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Hello there,

I'm looking for some slaves for my character, Claudia Caesaris

No playbys have been listed because I'm pretty easy going about that sort of thing. If you have any questions about them. Please feel free to ask! ❤️ 


Age: 25-35
Nationality: Open
Personality: Bubbly, good natured and happy go lucky. 
Skills: Cosmetics slave. 


Age: 25-35
Nationality: Open
Personality: Pretty open.
Skills: General attendant.


Age: 30-40
Nationality: Open
Personality: Wise, friendly, loves learning and teaching. 
Skills: Tutor, teaches languages, knowledgeable about womens health


Cynane -- taken by Atrice.
Age: 25-35
Nationality: Open
Personality: Firm, protective, resilient. 
Skills: Sword and spear. Acts as a bodyguard. Former Gladiatrix. 


Age: 25-35
Nationality: Open
Personality: Quiet, hard working, trusting. 
Skills: Hair slave. 


Volusa -- taken by Sharpie.
Age: 17-19
Nationality: Open
Personality: Loyal, friendly, good conversationalist although knows when to be quiet. 
Skills: Body slave.  Constantly with Claudia. 


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