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Name: Astraea

Occupation: "Management" for Caecina 

Age: I imagine in her late forties to early sixties

Play-By: Gothic had an idea but I need to check back in with her 😉  Otherwise, player's choice!

Nationality: I imagine her as Greek, though any national origin will do!


Astraea is Caecina's main slave, given to her by her father as an early child to curb her immaturity and brattiness. Since she was a small child, Astraea has been almost like a mother figure, though more of a disciplinarian who ensures that Caecina is on her best behavior, especially in public. I imagine Astraea has been in Caecina Tuscus's household since she was young and has grown into a trusted slave, which was why she was trusted with Caecina's raising. She is a wise and clever woman and not much gets by her. Caecina loves her but is wary of her, and Astraea loves her charge like a daughter but is not fooled by any of her posturing and trickery. I would love to have Astraea to accompany Caecina places and act like a mother figure. She is allied with Juliana to ensure Caecina is well behaved and eventually married to a proper young man. Let me know if you're interested in playing Astraea ❤️

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