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Lexus Naevius Gineverus


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15| September 59 AD | Plebian | Gardener for Oriana Laecania | Unsure | Original | Landon Liboiron





Lexus Minor is young and so far somewhat inexperienced in all the pleasures life has to offer. He feels he has something to live up to though, because his mother has told him about his father and since their return to Rome, he has been asking around and found out the tales were probably true - his father was a player, loving both men and women and plenty of them in his bed. And he had a bad temper, which was why he was such a good fighter in the arena as a gladiator. 

Young Lexus isn’t sure he can live up to all this – he has never even kissed a woman and not a guy either and his mother won’t let him even try to fight; she fears he'll inherit his father’s love for fighting and she thinks it’ll lead to his fall from grace, and she wants her son to become a good man. Young Lexus does indeed sometimes have a bit of a temper and he's at the same time very curious, sometimes to the point of being nosy... which means he also has a knack for getting himself into trouble On top of that, he's also often quite clumsy, which doesn't help at all and more often than not lands him in trouble. 

He’d love to learn how to fight though, and how to argue properly. He is in general just very curious and wants to learn about life. Maybe he'll take an interest in politics with the right teacher? And what else does Lexus want? He just wants to find his place in Rome, a meaning with life, something to do with it and in the meantime, explore the city and the people with an open and curious mind. Sometimes too curious and openminded, probably…



Short brown hair, often just tousled, a handsome jaw and cheekbones and clear blue-grey eyes is what Lexus appears to have inherited from both of his parents. There’s often a playful glimpse in those youthful eyes, although Lexus is far more inexperienced than he’ll often let you think. He’s still growing and has not reached his full height yet, but he’s told that he is tall for his age – probably also something he inherited from his father, for his mother is fairly short. He does not own a huge amount of clothes and most often he can be seen in a dark grey tunica and dark crimson breeches underneath. Of course he wears a belt too and usually simple sandals or slippers. For colder days and evenings he has a brown cloak to wear.



Father: Lucius Antonius Alexius, 36

Mother: Naevia Ginevera, deceased October 74AD

Siblings: N/A

Spouse: N/A

Children: N/A

Extended family:
-- Aunt, father's sister: Amalia (unknown whereabouts)




CHILDHOOD [59-72]:

  • Lexus' father was the infamous gladiator from Germania, Lexus, who lived as a gladiator in Rome in the 50's AD. Ginevera, his mother, was once given to Lexus after a fight in the area, as her mistress was Lexus’ patron and had been very fond of the gladiator. She became pregnant with his son and was later freed by her mistress, Naevia Geta, before she gave birth to the child. That meant Lexus the younger was born in freedom and not as a slave - and he has always been grateful for this. 

    The first many years of his life was naturally spent near and with his mother and her new life as a freedwoman. At first they lived in Rome, but eventually they left and travelled and settled down where ever she could find work – often as either a seamstress or as a nanny. His mother never married. Lexus does not recall it as a troubled childhood though, although it was often hard having to move around and try and find new friends. Sometimes he also misses having an actual father, but he never mentioned this to his mother.

    He only knew what his mother had told him about his father - that he was from Germania, that he became a famous and surviving gladiator in Rome and that he had many other lovers than just Lexus' mother. Young Lexus never actually met his father.


  • They returned to Rome when Lexus was 13 years old, only a year ago. It was only after their return to Rome, that Lexus learned that his father had been freed many years ago. Apparently his father even became a lanista and married another woman, before they both left to return to Germania where his father was originally born. Young Lexus has no desire towards that though; he is now 14 years old and has a desire to make his own life in Rome. He has considered signing up for the legions and go fighting - he always had a bit of a temper - but his mother will not let him fight. His father was a gladiator and could easily have died and she will not risk the same for her son. Instead young Lexus must find something else to spend his time on, while in Rome... but what? 
  • In October 74AD, Lexus was invited to work for Oriana Laecania and also encountered his father for the first time. Shortly after that meeting, his mother died after an attack in the streets. He now works in Oriana's garden and does not quite know what to feel about anything after his mother died. 




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