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Marcus Aemilius Scaurus Alexander


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 Marcus Aemilius Scaurus Alexander






Outwardly, there is not much one remembers about Alexander. Coming across as introverted, quiet and stoic, obstinately so, he tends to live and thrive in the shadows of his older brothers. And this is nothing new. Since youth, mostly thanks to his father not having much of an imprint on him. Nor did many of his older siblings, as age and life created a rather large barrier between them. All the while hiding a determined spirit to one day prove himself, not to just his families, but the world as well. And as that youth, he was iron-willed and at times intrusive. Often questioning why and how things were. The latter has faded with age, as such traits do with the passages of time. There is a strategic mind there as well, one that thrives though has had its failings in his decision making in the past. Lessons he had to learn in order to grow. Perhaps there is too much of his mother in him and not enough of either of his fathers. Perhaps that was where his downfall laid. But he learns his life lessons well, nor does he repeat them.



In looks, Marcus favors Octavius more than any of his other brothers, at least to those still living. A fair complexion that tans lightly due to exposer to the sun, a head of sandy brown hair cropped short and sensibly, and piercing blue eyes only become more so the darker his skin tone comes during the warmer months. His frame is tall, slightly above average of the normal Roman male, and is fit and sturdy thanks to his military career and active lifestyle. He favors a simple tunica when in casual settings, but is often seen in his gear due to how often his eldest brother sends to the line. A tunica laticlavia comes into play for his wardrobe when he can attend Senate.



Cnaeus Flavius Alexander Germanicus | deceased

Marcus Aemilius Scaurus | deceased

Cornelia Annthea | deceased.

Quintus Flavius Caesar Alexander Augustus
Rufus Flavius Alexander | deceased
Flavia Lucilla Augusta | deceased
Jullus Flavius Alexander
Dessius Flavius Alexander | deceased
Octavius Flavius Alexander

Manius Aemilius Scaurus

1. Furia Camilla Minoris | deceased - childbirth
2. Pinaria Lucretia

Aemilia Scaura | B. 67 AD | BY Furia Camilla Minoris
Aemilia Laeliana | B. 70 AD | BY Pinaria Lucretia
Publius Aemilius Scaurus | B. 72 AD | BY Pinaria Lucretia
Gnaeus Aemilius Scaurus | B. 74 AD | BY Pinaria Lucretia

Via Quintus
Sister-in-Law (Current): Julia Drusilla Augusta
Nephew: Publius Flavius Alexander Belanus | deceased
Nephew: Titus Flavius Caesar Alexander
Nephew: Cnaeus Flavius Alexander Gemellus | deceased
Niece: Flavia Caesaris
Nephew: Drusus Flavius Caesar Alexander

Via Jullus
Sister-in-law (Current): n/a
Niece: Flavia Juliana
Niece: Flavia Alexandra | deceased
Niece: Flavia Alexandra | deceased
Nephew: Lucius Flavius Alexander
Nephew: Publius Flavius Alexander | deceased
Nephew: Cnaeus Flavius Alexander

Via Lucilla
Brother-in-Law: Marcus Rufius Honorius | deceased
Niece (adoptive): Claudia Livia | deceased
Nephew: Marcus Rufius Honorius Darius | deceased
Nephew: Decimus Rufius Honorius Junus | deceased
Niece: Rufia Flavia
Niece: Claudia Caesaris
Nephew: Tiberius Claudius Caesar

Via Octavius
Sister-in-law (Current): Valeria Maxima
Nephew: Octavius Flavius Alexander Minor
Niece: Flavia Valeriana

Via Manius (step/adoptive brother)
Sister-in-law (Current):


The Flavi Alexanderii - Paternal Cousins
The Corneli Scipionis - Maternal Cousins
The Pinarii Nattae - In-laws

Personal household slaves, etc




Laelius Flavius Alexander was born into this world at the bosom of a rising yet influential family, however his birth held little weight in comparison to his elder siblings. He was the youngest, the mistake, the one that should have killed his mother if Cornelia Annthea wasn't made of stubborn iron. Even then, he was a quiet child, which must have deleted his mother and nannies, seldom fussing or crying. From the start, he was more Annthea's child that he was Cnaeus', mostly due to the fact that his father was often elsewhere in the Empire, almost forgotten by the man who had sired him until he came home. The elder of his brothers were much the same. Which, in truth, was unsurprising as at least two of them were old enough to be his own father.

By the time he learned to walk and wander freely on his own, however, his nanny and mother quickly found the young boy exhausting. He was inquisitive as a child, if not intrusive, prone to asking the same question a dozen times to see how many variations of the answer he could get. An annoyance to the adults around him but a delight to the tutors he was given by the time he was old enough to begin his schooling. A clear change in the child's behavior had been noticed, for for the first time since he learned how to talk and walk, he had finally been willing to be quiet and sit down long enough to listen and learn. He soaked up the core lessons and was the first to demand more from his mater when he found them lacking in material.


Life during his formative years for the most part ran smoothly. As did his lessons. The world around him having little impact on him, seemingly. Even as his nephew became Emperor, and his family was jostled even more into Rome's spotlight. However, life seldom sails smoothly for long. A lesson he learned when he was becoming a young man, destined to follow in his father's footsteps. It was not Claudius being assassinated that turned his world upside down, he barely knew the man. It was his own pater's death that made him realize that men were incredibly human and mortal. Even great men like Alexander Germanicus. If anything, it made him down his own place in the world. And within his family, and from there a silent determined spirit grew within him, one that would stop at nothing to prove that he wasn't just another son or another brother to his kinfolk.


In the year 57, he entered the military under the well known shadows of his late father and brothers' career. Having everything to prove and nothing to lose, he proved to be good at both following orders and taking the initiative. His Minerva-blessed strategic brain proving to be a favored trait of his by those who he had taken as his mentors. And a clever mind indeed, becoming far more interested in politics than he was years passed. And late the following year he was sent to Judaea, due to the bubbling unrest, a command which eventually falls into the hands of Alexander's future step-father. And he was not in Rome when news of his sister's death reached him. Trailed by the news of Honorius and Junus' death. However, despite the loses, he chose to stay at his post. When he does return to Rome, in 61, it is to see his mother remarried again after her short marriage to Publius Natta. Only to be adopted by the man he had served under.

In the early winter of 62, his newly adoptive father retired from politics and retreated to his home in Syria. Alexander following the couple east before falling under command of his eldest brother in nearby Cappadocia. However all of it was just the calm before the brewing storm. Four potential Caesars had risen, the legions each declaring their neutrality or their support. Blood, his family's blood, had been spilled and stained Rome thanks to Clemens. And he chose a side. A decision, years later, he would never come to know if it was correct or wrong. Forced between the brother he had never really known and the father figure he had come to trust, he chose Marcus at his mother's urging, not to betray his brothers but to have eyes and ears within Scaurus' numbers. But still, it did not surprise him that his elder brothers took it as what it looked like.

The following years saw his eldest brother rise to the purple and he lowered to whatever placement his brother decided to give him. And he knew it was only due to the instance of their mother that any held any meaning at all as far as his career. And it was Annthea, in her last years, that secured a match for him. A pretty little mouse named, Furia Camilla Minoris, whom he married in 66. She was unsuspecting yet of a good family. Befitting his then-current status in the eyes of Roman society. She didn't mind being the wife of the forgotten Alexander and soon enough fell pregnant with their first and only child. There had been complications and in the end he was presented a daughter only to be told that his wife had hemorrhaged. There had been nothing that could have saved her. He does not name their daughter after her mother, instead she goes down as Aemilia Scaura, for he could not bring it upon himself to cause more grief upon his house.

He was barely beyond grieving for her when his mother fell ill for the final time, and the illness slowly had seeped her life away from her. He never asked what took it's hold on her, allow Death to lead her away, but during their final talks she made him promise to marry the daughter of an extinguished flame of hers. In haste to please the dying woman he had agreed. He did not find neither joy in his nephew's birth or absolution in his mother's deification. And in his own mourning shut out many of those he use to call friend. It would be nearly two years before he followed through with his promise, not wanting his mother's soul to be restless. He married Pinaria Lucretia, the youngest daughter of Publius Natta, late in the summer of 69, and she quickly fell pregnant.

Begetting him a daughter the following year, whom they named Laeliana after his birth name. December of 72, the nursery would once again gain a new addition. A son this time, named Publius, as Alexander decreed that it would not be right nor proper of him to take the name Marcus from his adoptive brother's children. As 73 dawned, he had finally become restless in the shadows that had been cast upon him due to his older brothers glory.



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