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Welcome to my plotter, you'll find my characters below.

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Flavia Caesaris
The daughter of Caesar, princess of Rome.

Sharp as a tack and a hurricane in the making, Rutiliana is slowly becoming a force of nature as she blossoms into womanhood. At 13/14, she has yet to be married or even discover herself as far as sexuality goes, and a betrothal is to be expected here. So you'll need to talk to Chris if you want to toss a young roman noble her way. She loves her family greatly and considers her stepmother to be her true mother and her cousin, Claudia, to be her sister.

Looking for just about anything in general, just either ping me here or nudge me on discord, I'm always in hiding there.

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Omg yeeeeeeeeeees!

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I have the following I would like to offer;

  • Clauds - It would be interesting seeing them as they are growing up or even something more recent. 
  • Gaia - I am interested in seeing how she would be with Gaia, given Gaia's personality and Rutiliana's. Especially given Gaia's reputation and former status, it could be interesting. Corinthia is also on the table. 

I also have Octs or Juls (the latter being more of a hermit). If you have any ideas for my other characters, let me know! 😄 

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More than a day late and always a couple dollars short, sorry you two!

@Gothic Eris would love threads with your ladies, I know we already had one with Ru and Clauds but I feel that they just orbit each other. As for Gaia, she wouldn't be anything but polite and sweet to her, same goes to Corinthia - even if Corinthia is angry at the universe, lol.

@Sarah I'd love a thread with the two!

@everyone else - Toss 'em at me! Plz!

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