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Jullus Flavius Alexander


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The surface is the same as the core of his personality. Jullus is a serious and stern man, loyal and blunt to a fault. He has been harden by war and by life, so such a man is expected to have blossomed out of the studious boy he had once been. He is a man that loves seldom, but when he does love - it's deeply and any lost cuts to core and bleeds him.  He's a honest man, one that takes betrayal of any sorts personally and can be unforgivable at times. Forgiveness is something he's learning over time as he grows older and sees his siblings and children thrive in the Rome that had been rebuilt since the Civil War. Despite his stern military manner, he is well educated and on topics that do interest him he's proven to be quite the debater. He would be what we consider in the modern world as demisexual, sex - to him - being a means for procreation. Romance was reserved for those that need not carry on family traditions. He cared for both of his wives, but love would not be something that came into the picture - at least from what he understood of it.


Jullus favors neither of his parents greatly, but like Lucilla, was a mix of their best features. If anything, despite their gendered differences, the twins did resemble one another while Lucilla was still alive. At least until the very end when her illness had sapped her of her beauty. His body is marked with scars both from training, childhood and battle. He's most at home in his armor, but when the sisters manage to convince him to relax, his clothing is simple in style but clean and of fine fabric. 


FATHER: Cneaus Flavius Alexander Germancius; deceased
MOTHER:  Cornelia Annthea; deceased 

Quintus Flavius Ceasar Alexander Augustus, Alive
Rufus Flavius Alexander, Deceased
Flavia Lucilla Augusta, twin, deceased
Dessius Flavius Alexander, Deceased
Octavius Flavius Alexander, Alive
Laelius Flavius Alexander, Alive [adopted, known as Marcus Aemilius Scaurus Alexander now]


current : widowed

previous : 
Laelia Serginilla [first wife, divorced]
Caecilia Metella [second wife, deceased via childbirth; d. 66AD]


Flavia Juliana (daughter of Laelia Serginilla) 
Flavia Alexandra (deceased; daughter of Laelia Serginilla)
Flavia Alexandra (deceased; daughter of Laelia Serginilla)
Lucius Flavius Alexander (b. 60 AD, by Caecilia Metella)
Publius Flavius Alexander (deceased, by Caecilia Metella)
Cnaeus Flavius Alexander (b. 66 AD, by Caecilia Metella)


via Juliana

Quintus Caecina Tuscus, Son-In-Law, alive

Caecina Tusca , step-granddaughter, alive
Quintus Caecina Tuscus Minor, grandson, alive
Caecina Tusca Minor, granddaughter, alive
Caecina Laelia , granddaughter, alive

via Quintus

Julia Drusilla Augusta, Sister-in-Law, alive

Publius Flavius Alexander Belanus, nephew, legalized bastard, deceased
Titus Flavius Caesar Alexander, nephew, alive
Cnaeus Flavius Alexander Gemellus, nephew, deceased
Flavia "Rutiliana" Caesaris, Niece, alive
Drusus Flavius Caesar Alexander, nephew, alive

via Lucilla

Marcus Rufus Honorius, brother-in-law, 'deceased'

Claudia Livia, niece, adopted into the family, deceased
Marcus Rufius Honorius Darius, nephew, deceased
Decimus Rufius Honorius Junus, nephew, deceased
Rufia Flavia, niece, alive
Claudia Caesaris, niece, alive
Tiberius Claudius Caesar, nephew, alive

via Octavius

Valeria Maxima, sister-in-law, alive

Octavius Flavius Alexander Minor, nephew, alive
Flavia Valeriana, niece, alive

via Laelius

Pinaria Lucretia, sister-in-law, alive

Aemilia Scaura, niece, alive
Aemilia Laeliana, niece, alive
Publius Aemilius Scaurus, nephew, alive


Household slaves and guards for his children, extended family both paternal and maternal.



As long as Jullus could remember, he was never alone. Born the elder of a set of twins, he would come into life the third son of Cornelia Annthea and her husband, the great war hero Cnaeus Flavius Alexander Germancius. Other children would soon follow them. As a child he always knew his path, to follow his father's footsteps into the military. To make his family proud with conquests whilst serving the Empire. His childhood was largely uneventful, at least for the children of the household. The first change in his life was when his sister was married for the first time and the twins were at long last separated. In the following years he would marry Laelia Serginilla and in the year 43 his first child was born. A daughter, named for him. It was hard not to express disappointment in the sex of the child, he needed a son and his disappointment only grew with the next two daughters his wife presented him. The marriage would later end in the year 59.

His sister's life as empress, while not the cause, would eventually lead to destruction, though he found himself outside of Rome and stationed in places far away.  And thus seemingly was unscathed by most of it. His fatherhood was much akin to his own father's, cold and dismissive towards his children - and the man knew no other way. As one of many sons of Alexander Germancius, Jullus threw himself into his father's footsteps, forging his career as a soldier. Which was where he would remain until his sister fell ill, their bond leading him back to Rome. And in the following months and years found himself divorcing one wife only to marry another. Desperate for the son he needed to carry out his legacy. His long awaited son came right before the purging of his family and eventually an action that would lead Roma to civil war.

Life after the civil war and his elder brother's rise to Emperor was not as smoothly as one would believe they would be for him. He and Caelia did not remain compatible once he settled to the assignments Quintus gave him. He was too harsh a military man to understands the needs of a woman, but still the gods saw fit to bless them with a child in the autumn months of 65. A boy named Publius, bestowed upon the babe in remembrance of his fallen nephew. But that winter was harsh and cruel, and in the dawning of the new year, as winter dragged on, Publius died in his crib. His wife inconsolable in her grief blamed him for the incident. And in their fit of anger towards towards each other, lost themselves carnally in the heat of the moment. Cnaeus, conceived that night, was born healthy and strong, but his birth would mean the death of his mother. She would hemorrhage, and afterwards his living sons were left in the care of his daughter or sister-in-law. 

A new year began with 67ad rolling in and changes would not stop, he found. The young woman Octavius escorted back to Rome became the talk of the city, the daughter of Caligula and the last remaining connection to Augustus himself. Julia Drusilla had defied the expectations that she would be as mad as her father had been, and it brought much joy to the family and to the eternal city the day she was wed to Quintus. Jullus found himself protective of his newly made sister, quietly so, for he found her kind, well-educated and soft spoken - passionate for the down trodden with a compassionate heart to do better. Though his bond with her is clearly not as deep as the bond she formed with Octs, he did not mind. But the family's joy did not last long. Annthea's health could not withstand the good tidings and she spent most of the year ill.

And in a twist of life, he found himself with something in common with his young brother. A dead wife. Laelius' suffering brought down the wall of morality and loyalty that Jullus had built between them and he began making strides to mend the bond. Annthea died in the autumn of this year, and he found himself orphaned. The birth of Drusus was enough to soften the blow of the Matriarch's death for the majority of the family and those that orbit it. Jullus wondered if, perhaps, the gods had decided to take Annthea to make room for the little prince. And the years to follow moved slowly, and he slowly began to build his bond with his remaining children.




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