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Tertius Quinctilius Varus


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46| 15 November 30 AD | Senator| Praetor | Bisexual | Original | Craig Parker





What Tertius wants is to honor his family and family name. He has done this in many ways… he has been a loyal brother to his siblings and a good son to his father, when the old man was still alive. He has done his best to delicately climb the Course of Honor and he believes he has done well in all the things he has done. Only in one area has he failed so far; and that was when his brother returned to Rome, alive and apparently not speaking about his years away. The relationship between the brothers has not been good since Secundus returned. 

Now Tertius isn’t a bad man. He can certainly be kind and charming and if you want to talk to him, you definitely can. He is loyal to those that are loyal to him, or so he says. So if you open your heart to him and he can do the same to you, you are both good. He wanted and gained that kind of relationship with his wife; they were open and honest with each other and did not keep secrets. It functioned well, although the two were never in love. It was a very practical marriage and they remained good friends. Tertius was surprised and mourned for a long time after her death, but he also began taking better care of his daughter… to the point where he actually spoils her badly. 

So really Tertius believes he is a good man. But don’t cross him or force him to distrust you. He can be manipulative and can lose his temper, but he is very careful about it as he won’t dishonor his family or their name. This is why he mostly stays neutral in politics too, so far, because he would rather know what is going on than fall for some blade murdering those on the wrong side. However, if his loyalty in you should fail, he will do his utmost to make sure that you take a heavy fall from grace. But if his loyalty in you stays the way it is, then he is your best friend and with benefits too. 



Tertius likes to give a good impression to people who don’t know him well. This is why he dresses well, but not too well… and yet not poorly either. He wants to reflect someone trustworthy. Tertius prefers colors like dark crimson or dark blue, and not because they match his eyes, but because he feels they match his personality. His stunning blue eyes are mostly kind and yet there is probably a calculating spark to them, if you take a closer look. His brown hair is worn short and neat and he is sometimes, but rarely, seen with a bit of a stubble. Beneath his clothes, Tertius may be of short height, but he is also strong and has a good physical form. If he hadn’t been born a free Roman, he would probably have made a good gladiator. But he is far from one.



Father: Publius Quinctilius Varus Major (dead)

Mother: Laelia Calida (dead)

--Brother: Publius Quintilicus Varus Minor, Deceased at age 15
--Brother: Secundus Quintilicus Varus, 48
--Sister: Quintilia Varia, 40, Widow

Spouse: Antonia Justa (dead 65 AD)

Antonia Varia (b. 64 AD, 9 years old)
Teutus (23, son of the slave Varinia, no longer in the household)
Peregrinus (b. 75 AD, son of the slave Charis)
Wulfric (24, b. 52 AD to the Chatti princess Frieda, with whom Tertius had a short affair)

Extended family:
-- Niece – Sergia Auletia, 18
-- Nephew – Marcus Lucius Auletius, 15


Body slave: Hector (22)


CHILDHOOD [30-44]:

  • Tertius Varus was born as the third son to his parents and thus he never thought he would inherit very much at all. He was well liked by his family and had more freedom to do whatever he wanted to do than his brothers did. You could say he’s the spoiled youngest son, although Tertius would never say that about himself. He enjoyed a fairly carefree childhood with the usual fights between brothers, but it was never a big deal and they all got along very well.


  • When he was 15 years old, his eldest brother Publius died from decease, leaving Tertius the second inheritor of the family fortune, name and reputation. He still had his brother Secundus though and Tertius was actually just fine with being second in line. Still though, he aspired towards becoming a senator in Rome and wanted to honor his family and his name – and he worked hard towards the goal, encouraged by his father. 

    When he was 18 years old, he was elected as one of the ten judges of lawsuits, possibly because of his father pulling quite a few strings for his youngest son. At the same time, he began keeping a body slave in their household and the slave, Varinia, gave birth to his son a year later. Tertius however could not act as a proud father, since she was not his wife and his son was simply a slave. They named the boy Teutus. A few years after this incident, Tertius was sent abroad to serve as military tribune along with his older brother Secundus. The brothers both served in Northern Gaul, near Germania.

ADULTHOOD [50-73]:

  • Tertius had been in Northern Gaul in four years, when his brother Secundus was reported missing after a mission in Germania. Tertius was a bit embarrassed over this, after the history of his family with those in Germania and the infamous battle against the Germans in which his ancestor lost his life… but he did not speak about it much. Instead, the same year, Tertius returned to Rome to tell the news about his missing and presumed dead brother – and of course to help his father out, since Tertius was now the only and eldest son in the family. Suddenly, he was the heir.

    A year later, Tertius was elected as quaestor and was quite content with his life as it was. He did not have time for much else though – he enjoyed helping his father and serving as quaestor without also having a wife to take care of. In fact, his interest in women wasn’t that great. He had his slave lover when he was a younger man, but after having spent time in Germania and among mostly men in the camps, Tertius’ like for women had lessened and he now kept a male body slave instead. Not that he dislikes women though, but men just seem more convenient for him - and easy on the eyes. The good thing about this was of course also, that the male could not get pregnant with his child and Tertius did not want another bastard like Teutus. Meanwhile, he also entered the Senate as a back-bencher and enjoyed following the discussions. At the same time though, Tertius was careful when it came to politics, because he over the years saw what happened to those who involved themselves too much. He decided that working quietly in the background was safer.

    In 61 AD however, his life changed despite how content he was. The family suddenly received a letter from Secundus, who was apparently alive but had survived with a tribe deep in Germania. Secundus returned to Rome, but refused to speak much of his time in Germania. Instead, with their father becoming old and sick by now, he buried himself in work and pushed Tertius aside. Tertius was naturally very frustrated and upset over this. He’d served his father and Rome and the family for years now, assuming he was the heir, just like everyone else did. And now Secundus came back to ruin it all. At least Tertius could calm himself by thinking that Secundus had no wife and heirs and at least Tertius had a young son. He knew he needed a legitimate heir though and perhaps gaining one would make his life and his part in the family safer again. Meanwhile he also did what he could in the senate, as he got to know more of the others and got himself involved to climb the Cursus Honorum further.

    Eventually Tertius married Antonia Justa, and the marriage was perfect for both of them. Antonia actually preferred women in her bed and Tertius men in his. They agreed to marry and produce an heir and beyond that, they could sleep with whomever they wanted and no one would ever blame the other. The marriage worked out perfectly. Tertius moved into Antonia’s home and became the Pater Familias of his own household and could now care less about his brother Secundus, with whom he’d had quite a few fights since the other returned. His marriage with Antonia was however short-lived. She became pregnant, and she gave birth… but to a girl. After the birth she was very weak and she never fully recovered. Antonia died in 65 AD, leaving Tertius alone with their daughter, whom they had named Antonia Varia. Even though she was a girl, Tertius came to care about her a lot and spoiled her as much as a father could. In their household his son with a slave, Teutus, also lives. After Antonia died after failing to bring him a male heir, he has been taking better care of Teutus and is considering to adopt him, since he has no true desire towards marriage again - unless of course he's given an offer he can't refuse.

    Now, in 74 AD, Tertius still serves as a praetor in Rome - he's done that for over 10 years now - and has no desire to rise to Consul. He's content with his life as a Senator. On the homefront however, he is growing a little bit bored with life and wants something to spend his time on. The last four years, he's spent a lot of time and coin on his body slave Hector, who has also become his lover and is quite obedient, but although he enjoys that part, it is also not very exciting. He has recently thrown his 'love' on his newest slave, Charis, who may threaten Hectors position in the household. Meanwhile he also spends his time spoiling his daughter, teaching Teutus useful things to prepare him for free life, but it is still not enough it seems. Tertius wants more. He just doesn't know what it is.


30 AD - Tertius is born as the third of three sons to his parents
45 AD - Publius, the eldest brother, dies. Secundus becomes the main heir of the family
48 AD - Tertius joins the Viginitiviry
50 AD - Tertius' son Teutus is born to a slavegirl in the household
51 AD - Tertius serves as a a military tribune in Northern Gaul near Germania with his brother Secundus. He has an affair with a Chatti woman called Frieda.
52 AD - Frieda gives birth to Wulfric, Tertius' son, without Tertius' knowledge.
55 AD - Secundus goes missing after a mission in Germania and is soon presumed dead. Tertius returns to Rome to help out his father, as he is now the last male heir to the family.
61 AD - A letter arrives from Secundus, who is alive and soon returns to Rome and takes over from Tertius. The brothers don't get along well.
63 AD - Tertius marries Antonia Justa and moves out of Secundus' home
64 AD - Antonia, daughter to Tertius and his wife, is born. It was a complicated birth, leaving his wife weak.
65 AD - Antonia Justa never recovered after the complicated birth and dies
67 AD - Publius Quinctilius Varus Major dies, making Secundus the new Pater Familias.
75 AD - Teutus is freed in the spring. Later that year, Peregrinus, son to Tertius and the slave Charis, is born. Peregrinus is recognized as Tertius' son and heir.
76 AD - Tertius' son Wulfric appears in Rome, wanting to know his Roman family. Tertius does not trust him. By Saturnalia 76AD, Tertius frees Charis to live with her as his wife

Atrice | GMT+1 | PM or Discord #7964

Info about Tertius' daughter, Antonia Varia - click spoiler:




Antonia Varia


Born August, 64 AD – 9 years old – Senator’s daughter

Antonia is still quite young and she is kind and sweet towards most people. She’s very used to getting what she wants, because her father has always spoiled her – and she is also quite innocent, still more or less oblivious to the evils of the world. She has fine dresses and jewels and eats well too. Antonia knows that her father loves her and that he will do anything to please her – and while she also loves him, she of course also knows just how to wrap him around her finger. She’s a bit worried that he will find a woman to watch over her, because she will not be able to charm such a woman as easily as her father – and she does not mind that he has not found a new mother for her. She can be a bit of a troublemaker at times, when things don't go her way… which is why things often do end up going her way. Tertius will rather see her pleased than see her make a scene.

Antonia Varia is the only legitimately born child of Tertius Quinctilius Varus and his late wife, Antonia Justa. The birth went all right at first, but something went wrong after the child was born and Antonia Justa never fully recovered after the childbirth. She died a year later and the daughter, Antonia Varia, was named after her. She does not recall her mother, and has been brought up by her father, her half brother (and slave) and the house slaves. Tertius adores and loves his daughter and hates the thought that one day, he’ll have to marry her off. Luckily she’s still very young and there’s a few years before he has to marry her away to someone.

She has an older brother, Teutus, who is a slave – but she is aware that he’s her brother. Teutus always takes good care of her and is very protective over her, although to this day she does not know if he does it out of brotherly love or to get on his father’s good side. Antonia likes her brother though and hopes that her father will one day really adopt him. She also knows that since she’s growing up, her father has been looking for a proper chaperone for her, but apparently it’s hard as he does not feel anyone can ever truly replace her mother. She’s told she looks a bit like her mother and that her mother had beautiful red hair, just like she does.




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