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Quintus Flavius Theodorus


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43 | 9 April 31 CE | Plebeian | Medicus (Ludus Magnus) | Bisexual | Original | David Tennant





Theodorus is friendly, curious, and talkative. He is eager to ask and eager to learn, and has no qualms about starting up conversations with complete strangers. He has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and a keen interest in the workings of the human body. No issue is too small to marvel at, and no mystery, illness or ailment is too insignificant to present a challenge. Blessed with a scientific mind, Theodorus like to study his patients as much as cure them. He does have a friendly and easy-going disposition, which tends to put his patients at ease (unless they are annoyed by how much he talks, which tends to happen). He has a hard time adhering to strict rules and regulations, despite his time in the military, and has no talent for diplomacy, but he is honorable, and honest to a fault, which can be to his advantage (although it is a double edged sword sometimes). 

There is also another, less often shown side to him: Despite his interest and enthusiasm for medicine, the suffering he has seen on the frontier has not passed him by. Sometimes he tends to get melancholy, and he is angered easily if he sees people needlessly hurt. He has no qualms about human bodies, but he does not handle the sight of unnecessary cruelty well. Also, despite his friendly and talkative nature, when a situation gets dire, he changes into his more serious, veteran medicus self, sets pleasantries aside, and he goes to great lengths to save a patient's life.



Theodorus is sinewy rather than muscular, and tall rather than bulky (5'7"). His hair is dark brown and cut short, and he tends to sport stubble more often than not (sometimes he can't afford a barber, and sometimes he simply forgets). His beard is starting to turn salt-and-pepper from its earlier dark color. He has brown eyes with wrinkles that signal both good humor and a lot of nighttime squinting over books. He tans easily under the Italian sun, and has a bright, friendly, occasionally quirky smile. He has slender hands and deft fingers, which is an advantage in his job. His face is especially expressive, and makes it hard for him to lie, or even feign emotions, even if it would be to his advantage. He also finds it difficult to sit or stand still, and he has a tendency to pace and gesticulate while thinking or talking. He usually wears simple tunics, cloaks of common colors when the weather requires, and broad-brimmed hats to protect him from sun and rain. He is most often seen carrying his bag stuffed with medical tools, supplies, and book scrolls. 



Father: Demetrios

Mother: Aglaea 

Siblings: 3 younger sisters - Iokaste (41), Ligeia and Chryseis (39)

Spouse: None

Children: None

Extended family: None

Other: None



31 CE - Theodoros is born in Corinth, in the province of Achaea. His father, Demetrios, is a physician in the local Aesclepeion. As the only male child, Theodoros is trained by his father from an easly age in the science of medicine. His mother is also well versed in the use of herbs and remedies, and supports local women with advice in medical matters. She works as a maia, a midwife. 

33, 35 CE - Three daughters are born to Demetrios and Aglaea - the older is named Iokaste, the younger twins are named Ligeia and Chryseis. The household is noisy and happy. Theodoros loves his younger sisters, but the more he learns about medicine, the more he wishes to see more of the world, gather more knowledge and experience, and explore more ways of healing people.

47 CE - With his father's (hard-earned and much begged) blessing, once he is 16 years old, Theodoros joins the Roman army on the eastern front, and becomes a medicus-in-training attached to the Legio XII Fulminata. During the occasional skirmishes along the frontier, he gets his first chance to treat battle wounds. He is mentored by a veteran Ionian Greek medicus named Marinos. They mainly speak Greek, but Theodoros' Latin is improving.

52 CE - Revolts break out in the province of Achaea. Romans move potentially dangerous auxiliary units (those with a significant number of Greek soldiers that might sympathize with the rebels) away from the province. Theodoros is moved to the Rhine frontier, to Germania Superior, and serves as medicus to the Legio I Germanica. He has a hard time adjusting to the new scenery and the new languages, but his skills as a battlefield medicus are improving fast. Back home in Corinth, his family weathers the conflict in relative safety. Theodoros loses touch with them, except for the occasional (once a year, once in two years or so) letter.

62-63 CE - Tumultuous years along the Rhine frontier. The legions of Germania Superior play an active role in politics, and when the frontier weakens, the German tribes begin to see an opportunity. Theodoros faces the Luggi & Marcomanni invasion with the legion, and sees more bloodshed than he thought he would in a lifetime. The Roman legions are eventually victorious, and the frontier is strengthened again, but those two years leave a deep mark on Theodoros, who tends to mask the memories with a mix of dark humor and dedication to his vocation. He throws himself into studying medicine any way he can.

72 CE - After 25 years of service, Theodoros receives his military diploma, and with it his Roman citizenship. He takes the name Quintus Flavius Theodorus, in honor of the emperor. As per Augustus' orders almost a century ago, he also receives equestrian rank, and a piece of land... in the province of Pannonia. Theodorus (now using the Latinized form of his name) is dreaming of traveling to Rome to continue his studies of medicine, or maybe traveling Achaea and Egypt to learn more. Reluctantly, he travels to Pannonia instead to inspect his newly granted lands - and finds them little more than a field or rocks and thornbushes. The taste of equestrian citizenship sours in his mouth. He quickly finds a local buyer for his land, and sells it for a meager amount of money, that is only enough to get him to Rome and set him up in a small apartment for a few months. Since he cannot produce the minimum income required to maintain his equestrian rank, even though he is still a citizen, he slides back to the level of plebeians. 

73 CE - Theodorus arrives in Rome and finds a place to rent in a building of apartments. Since he has no income and no connections, he looks for a job that fits his skills. He is eventually hired as a medicus at the Ludus Magnus, where he can put his battlefield experience, and his expertise with flesh wounds and broken bones to good use. After the initial distaste for the gladiator games, he realizes that there is a lot to learn, and that there is money in making sure the expensive slaves don't die of minor wounds. Eventually, he moves into a small room at the Ludus, and continues practicing as a medicus, with occasional forays to consult other physicians and healers around the city. 




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