from his new owner. To his great surprise, Lucius took him up on the request, freed him the next day, and made Lexus the new lanista of his newly acquired ludus. Lexus took his owners name, changed his slave name slightly, and has since then officially been known as Lucius Antonius Alexius… although among friends, he’s still known as Lexus.

    As a lanista, he married Ariella Alexia in 61 AD and in 62 AD, he left the hard work of a lanista to someone else, as his former owner allowed him to leave Rome to finally return to Germania – as he had longed to do since he was a child. He brought Ariella with him on the long journey and was glad to at least have someone. For when he returned to Germania and found the area where his village had once been, he learned that it had been burnt down decades ago and no one ever rebuilt it the same place again. Now there was just a field where he had once played with his sister… and everyone who once knew his family were gone. Germania was not the paradise he’d dreamed it would be and he returned to Rome with his wife, now feeling as if he did not belong anywhere. In Rome, he had always been a slave and a gladiator. When he was freed, the gladiators treated him differently than before and the Romans still did not consider him a real Roman. And in Germania, he did not belong either.

    In the end, his marriage suffered under all this. Alexius fell into a dark pit in his mind, and began sleeping around again and drinking, despite having a beautiful and young wife who adored him. He also took work as a guard and spent more time away from home than in it. The life Alexius was used to live was gone and while his wife became pregnant and they hoped to become parents, she miscarried. Eventually, Alexius decided they’d both do better without each other. Since he divorced his wife, he has not taken a new one. He spent many years working as a guard for various nobles, escorting them around in the Empire, but he has now returned to Rome to try and settle down once more. Alexius has even considered returning to life as a gladiator, thinking if does, he may actually stay until the arena takes him for good. This is where his life took him. Lately he has worked as a personal bodyguard (with benefits and feelings involved) to Oriana Laecinia, but Alexius found it hard to stay true to her and she was bound to marry sometime. Now he lives in an insula with his 16 year old son, whom he only just met recently, taking various small jobs when he can, while he still hopes for the next proper job and perhaps, someday, a lover who will accept him as he is with his desires to sleep around with many.



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