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Flavia Lucilla Augusta


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Flavia Lucilla Augusta

49 (if she survived, 36 when she passed | 2nd Jan 24CE | Imperial | Empress | Bisexual | Canon | Connie Neilson


Personality & History

Lucilla was born on the 2nd of January in 24CE. She served her family and Rome in the varying stations that she had. She was born to Cneaus, of the rising Flavii-Alexandri clan and to Cornelia Annthea, a daughter of the Corneli-Scipii clan. She was widely influenced by both of her parents. Her father gave her knowledge and an interest about the military while her mother, influenced her when it came to politics, managing a household, and dealing with those who were a threat to their family. Her twin brother, Jullus, was one of the siblings whom she was the closest to and considering they entered the world together. It made sense. Her education, while unconventional, gave her a wider glimpse of the world that many other women did not receive. 

She was married to her first husband, a wealthy and prominent Senator called Gaius Livius Cassianus. This was where she met Tiberius, her husband's nephew and heir. She retained a positive relationship with him that nearly resulted in him marrying her daughter, Rufia Flavia. During this time she met with Gaius, Claudius' son and began a friendship with him. Her entrance into public life was a dedicated one. Later, she met a young man she instantly felt drawn to and he warmed her heart. Marcus Rufus Honorius. Her husband, a traitor to Caesar whispered falsehoods and she went to her mother to see what was the best course of action. Together they devised a plan where the man would die, and thus, left her a wealthy woman and back under the authority of her father once more. 

The birth of Darius, Junus, Flavia over the following years when Marcus Honorius gets time in Rome away from the army. She spends considerable time and energy ensuring all her children are well educated. Although much her focus is settled on her eldest child, Darius and the one who is most like her in many ways. 

In 50CE, Lucilla meets with Claudius again in the company of her mother, Cornelia Annthea and spends time in the Roman political circuit. There is 

51CE, Marcus Honorius ordered to divorce her. They embrace a final time and mourned the loss of their relationship. Both of them do their duty to Rome and to Caesar. Lucilla does not forget. The marriage brings increased security and power her family. Marcus is given a post in Judea. The two boys were adopted and Flavia is permitted to move in with her mother considering her age, it permits her to be around the political sphere. 

Marriage to Claudius. When she became the wife of Claudius, she was already influential and brought the weight of her family into the fold. She befriended the young, Claudia Livia, the daughter of Claudius and his previous adulterous wife. The child was shamed for the dealings of her mother. She brought her forward and welcomed her into the family. Lucilla spent time with Manius, the presumed heir of Claudius and his mother, Claudia Archaita and her daughter, Acilia Aedia. Slowly working to bring the family together.  During this time she builds connections with many prominent men and women to strengthen her family alliances. It is around this time that she meets Antonia Vitellia, it does not take long for the pair of them to become both the best of friends and lovers. In Antonia, she confides and guides. She hears about the survival of Julia Drusilla, the ill-fated daughter of Caligula and is torn. She was tempted to have her assassinated yet found herself feeling protective towards her. Soon the women both begin to write to each other, each offering support and guidance for the coming years. Julia Valeria is discovered. In order to protect her, Lucilla keeps her close and she acts as a governess for her children. Watching over them and ensuring their safety. 

In 56CE, the twins Claudia Caesaris and Tiberius Claudius Caesar (later Sabucius) were born. The twins were raised by their mother until her death. Various women close to the family spent time with them. 

57CE, Darius returns ill and she cares for her eldest child. Later, Darius falls into a coma and she is filled with dread for her son. 

58CE - Darius dies. Lucilla mourns the loss of her son with Honorius, who served his son as Praetorian before he was proclaimed Caesar by the Senate. Junus is named only second to his father in terms of power in Rome. 

58- 60CE - Re-marriage to Marcus both for personal reasons and political stability. Junus is betrothed to Junia Silana, of the prominent family to ensure political stability. She works to further strengthen the family. 

59CE-- She updates and fixes her will to include many of the people who have come into her life and leaves it with the Vestals. Her time is spent hiding the illness that is slowly and surely claiming her life. She visits a famous sooth-sayer and finds out more 

April 60CE-- There is flooding and Lucilla gives protection and donations to the poor who have lost items. 

Lucilla spends time with the few people she trusts. Writing to her children in hopes of guiding them to prosperous lives from beyond the grave. She wrote a final letter to Marcus that he did not receive before she (or he) died.  She is tended to in her final days by Annthea, her mother, Rufia Flavia, Claudia Livia, Antonia Vitellia, Junus, Cornelia Scipionis,  Junia Silana and a few of her most trusted people. She died in September, 60CE of a wasting disease, and left a legacy to the members of her family to follow. She left a will and freed many of her slaves. She was deified after her death. 



Father: Cneaus Flavius Alexander Germanicus (deceased)
Mother: Cornelia Annthea (deceased)
Quintus Flavius Ceasar Alexander Augustus, Alive
Rufus Flavius Alexander (deceased)
Jullus Flavius Alexander (twin)
Dessius Flavius Alexander, Deceased
Octavius Flavius Alexander, Alive
Laelius Flavius Alexander, Alive
Darius Claudius Caesar Aug. (Formerly Marcus Rufus Honorius II)   (deceased)
Junus Claudius Caesar Honorianus (Formerly Decimus Rufius Honorius III) (deceased)
Rufia Flavia
Claudia Caesaris
Tiberius Claudius Sabucius
Foster Children: Claudia Livia (deceased)
Tiberius Livius Cassianus (currently in the provinces, refuses to return to Rome.)
Grandchildren: By Flavia
Sestia Lucilla, {alive} {b. 69}
Gnaeus Sestius Vacticanus Minor, {alive} {b. 71}
Sestia Honoria, {alive} {b. 73}
Sestia Saturnina, {alive} {b. 73}
Fourth/last: Marcus Honorius Caesar Rufinus (same as Marcus Rufus Honorius)
Third: Drusus Claudius Sabucius (Known as Claudius)(deceased)
Second: Marcus Rufus Honorius (believed to be deceased)
First: Gaius Livius Cassianus (deceased)
Extended family
Extended Flavi-Alexandrii clan.
Cornelii-Scipii clan. 

Many were freed although these are some of the most prominent;
Cneaus Flavius Gallus (available, will be a wanted)
Cneaus Flavius Aulus (available, will be a wanted)
Flavia Paradisia (unavailable, played by Lindi)
Others will be made available. If you are interested, please send me a PM. 



Did you play this character on an earlier version of AeRo: Y
Did you gain permission from Gothy to play this deceased character? Y


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