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Lucius' people.


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Gothic has given me permission to create Lucius' son (and some members of the extended family. Along with his late wife's family, too.  Although I will add them later on when I have thought some more about them.). Any secondary verification for personality traits, etc. Double check with her. Please note; I would like to talk with the potential player a fair bit before an application is made. Mostly with his son. 

My character's application is available here


Lucius Caecilius Metellus Minor


Born: 59AD
Information: Last surviving child of Lucius' and Potitia Memmiania. His mother is deceased and died through childbirth. 
Uncle to Caecilia Metella Minor's children who are connected to the Imperial family. 
Personality: Quiet and unassuming, well educated, and I can imagine he is quite close with his father. He does not like how his father is overbearing towards him, and finds the standards he is forced to live under to be unbearable. He is mostly kind although still does not understand how the world works. He likes the games and the races. He was closer to his mother in his younger years, and misses her considerably. As to his feelings about the slave his father has. That is up to the person who takes the character on. He has snuck out to visit the Domus Venus in a rare moment of getting out of the house. It is likely that soon he will be entering the political sphere, too. 
Possible playby: Logan Lerman.


Age: 20s-30s.
Information: How she came to be a slave is up to you. 
Personality: Is the lover of Lucius (the dad, not the son) and is respectful in public. She knows how to behave and doesn't push Lucius too far, as she would not like to be sold or discarded in favour of another. As his lover, she has gained position among the other slaves within the household and has physically (and discreetly) hurt other slaves who have briefly taken his attention away. However, she hides this side of her from Lucius. She enjoys the gifts granted and thus far has been infertile. 
Possible playby: Unsure, nationality is open. She has "striking eyes". 

Thank you for looking.

Please send me a PM. 




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