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Oppia's Family and Gang Members Wanted

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Oppia Nitra is looking for her two younger siblings, a husband, a body slave, and a bodyguard. Also, she would happy to have gang members and associates as well.  FYI she is the gang leader of the Mandatum. You can take a look at her app here. All Faceclaims are suggested, you may use whoever you like.  I will add more information later. 


Oppius Nitrus

Image result for sterling sulieman

23  || little brother || Suggested FC: Sterling Sulieman 

Info: Oppia's right-hand man...don't tell Quintus that. They are very close and he acts as a protector of sorts. Has decent fighting skills, something he learned when he joined the Mandatum at the age of 15 to watch over his older sister.  His personality is open, but he has to be involved enough with the everyday ongoings of the gang that some people think it is really him calling the shots instead of Oppia. His father is unknown and his mother disappeared when he was around 11 years old. 



 Oppia Mnema 


18 || little sister || Suggested FC: Taylor Russell 

Info: Personality is fairly open. Her father is unknown and her mother disappeared when she was about 6 years old. She was raised by her older sister, Oppia Nitra. It is up to you whether Mnema is apart of the Mandatum.  I kind of figured she wouldn't be married yet, but that is up to you.  

Ideas: If you want to discuss 


 Quintus Atius Lepidus

30's || Oppia's husband || Social 



Image result for carol kane gotham gif

50's || Advisor || Witty || FC: Carol Kane 

Quintus' mother and part of Oppia's inner circle. She was Oppia's first ally. 


Body slave/Confidant

Related image

20's || FC: Hera Hilmar  





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30's || Sly || Greedy || In it for himself || FC: Nick Tarabay 

Takes a little off the top for himself, which Oppia has allowed because he is good at his job, but recently he has been doing questionable things and Oppia is keeping a close eye on him.


13 -18 || Brother and sister team || 

Oppia took these two under her wing shortly after the takeover. Their parents died sometime during Oppia's take over of the Mandatum and its separation from the Syndicate. 


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