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32 | 07 July 42 CE | Slave | Gladiator | Bisexual | Original | Zach McGowan





Favian is first and foremost an excellent fighter be that with his fists, dagger or sword. He honed his skills at sea as a captain of the pirate vessel the Raider. He was a famed and notorious pirate of the seas, a holy terror some said, yet brave and fearless often risking his life to save those of his men.  He'd always had a love of the sea even as a small child. He dreamed of nothing more than sailing off to interesting places and a life of adventure.  All of his reasons for piracy weren't for fame or fortune but to be able to give to those of his village and family to make their lives easier. He's a natural born leader that others are quick to follow.  That made finding crewmen relatively easy all wishing to sail under him for he was fair and honest and loyal as the day is long  as well as being a seasoned captain that was intelligent, cunning, and deadly. He's not a man that should be crossed. Once trust is broken there are no second chances with him. The worst way to get on his bad side is to lie to him or attempt to stab him in the back. That's a good way to get one killed. Many men have died beneath his sword for those reasons alone. He refused to conform to society rules and the only ones he follows are those of his own.  To family and friends he's good natur-ed and loving willing to help out whenever he can. Though he spends most of his time at sea. He has a weakness for beautiful women, alcohol and opium. and can often be found at brothels in whatever port he visited.

He was happy and lived a productive life but that all changed when he lost a battle at sea and was captured by the enemy who just happened to be  a pirate  slave trader.  He was extremely rebellious and dangerous. If he could've he'd have  slaughtered  the captain and the lot of his entire crew. The only thing that kept him from doing so were the chains that he'd been placed in. During their travels across the Black Sea it became apparent to him that should he continue to revolt that he would be slain as two of his remaining crew members were butchered right before his eyes and there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it.  He didn't wish to die not like this. He'd always wished for a heroic death battling at sea rather than put down like a lame horse that was found unfavorable. He would bide his time until an opportunity presented itself to escape or earn his freedom. Somehow, someway he'd win it and then he would seek out that slaver and get his revenge.


Favian is a handsome man, standing at an impressive height of 6'1, with broad shoulders and athletic frame.  His long brown hair is worn down and the sides often pulled back and tied with leather or in several braids. His most striking feature are his eyes which are a intense blue with tiny flecks of green and his smile.  His skin is weathered and tan from all his time spent beneath the hot rays of the sun while at sea. His body is marked with several scars from injuries he attained both as a pirate in skirmishes and his time spent as a gladiator in the arena. He wears a brand upon the left side of his chest put there by the slaver pirate captain that enslaved him when he lost his first battle at sea. Before his capture at the age of 27 he used his good looks to win the favors of both women and men whichever struck his fancy at the moment. Rarely was he ever turned down which only added to his confidence in his sexual conquest.



Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Adopted father  Duras (deceased)

Siblings: Unknown

Spouse: None

Children: None

Extended family:  Uncle Duras (deceased)

Other: 1st Cousin Phaedo though he hasn't seen him since he was four years old.



His childhood years (42-55 CE)

Favian was orphaned shortly after birth but luckily a man by the name of Duras heard him crying and found the boy swaddled in a worn blanket. He picked the boy up and took him home to his goodly wife who'd longed for a child for so long but found herself to be barren.  Given his adopted fathers name of Duras they accepted him as their own. He never learned who his real mother or father was nor if he had any siblings. All he knew was what he'd been told. He had a happy childhood with his adopted parents. His  mother was a  baker and sold her goods at market  while his father was a fisherman in a small yet close knitted village right on the coast of the Black Sea. At the age of five his father began to teach him the trade. He loved the sea and would often be found gazing off seeing nothing but blue for as far as the eye could see. He dreamed of adventure and sailing off on one of the many ships that he spotted sailing by and the few merchant ships that docked along their shores. Making land they would often seek to replenish their stocks in their small village and young Duras would follow them to taverns or wherever they ventured and listen to the stories of living a life as a sailor. He swore that one day he would captain his own ship. 


His teenage years (56-60 CE)

At the age of fourteen he finally talked his way onto that of a crew. He'd followed the merchant around for years, every single time that he docked and had made an impression upon the captain at his zest for life and determination. He could tell that the boy wanted nothing more than to be at sea so he took the lad on. Duras completed every task given to him be that assisting the cook or scrubbing the deck. He never complained. He was just happy to be among the crew and the beginning of accomplishing his life long goal to one day be a captain himself. Slowly but surely he worked his way up in rank with a talent for navigation and leadership. He earned the crews trust and their respect which wasn't an easy thing to do. To his utter surprise he learned that this was no ordinary merchant. Their first skirmish at sea proved that. They were pirates! After his initial shock wore off he found that he enjoyed it and set his head on learning how to be as great a fighter as his crew mates. He was a fast learner and was soon proved to be an excellent swordsman and was just as good with his fist or dagger. He was brave and fearless and placed himself in danger many times to save a crew mates life.

n 59 CE he learned that his village had been attacked and rumor had it that his adopted mother and father had been slain along with his Aunt and Uncle and their young son at the age of four had been taken and sold by slavers. He was filled with grief and guilt because he'd not been there to protect his family. The battles at sea were his outlet that he used all of that pent up rage and anger into taking out the enemy. He became even more ruthless and bloodthirsty than he ever had before.

Adult years (61- 65 CE)

 As the years went on he  became more skilled and at the young age of nineteen earned the title of first mate.  That was a great accomplishment for his age.  It seemed that fate championed the bold and they never lost a skirmish at sea. Yet there was something  that were about to happen that would forever change his life.   He was devastated  when their captain was injured during a battle at sea and the wound became infected. Despite all of their efforts to save him. the infection spread and they buried him at sea.  Now they were left without a captain and when they put it to a vote he was voted in unanimously as captain at the young age of twenty-three. This was what he'd always desired and wanted more than anything. but not at the price of the one person that had always believed in him, took him on and mentored him. It was a sad day indeed saying goodbye to his old friend and captain who had been like a second father to him.

Life at sea as the captain of the Raider  (66- 69 CE)

He had big shoes to fill but he meant that he wasn't going to let his crew mates down. Their reputation was carried on through him and they became even more fiercely feared and one of the bloodiest crews around. They claimed the goods from those merchant ships and brought their haul back to their village and after distributing a fair share among the crew gave to the less fortunate of their village, the widows and elderly as well as the much needy orphans.  While he enjoyed his free time on land with pleasure slaves he'd never formed anything in depth or tied himself to one person.  Being the wife of a pirate wasn't exactly something a woman wished for and he didn't want to worry about dying and leaving a wife and any children that might come from the union without a father. His love was his ship, his family away from home, his crew, and his life was found at sea. 


His first lost battle at sea  -  captured and enslaved (69 -73 CE)

It was on a stormy day in August when they targeted the wrong ship. The battle raged on until  the opposing captain got a lucky strike with a sword slicing into his side. One by one his cremates fell in battle. as they fought for their lives until many of them lay broken, bleeding or dead. He and the remaining  remaining few alive were taken captive and enslaved. His injury was tended to and he miraculously survived. He wondered if death would have been better. At least he would have died heroically in battle doing what he loved rather than the bitter consequences of his failure. When they reached the end of their journey he was put up for auction . The slaver pointing out that he'd make an excellent gladiator due to his swordsmanship and hand to hand combat.

Life as a Gladiator  (74  CE)

"Fortune favors the brave or so they always say"

No longer would he be know as Duras. He was re-named Favian which means the brave one or bravery.  

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