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A goddess by two names


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Gods existed beyond the mortal realm, and beyond mortal boundaries - therefore, they were known by many names in different corners of the world. The goddess that Theo grew up worshipping in Corinth was known as Athene, but among the Roman legions she was called Minerva. By either name, she was a goddess of keen minds and battlefield tactics, terrible in anger but benevolent to those seeking knowledge, protecting those who were faithful to her. Over the course of his years in the legions, Theodorus worshipped her and often prayed to her. She was not the only deity whose help he'd seek, but she was the closest to his heart, and in some moments, especially in those that could have ended in tragedy, Theo sometimes hoped the goddess favored him too.

After moving to Rome, the medicus had a chance to worship the divinity in a whole new array of places. His favorite soon became the temple of Minerva Medica on the Esquiline, not far from the Ludus Magnus; in this place, Athene was worshipped as the great goddess of healing as craft. COnstantly seeking knowledge about medicine himself, Theo got into the habit of bringing his offerings to her occasionally, to remind himself of his times in the legions, and also to be alone to share his thoughts with the goddess.

Today was a nice, warm early spring day as Theodorus walked up the Esquiline to the temple. Not many other people were around at this time of the day, so he could place his offerings and say his prayers in peace. He was almost done with his simple devotions when someone else appeared in the doorway of the shrine... 


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