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A gang lady's tale


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March 74CE

Gaius always seemed to run into interesting people along the roads of Rome. There was something about meeting people and getting involved with them. Everyone had their own story, and it was difficult to find someone who was willing to share theirs. Most people did not think that their words or life had any value beyond their immediate lives. They could always have their loved ones put it on their epitaph! A memorial for the death. Yet -- what about the people who would not be able to have one? It did not matter to him. Everyone needed to have their story told and shared. 

His faithful slave followed him with a pile of parchments and set it down at one of the many poppinas. There were so many that if one had poor quality, a person could move onto the next establishment, and fortunately he was lucky to have a seat of his own. With a sigh he sat and eased his leg, Pavo, his watcher and helper took the walking stick and rested it on the table. 

"Pavo, I think today is the day, someone is bound to take me up on my offer," He smiled and the youth awkwardly nodded to himself. Pavo had been instructed by the Domina of the household, Gaius' eldest daughter to keep an eye on her father and not let him get into any trouble. The Gods must find amusement in changing things along! 

"Yes, Dominus. I am sure that it will." Pavo answered. 

A woman entered and accompanied by others. Gaius had been around people to know when he saw someone of influence, there was a way they tended to behave, and how others responded to them. 

"Beg pardon, Domina!" He called out, waved and had a wide smile on his face. Perhaps she would take him for a silly old fool? One could get away with a lot. "Would you speak with me a moment?"

Pavo blushed and wished the earth would swallow him whole.


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