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Appius Cornelius Scipio


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Appius Cornelius Scipio.

Forty | day month 34AD | Senatore | Senatore & Paterfamilias | Heterosexual | Canon | Daniel Gillies





Appius seeks to redeem his family name after it was tarnished by his elder brother's errors. Appius is hard-working, naturally a politician and has an open friendly manner that tends to lure people into a false sense of security. He is perfectly happy to work in the shadows, nor does he need recognition for any deeds that he completes, and instead prefers to see his goals succeed. A negative personality trait is that he doesn't push for his own ends. 

Frequently he finds himself bickering with his sister, Decima. Instead he favours his sister, Cornelia and enjoys her company the most. Most of the time, his conversations with Decima end up turning into shouting matches and he hopes to find a husband for her to get her out of his house. 

His relationship with his wife is favourable and happy, as is his relationship with his children. He takes an active role in their education and wishes for them to grow into strong Romans. Their union was originally for political purposes, and he is fortunate. In the company of larger crowds, he becomes more extroverted in comparison to his quiet, wallflower spouse yet does not try to change her. 



Appius could be described as being handsome. He is slightly taller than average and carries himself with a relaxed and confident demeanour. His hair is cropped short and he is clean shaven revealing a strong jawline. His clothing is clean, well-ordered, and preferred more simple tastes. 



Father: Appius Cornelius Scipio Germanicus (deceased)

Mother: Tullia Lucilla (deceased)


  • Lucius Cornelius Scipio Daccius (deceased)
  • Cornelia Decima
  • Cornelia Scipionis

Spouse: Horatia Pulvilla


  • Appius Cornelius Scipio Minor (b. 60)
  • Gneuas Cornelius Scipio (b. 60)
  • Cornelia Appiana (b. 64)
  • Lucius Cornelius Scipio (b. 67)

Extended family
Related to the Imperial family through Cornelia Annthea.




Appius was the second son and third child of Appius Cornelius Scipio Germanicus and Tullia Lucilla. He grew up in Lucius' shadow and idolised his elder brother, and followed him around frequently. Much of his time is spent in the company of his sister, Cornelia and the extended network of cousins, friends of the family, and other relations. As he grew older, he began to realise the risk and the danger that Lucius' actions had caused the family and wondered if he had lost his mind in the process. His sister, Decima, was far too lustful and did not behave according to proper traditions. Cornelia and Appius traveled a lot in their youth. Constant companions. In 48AD, he defended his father on the Senate floor, but alas, it was not enough. Appius Cornelius Scipio Germanicus was slain. He returned home in a daze, his face and clothing coated in the blood of their father. Appius does not remember the events that followed. The children went to live with Annthea, they grew up around her and the Flavi Alexandri cousins. Lucius, the elder brother, the sun and Appius always felt as though he was in his shadow. Lucius later betrayed his family and ended his life in an attempt to restore himself. Appius could not shake the feeling of both disappointment and frustration at his actions. 

It was when Cornelia and Appius both agreed that it was up to them to restore the family name, and began to work together. 

Appius married Horatia in 59AD (and similarly, it was the same year that Cornelia married Quintus), and it did not take long before his twin sons, named for their late grandfathers were born and he became a father. His political career continued to grow and advance. The dictator, Cyprianus, tried to woo him over to his side only to be rejected time and time again. Appius watched with concern, after the death of his cousin Lucilla there was a domino effect when it came to the tragic events that occurred. Afterwards came the deaths of both Honorius and Junus, the two Caesars and it left a power vacuum that Cyprianus and later, Clemens, decided to exploit for their personal ambition. Appius was present at the farce of a wedding ceremony when Clemens married Rufia Flavia, however, he could not do anything to prevent the harm that would come to her. When the civil war flared up and the allies of the Flavii-Alexandrones were slain. He asked his sister, Cornelia, for advice and she recommended that he go to Quintus in the East and serve him there. The siblings parted with tears, with his wife and sons in their care, he left and only returned to Rome when Quintus was victorious. He trusted his brother-in-law would do anything in his power to keep his family safe. It did not make it easy though. 

Soon Appiana, his first born daughter was added to the family and she was sickly. Unfortunately, he could not devote a great deal of time to tending to her. Much of his time was spent in the political sphere. Determined to restore his family name once more. After his brother and uncle, Appius was determined to put in the work and the hours. He wanted to make himself available to service for his cousin. Soon, the Gods made him the Paterfamilias of their family, and it gave him authority over them. The younger siblings were determined to restore the family name and honour. In 67AD, Lucius, his youngest son and hopefully the redeemer of the name was born. The last of his children that he would have with Horatia. 

Annthea, his aunt and the mother of the new Caesar began to wither and pass. His sister, Cornelia was always closer to her than he was and he mourned the passing of his aunty. Things began to prosper, a sign of Rome returned to the former glory. In recent times, Appius has secured himself within the Senate and is determined to restore the family name. He is also currently seeking a husband for his sister, Decima and determined for her to marry well. 



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