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Caius Lupus


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Caius Lupus.

forty four | day month year | Plebeian | Fast food vendor | Hetroflexible | Original | Russell Crowe





Loves to gossip and complain about how hard he works. He spends a lot of time complaining about the youth of today, and how there is no respect. Despite his lazy behaviour the rest of the time. Caius is hard-working when it comes to his business. He believes himself attractive to others yet his behaviour often means he is left without. Caius believes himself to be a true Roman, a proper Roman, and believes he knows everything about how the empire should be run. He is also known for his loud rants and tirades that can be either highly irritating or entertaining for his guests. Caius is often impatient and angry with his slaves for not working hard enough. 

It is his goal for his daughters to marry up or as best as they possibly can. Unfortunately, it has also meant that he rarely lets the pair of them out of his sight and can be incredibly controlling with them. He does not do it out of hatred but from his own idea of love. The loss of his mother has made him determined to ensure his daughters do well. Everything depends on them now. 



Five foot tall and has the appearance of being wider than he is. He has a stocky build, muscular but with a pot belly from too much sampling of the food. His hair was once a dark brown that has faded to a brassy brown colour with flecks of grey and his skin is red from being so close to heat for so long. While his clothing is of reasonable quality, it is usually covered in grease from his time cooking and has scars from burns up his arms. While it was quite "unRoman" to have a beard beyond the normal mourning period. He is still grieving for the loss of his wife. 



Father: Gaius Lupus (deceased)

Mother:  Gaia Artemisia (deceased)


  • Gaia Lupa (deceased)
  • Titus Lupus (in the legions somewhere)
  • Gaius Lupus Minor (deceased)

(the rest died of early childhood illness).

Spouse: Sergia Ostinia. Widowed.


  • Caia Lupa.
  • Sergia Lupa. 
  • Stillborn, wife died too. 

Extended family:

Open, will likely be made into wanteds. 


Slaves: Wanted ad.


Caius was born into the crowded insulae and soon found himself joined by other siblings who often died young. His father worked on the various projects of the Caesars while his mother worked to sell things at the market. This meant he spend a majority of his time with his mother. He helped her sell, cleaned storefronts, and did anything he could to help. The rent of the property was high. Their family lived in the poorest part of the building, up the very top and there was always the risk of fire. Determined to make something of his life, he ended up getting a job in a poppina. One of the many in Rome and began to work. The hours were incredibly long. Yet he was never drawn into the life of crime or anything else.

Only through grit and hard work would he ever prosper.

He married his childhood sweetheart in a ceremony when they were both fairly young. Eventually, he was able to rent a decent spot with a landlord who was not corrupt nor try to put his hand up his wife's skirts. His business soon profited with fried foods and something similar to a hamburger. Bread, minced meat, a few spices, cheese, and served up to guests as they ran by. The business was profitable yet it meant that he would end up needing to pay protection money to the gangs to ensure that "other gangs" did not cause any issues for him. Fortunately, he did not get caught up in the civil wars that ended up causing many to lose their assets, and lives. Eventually, he was able to involve himself in the patronage system that gave him access to a loan and a place to open up, "Food of Wolves" (Cibus autem lupi) and has the slogan. "Food for true sons of the wolf." 

After the passing of his wife he has been working hard to ensure that his daughters would have proper dowries in order to ensure that they married the best quality men possible. And naturally, he has an opinion on anything and everything.  Even if it is something he is not particularly educated about it. 



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