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27 | 20 March, 47 CE | Peregrinus | Interprex | Bisexual | Original | Rose Leslie





Aius is generally friendly and naturally curious, but life has taught her she has to be very careful about whom she trusts. She is quick on her feet and tends to think her way out of situations, which is to her advantage since she rarely has the upper hand in a physical confrontation. When cornered, she tends to lash out (verbally, emotionally, or physically, depending on the situation). She enjoys the small blessings in life (especially good food), and has a permanent distaste for cold weather. She tends to put on an act of bravery that borders on audacity to keep up appearances as a young man. She dreams of earning her citizenship and seeing more of the empire (especially the city of Rome). She picks up on languages quickly and has a knack for conversation with all kinds of people. She rarely ever flirts (knowing it might have dangerous consequences), but makes friends whenever she can. She has never been raised or taught to think, behave, or live like a woman, so now that she is starting a new chapter in her life, she finds a Roman woman's life more than a bit challenging. She is equal parts excited, curious, frustrated, and terrified.

(A note on the name: Aius has been using the masculine, Latinized name since she was 6 years old. Arriving to the imperial household in Rome, she will have to learn to use the feminine version again, but it is not a smooth process just yet.)



When looked at as a young man, Aius definitely looks short and scrawny for her age and her military past (she is 5'3" tall). Her bright red, wavy hair is kept cropped short to add to the masculine image. She has grey-blue eyes and some freckles. Years of harsh living in Britannia, combined with the constant binding of her chest from a young age left her looking thin rather than curvy (which plays to her advantage in hiding her sex). She usually wears simple tunics, woolen cloaks or capes, and even pants in cold weather; she tends to dress in layers to add some bulk to her appearance. She smirks rather than laughs, but has a kind smile when she lets her guard down.

As a young woman, Aia is not exactly attractive. She moves somewhat awkwardly in women's clothes, and finds jewelry and makeup baffling. Her hair has not grown out yet, which makes her an awkward sight. She has a lot to learn before she can be called anything even remotely elegant. 



Father: Eburo (deceased)

Mother: Aia (deceased)

Siblings: none

Spouse: none

Children: none

Extended family: none

Other: none



47 CE - Aius is born, under the name Aia, to cives peregrini parents in Gaul. She's a girl. 

53 CE - Aia loses her mother to fever. Her father, who is a merchant and therefore travels all the time, decides to raise her as a boy (for safety), and take her with him on his journeys. He hopes to make her heir to his business since he does not intend to marry or have children again.

57 CE - Roman legions invade Britannia. Aia (now called Aios, Latinized as Aius) and her father accompany them as suppliers for the army. Aius begins to pick up local languages over the course of their travels. She shows a talent in learning them.

61 CE - Aius loses her father in an attack on the legion's supplies in the harsh months of winter. Left completely alone, she volunteers as an interprex for the legion (and lies about her age). Since she speaks not only Latin and some of the dialects of Gaul, but also some of the local Briton languages by now, her help is sorely needed for negotiations and scouting, so no one looks too close at who (or what) she is. She makes herself useful.

63 CE - Aius works as an interprex for the legions in Britannia (Interprex Britannorum / Gallorum). She makes friends with Decimus Rutilius Atellus, who eventually discovers her secret of being a woman when she is injured in an attack. Decimus keeps the secret, and the two work together to survive various other Briton attacks and skirmishes. Aius is not great in a fight, but she is good at scouting in Briton territory, and interpreting sensitive conversations.

Around 72 CE - With Rome's control over southern Britannia stabilized, military personnel is being moved around. Decimus leaves for Gaul and then Rome. Aius stays behind, training as an interprex in more languages, and making herself very useful during negotiations. She starts to learn some Germanic languages from soldiers from the Rhine border.

73 CE - Aius runs into trouble. Some of the new soldiers from the legion start suspecting her identity, and a badly planned late night hazing / confrontation turns violent. Aius fights her way out, but not without being injured (cuts, bruises, cracked ribs). The altercation, incidentally, is broken up by the legate, who soon finds out that his talented interprex is a woman. The matter is considered serious enough to be brought in confidence to the proconsul, Quintus Caecina Tuscus. It is decided that Aius is too useful for the severe punishment for her crime, and the issue is best covered up for reasons of morale. Aius is unofficially pardoned, and presented with the option of being sent to Rome with a letter from the Proconsul, to serve as a tutor in languages to the children under the care of his wife, Flavia Juliana. 

74 CE - Aius arrives in Rome, still dressed as a man, but about to begin a whole new chapter of her life in an imperial household.



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