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Titus Imperios Acuelo Gurges


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Titus Imperios Acuelo Gurges.

65-70? | 13 Feb year | Senatore/Patrician | Senator | Heterosexual | Canon | 


Personality & History

Titus was an ambitious man who frequently was torn towards personal ambition, his love of the Res Publica, and the desire to protect his family. He had many lovers during his time, some of them will be mentioned although mostly their faces at lost to time.  

In 16CE he was married for the first time to Horatia Pulvia and spent a considerable amount of time with her. He mourned her passing in 30CE and made an oath to never remarry. Titus was both friendly and rivals with Cneaus Flavius Alexander Germanicus and his brother, Titus Flavius Alexander Parthicus. He maintained a flirtatious and deep friendship with Cornelia Annthea until his death. Although the group slowly began to shrink at the years went by. He served in the military and was later elevated through different positions within the Senate, even having the privilege of serving as Consul. 

50CE onwards.

In order to protect his family (and to discover secrets) he loosely aligned himself with Fluvius Aetius Stilicho, and fooled him into thinking he was in support of his cause. To further protect the family, he did as most astute Roman politicians did, and protected the family through marriage to a rival. He married his eldest granddaughter, Imperiosa, otherwise known as Nefertiti to the eldest son of Cneaus Flavius Alexander, Quintus. The man who would later become Caesar (although Titus would never see this happen). His son, Gneaus entered the political and military sphere. Naturally, he was part of his father's organisation within the Senate yet much to his Pater's agitation. He leaned too much towards the moderate side of the Senate. Over the years, the frustration that Titus had with his son began to fade and a newfound respect was had between the two men. 

Later, he was married to Seia Imperia and the pair of them differed considerably in age and personal beliefs. In the past, he had an affair with her mother and had it called off once he married her daughter. The marriage was made as part of an alliance, and he soon found himself shocked at the callous nature his family showed towards him. While Horatia was the love of his youth, Seia was the love of his twilight years and both women meant a lot to him. Seia gave him a daughter, Imperia, and for a while the pair of them had a few good years of prosperity. There were few who were permitted to see the softer and more gentle side of him. After all, people had both a public and a private face for those who he cared for. 

His years with Seia were good. Titus would deny it vehemently but she would play an important role in his life through softening many of his more hateful impulses. Often he found himself stuck between his critical family and Seia, although in the end, there was a respect between the pair of them. 

With the deaths of the Caesars, and his suspicion of himself being implicated. He tried to divorce Seia in order to protect her from what would ultimately come. She refused and was determined to stand with him regardless of what would ultimately come. Titus took the time to warn the rest of his family members during this time in order to ensure their safety from what would come. 

When Titus was arrested for "his" crime in November of 60CE. He walked out to meet them bravely before he was taken away. He was accused of orchestrating the murder to Caesar Junus, and later executed for it. Titus never had a proper trial and was denied the ability to speak publicly. He had a powerful voice that he would have used. If Titus had of done the deed. It would not have been hidden cloak and dagger style but rather have boasted about it. Many people suspected this. Afterwards, his family went to their allies or silently worked to crush those who had worked against them. 

On the 28th of November in 60CE,  Titus was executed. 





Parents: Gaius Imperios Acuelo (deceased) & Horatia Pulvia (deceased). 
Siblings: None.
Children: Gneaus Imperios Acuelo.
Imperia Acuelonis (Mother; Seia Imperia)


Imperiosa Acuelonis
Imperiosa Acuelonis Minor
Spurius Imperios Acuelo

Titus Flavius Caesar Alexander (b. 57)
Cnaeus Flavius Caesar Alexander Gemellus (deceased)

(Other possible grandchildren from either of his granddaughters. They will be added when they have been taken.)

Seia Imperia (at the time of his death)
Horatia Pulvia (Ended in her passing.)


Did you play this character on an earlier version of AeRo: Y
Did you gain permission from Gothy to play this deceased character? Y


OOC: Some of the names and information has been left open for when the player's take on these characters. Some of the great grandchildren were born after Titus' execution. 

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