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After Alexius suggested Aeneas went to get cleaned up before they left, he noticed how Gaia looked at the gladiator too. Right. This could turn into a very interesting afternoon, but of course, he didn't know if Aeneas even liked men. Not all people from the Northern countries understood the Roman ways, although when it came to that, Alexius was actually glad he was here and not in Germania. Sleeping around with your own gender was not as common there as here. But he said nothing so far and soon enough, the gladiator went to get cleaned up and find a tunica.

He smiled when Gaia nudged and winked at him, gods he could easily get ideas about what was on her mind. Gaia then wondered if Alexius could give Aeneas any tips.

"I probably could, although he looks very well trained so far. I don't think he'll have any trouble survivng in the arena. And he's good looking too, so he'll also be popular on that account." Alexius added with a wink to her and looked up to see if Aeneas was returning anytime soon. Quietly he wondered if Gaia's daughter had taken any liberties with her gladiator yet, if she was anything like her mother, she most likely had. And then he thought about that first time he met Gaia, she delivered him peaches - and more - and he would not forget that. What a lovely woman she was. 

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